Wizard Quest Games Copyright

Wizard Quest Games, Books and Dice
Copyright 2008
All Rights reserved by the Authors
J.A Dempsey (JD) and K.M Patterson (Sparky)

    Wizard Quest game members are free to use any and all materials posted on the Wizard Quest Games site for gaming purposes, but are expressly forbidden to distribute, publish, or sell any part of our games or their materials without express written permission from the Authors. We have plans to publish our games as Table Top board games with Companion Fantasy Adventure Books. Our Dice are the original property and creation of the Authors of Wizard Quest Games. Most of the creatures (all but mythological) contained in our Bestiary are also our sole invention and property. Our campaign and game guides, our cards, and all locations and maps are also our sole property and under copyright protection. Please ask for our permission if you wish to use one of our game platforms to build a Wizard Quest online game community of your own. We would be happy to add you to our RP gaming world.

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