Lake of Shadows Inn

Inn Layout


West Entry: This is the main entrance. The door is on the west-central side of the Inn.
East Entry: This is the rear entrance. The sliding glass door is accessed from the lake-side patio on the east-central side of Inn.

Floors: There are 4 floors, the main floor, 2nd and 3rd floor, and a basement and cellar.

Main Floor
The Commons: Lake of Shadows Inn is an elegant, stone chateau, and as one enters through the front or rear doors, they step into a large bar room. Left and beyond the bar are sliding glass doors that open onto a stone cobbled patio that meets a pristine glassy lake. The floor inside is tiled with gleaming azure blue marble streaked with red and black swirls. The bar is a deep hue of blue and black marble, while the tables are a gleaming black glassy marble. The chairs and bar stools alike are brass framed with luxerious leather cushions , the windows hung with heavy deep blue drapes . Each Table is covered with a black linen cloth covered by a red lace table cloth, a group of 3 black or orange candles on each table.

Lounge: Across from the bar, is a lounge, a sofa, arm chairs and large hearth, with a set of Goat head fireplace tools on the ember stone, offering a relaxing place to socialize or meditate.

Game Area: Left of the Lounge area is an open area where there is a dart board, and a wooden tray beneath the dart board providing professional darts. In the corner is a card table with Playing Cards and Poker chips.

Main Floor Windows: There are two windows in the lounge area, two windows right of the west door entering the Inn, and large picture window right of the patio doors which overlooks the lake across from the bar. Each window is covered with heavy, dark blue drapes, and the windows are heavily barred and shuttered against wild animals and harsh weather alike. They are kept open when no threat lurks.

Tables: There are tables against wall right of the door as one enters, then some tables in the open. Between these tables and the bar, against the south wall, is a door which opens to a small alcove.

Alcove: The alcove opens to the staircase which leads to the second floor and landing. The alcove always accesses the west tower and its bottom floor office. The office can only be entered by the owner, employees and invited guests.

Upper Floors

Three steps ascend off the landing, and left of the second landing is a set of doors opening to a large balcony, to the right, a straight hallway. The corridor's left side is railed above the staircase, two rooms on the right and past the banister, another room on the left. An arched threshold then opens into a large, square, open hall, two suites to the left, one straight ahead to the right of another door which opens into the tower staircase. The wall left of these two doors opens into an arched threshold and another straight hall, two exquisite bath chambers entered through doors on the right side of the hall. There is another suite on the left, and a door at the end of the hall which opens to a staircase leading to another hall where a master suite lies and then a door to the third floor which is similair in lay out. There are only twenty rooms available in the upstairs of the Inn, some taken by employees or servents.


VIP Room: In the basement of the Inn is a Billiards room with a small, self-serve bar. There is also a poker table. This room also accesses the wine cellar and the Inn's Generator Room. The door to this game room is always locked, and one only enters the game room below if in the company of one of the Lords of An Morendor, or the Elites who serve the Overlord of the Shadowlands, Lord Diablos (aka - - - ).

Inn Employees

Inn Owners: Maelmorda Kilcanoragh and Valis Urik.

Manager: Ivan and Anstead Urik
Urik Profile: It is best not to cross any of the Urik's though Anstead has a gentle heart his brother Ivan does not. Not much more need be said about the nature of the Uriks. Ivan keeps the books and the employees in line while Anstead pays the employees, orders supplies as needed, and sees to the upkeep of the Inn. The twin trueborn let the tenders, maids, and cooks do the rest. Ivan will intervene if he is present when there is trouble however, unless it does not concern the Inn, his friends, or his clan. Their father Valis is often at the Inn between his other occupations relaxing or keeping an eye on things while he is around. Valis is PC of JD; present only when played.

Bar Tender: Kano Mortera
PC: On duty when played, or when a GM, SM, or CoGM engages her presence

Kano Profile: Kano is not always on duty when at the Inn, but it easy to know when she is by her position behind the bar, and her service to other customers. Kano has a dry wit, but is friendly enough, though she has a tendency to get distracted and slack on the job now and again. Tray picks up the slack. Kano can be as dangerous as she is beautiful if crossed, and she is extremely attractive. She is a red demon werewolf cross.

Inn Keeper and Tender: Tray: NPC always on duty.

Warning: Tray will throw anyone who steps behind the bar out of the Inn on their keister, unless said person is an owner, manager, has Inn privileges, or is an employee.
Tray is a tall, auburn haired, big as an Ox lug of a fellow, who greets each patron as they enter the Inn with a nod and a manly "Welcome to Lake of Shadows Inn. I am Tray. Can I get yeh anything?" He is gruff in his manners, but as polite as he needs to be. He never comes out and says that he is a demon when strangers visit the Inn, his appearance human when not in his Red Demon form. He always maintains his human appearance when tending bar. His service is quick and efficient, despite being antisocial by nature. When not working he keeps to himself. He tells patrons the prices of the food and drinks as they are ordered, the cost reasonable considering the quality, and till any money collected, then clean up until another patron enters or looks like they need something. He does at times flirt with pretty females, but it never goes further than that unless it is with one of his own kind; he knows the dangers of his own hungers. He also takes care of guests staying at the Inn, the suites reasonably priced for the elegance and comfort they provide. If a guest is well liked they can rent a suite by the month. Once the suites are filled, the cabins by the Lake are offered as available, which also rent by the month.
NPC bar Tender, Each Character interacts with Tray as they see fit. No Killing NPC!! If someone helps themselves to the bar, Tray will bounce them out of the Inn roughly, and if they return and behave, they can stay, but if they continue to try take run of the place, the wards will seize them and gate them out of the shadowlands and banish them from entering again. Eject, Eject.

Inn Chef: Yori (born at dawn) Tirras (star gazer) (NPC)
Yori Profile: Yori lives in the Inn and is nearly always on duty. He sleeps or relaxes when customers are few. Whatever deal he made with the Morning Star, Yori is extremely dependable, if not obsessively so, because of it. Everyone calls Yori Chef, and he is an exceptional cook who runs an emaculately clean kitchen. He has a boy who washes the dishes and cleans named Gevish and an assistant chef name of Eris who is his nephew. Where Yori used to do all of the food preparation himself, Eris does most of the food prep now. Yori is a perfectionist and has a temper at times. He is a Melvanor (dark elf) and like all his kin, albino in appearance.

Other Employees:
Morwyn; a lovely little maid who takes care of the rooms. This little fallen nephalim packs a punch if messed with.
Helbeth; another maid who takes care of the rooms. She is a rotund, red cheeked, grey haired, cheerful old woman who takes no guff off of anyone. She is as fiesty as she is pleasant and easily mistaken for a mortal.
Maugvi and Kaezor; twin brothers, the Inn's grooms and care takers, they care for the guest's horses and do the grounds work. These two brothers are living dead out of a pair of Ssetis who were killed in the dead realm. It is very difficult to tell that they are living dead by their looks or scent.

Inn Wards

If a fight breaks out in the bar, or a guest is being unduly hostile or destructive, the Inn Wards take effect and evict the offenders OUTSIDE of the Inn where they may fight as they will. If the offender tries to enter and stir trouble again, the Inn's Wards Banish them into limbo and Bar them from re-entry into the Shadowlands.

The Inn's wards restore damage to the Inn and grounds themselves and prevent trouble makers from entering again once they have been barred unless the barring is lifted. The Wards also stop forced entry into the bar if locked. Only the owner and those few trusted employees who have the master keys can enter the bar when it is locked. The bar tender Tray, the Inn's owner Maelmorda, whom few even know as the owner, Valis Urik, Byron Decasey, and Aurelius and Maximus of the Clan Noct'maire alone can command some of the Territory and Bar's more specialized Wards and Defenses.

RP Rules for Lake of Shadows Inn

Combat: Weapons are allowed inside the Inn, but if a character threatens another with a weapon, the wards will seize the weapon. Any seized weapons will be returned if character backs down. If a character attacks another character inside of the Inn, wards will seize character and deliver them onto the grounds outside the Inn. No fighting inside the Inn. Fights must be taken outside of the Inn and onto the grounds when wards gate a character outside. If a player ignores the wards, player will be ejected from chat or banned from Lake of Shadows forum. If a character is not affected by the wards, explain HOW in post. Please read our Rules and respectfully abide by them in our chats and on our forum. See rules page.

Anun Es Sgaithirae - The Lake of Shadows

Description: The lake covers 700 acres which fill an ancient volcanic crater. Its waters are very deep and pristine. Many beautiful crystals and minerals can be found on the lake's black sand shores. The lake shore is hugged by steep craigs and cliffs along the Northern and Eastern shores, formed by the high ridges of the dormant volcano's mouth. The volcanic ridge is surrounded by countless acres of primal forest land. There are some 100 campgrounds around the lake, and 15 cabins near the lake shore, but one must get permission to camp or stay in a cabin on these Kilcanoragh Clan lands, or risk trouble for trespasing. The forest and lake alike are teaming with wildlife of all varieties.

Local Forest Guardians

Morgauru (Demonic Wolves): Packs number anywhere from 5-35.
Stats: Base Dice: 15 d6, +18 Bite, +10 Claw, 25% dmg-Hades Fire-Bite or Claws. AR+3, HB+5, HP-450. (On Activation, antidote specific, 25% HP dmg per day until cured.)
Info: These wolves are very large and intelligent, and can speak Mythemyn (the language of Acheron) and Otso Eurokai (the tongue of beastkin). Their colors vary from black to dark shades of grey and brown, their coats sometimes mottled with these colors.

Oluhs Moriolain (clan eagles): There are 20 Clan Eagles in Morendor. 3 of them live around Anun Es Sgaithirae (lake of shadows).
Stats: Base Dice: 18 d6, +20 Bite, +12 Talons. AR+4, HB+5, HP-230.
Info: These giant eagles guard the forest and Resort Grounds. Eagles may summon other guardians with Battle Cry. These Eagles are large enough to carry a heavy, eight foot tall figure, or a horse with relative ease in flight. They are very intelligent and speak in a tongue of their own, and in Esurian.

Lake Guardian
Ebadn Vaug (lake dragon): Only by speaking his name 'Murdesu' can the lake dragon be appeased when angered or threatened and very few outside of those who command the Inn and territory's wards know his name. His name must be learned through RP.
Stats: Base Dice: 20 d6, +35 Claws, +50 Bite, +80 Dead Frontiers Magic. AR+4, HB+6, HP-600
Info: He is 140 feet long, dark green with indigo striping and spotting, and guards the lake from trepassers and anyone who would pollute or abuse the lake and its surrounding shores. This dragon speaks in many tongues, and is very clever and can move in water and on land very stealthily despite his size.

Inn Floorplan

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