Castle Estilaa

Ruaeil Nathrack Bien (Sleeping Dragon Hill)

Height: 111 feet.
Diameter of Crown: 2647 feet
Kingdom: River Haven Kingdom
Ruler: Prince Malik of the Ghazi Clan

The Keep

True Name: Uilasnathrack (oo-eel-as-nath-rak) Bhrughir (broog-heer) (the sleeping dragon fortress)
Name Info: The angelican knight-ranger, Mascen, who built the fortress, named it after the hill (a dead volcano) it was built on, Sleeping Dragon Hill, but later called it Black Camelot after the Arthurian tales he loved to read. It's new name is Castle Estilaa.

Entries: Four
South Entry: Main entrance into recieving hall from south courtyard and gate.
East Entry: Exits to stables in east courtyard.
North Entry: Enters north courtyard's gardens.
West Entry: Accesses west courtyard and sparring yard.

Inner-wall Thickness: 2 feet.

1st Story: Main floor, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Gathering Hall, Training Hall (equipped with a medieval and modern armory)
The Training Hall: The training Hall is actually an Arena. It has six levels and actually extends from the First story to the Second Story at the very center of the Castle, its main hall skirting its very thick outter walls. It is hexigonal in shape and each stepped, coliseum-type tier has a wall in front of it that was eight feet deep to the next floor down. The arena floor itself is 400 feet (100 paces) wide in diameter. It was a place army blocks had been trained. Both stories combined are 48 feet high. Three feet of each wall encloses the step like benches of stone and the fairly wide aisle in front of it, the terraced seating on a cresent shape built against three sides of the arena's six-sided wall. There is an entrance to the terraces from the south and north halls on the first AND second floors, and an entrance for combatents on the main floor corridor's west side, which enters first into a large square chamber which is used for changing in and out of armor. There are chairs and benches in that chamber, and at one time it was used to store armor in trunks against the walls. With main floor access in easy reach of the receiving hall, it makes for quick access to weapons during times of war. There are weapon's racks and chests in this room against and by the north wall. It requires a great store of arms to have enough to equip the weapon's racks and armory chests. The floor of the arena is dirt layered with coarse sand which packs down well and cuts down on dust. Fine sand is too easy to displace for such a purpose. The arena actually sits on the very pinnacle of the hill.
2nd Story: Library, Battle Hall (for planning battles), South Bath Chamber, North Bath Chamber, Guest Wing-(5 bed chambers).
3rd Story: 2 wings with 5 Bed Chambers, 2 wings with three apartments (three rooms) One Bath Chamber on each wing.
4th Story: Private Library, Mage's Chamber, Bed chamber, Bath Chamber, Den

Keep Towers: Four
South Tower - 5 stories. 2nd, 3rd, 4th story Guard Rooms. Overlooks south coutyard and lands to the south.
East Tower - 5 stories. 2nd, 3rd, 4th story Guard Rooms. Overlooks east courtyard and lands to the east.
West Tower - 5 stories. 2nd, 3rd, 4th story Guard Rooms. Overlooks west courtyard and lands to the west.
North Tower - 5 stories. 2nd, 3rd, 4th story Guard Rooms. Overlooks north courtyard and lands to the north.

Outter Defenses
Ramparts: Two
Rampart Thickness: 20 feet
Keep Rampart: Center Gate Tower. Bastion surrounds keep and large courtyard at top of hill. Steep stairs in south and north corner of the rampart lead to a guard walk atop the walls that overlook the lands in every direction.
Hill Rampart: A defensive wall surrounds the bottom of the hill with a gate that opens to the road which winds up the hill from gate to gate.
Trebuchets: Four
Ballista: Ten
Slings: Two
Gates: 2 - Rock Oak reinforced with steel bands.

Stables: Run the length of the East Wall with four paddocks with paths between to the stable entries.
Sparring Yard: West courtyard.
Gardens: North courtyard.
South Courtyard: Receiving yard at gate, and open greensward to keep entry.

Underground Storiess: Three.
Walls: Hillside's solid stone walls.
1st Story Down: Guard Room, Interrogation Room, 4 Temporary Holding Cells with single bunks.
2nd Story Down: 20 cells with single cots.
3rd Story Down: 1 acre large, open cell with 20 foot high ceilings. Accessed by trap door and drop ladder.

Surrounding Land
Rivers: The East River is to the north and runs west to branch off and run southeast to the south of the hill. The rivers surround the fortress and its lands on three sides.
The Land: The land all around the hill is meadows with only a few trees. The meadows meet the edge of the Grey Forest to the east, with the northern-most range of the Grey Haven mountains further east.

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