Westguard Law Enforcement

All are NPCs controlled by GMs and each member.  No killing named NPCs without GM consent.  Members can request to pick up NPCs as played characters.

Note: Like any protected and watched city, crime is investigated and punished in Castlegaurd.  Keep this in mind when playing in the citadel.  Also be aware of these figures of law enforcement being on the prowl on shifts in Castlegaurd.

Note II: Castlegaurd is the capital city of the kingdom of Westguard.

Castlegaurd Page: Please Read before playing in Castlegaurd.

Statutes of Citizenship

    All registered residents who purchase property within Castlegaurd city or Westguard Territory shall be granted citizenship under Westguard's statutes of territory. All paranormals (mages) above apprentice and novice echelons residing within Westguard and its capital city must be registered at the magistrates office in Castlegaurd, or at the Capital City's main gate, and wear the resident mage pendants provided at all times while inside the city. Practice of harmful arts is as unlawful in Westguard Territory as using weapons to harm, kill or seize another by force. All free men and women who join the Westguard Military, Arcane Retinue, or Guard shall be paid a comprehensive salary with benefits and be provided with room and board, though a decrease in pay shall go towards housing families.. All property and sales taxes are due on the 1st month of each year. If payment cannot be made, inform the magister and work out a payment plan to avoid prosecution.

    Westguard has always kept track of mages in the city and territory and has always required them to register. The King has found these policies sound and beneficial to all civilians. Arcane weilders are capable of being very dangerous when they achieve higher ranks in their societies. Keeping track of them is good policy and this law protects them as much as normal (non-mage) citizens. Visiting mages shall receive 'traveler pendants' that must be turned in at the gate before they leave. If traveler pendants are removed, or if resident pendants are worn by someone they were not issued to, they are automatically transferred back to a safe-box in the guard house or office they were issued from, at what time an immediate investigation shall survey the reason for a pendant's unauthorized return.

    Violence, Theft, Slavery, Persecution, Hostage Situations, Treason, and Harm shall NOT be tolerated in Castlegaurd or Westguard Territory, and anyone caught commiting these crimes shall be tried in a city court of law and be judged by Knights and officers of the Royal Court and city office as assigned by the King. All citizens are guaranteed a FAIR and JUST trial, and all cases brought before a Castlegaurd or Westguard court shall be tried on an indivual basis according to the unique circumstances of each case.

    --- By order of the High King, and acting King of Westguard, Artorius Xavier.

The Royal Courte

    High King: Artorius Xavier
    ..... King's Bodyguard: Malfisar - Netherelf Astraeus: 34 medieval and modern combat, 32 inborn powers, 28 weaver of chaos.
    Dumarc:  Valis Urik
    ..... Dumarc's 1st: Dunngoth Gothhelm
    ..... Dumarc's 2nd: Mordregal
    High Chancellor and Steward:  Lavoy Garceaux
    Regent: Callum Maharen
    Marchis of Westguard: Krynfel Heldras
    ..... Marchis' Page: Euren (ow-ren)
    Castellarn Knights: Captain Marcav Heldras

Castellarn Knighthood

    Status: Defenders of Westguard and the High King
    Emblem:  Eagle with Snake in its Talons

    Knight Captain: Marcav Heldras
    1st knight: Morgrym (possessed by Ikael) Shamaa
    2nd at arms:  Callum Maheren (possessed by Haashi) Bhassir Namas
    3rd at arms: Eworyn (yU-wor-en) Elduain (dark star) Elf
    4th at arms: Luthsaer (Corvyn deceased)
    5th at arms: Hedras (hAdrahs) (possessed by Odri)
    6th at arms: Corev
    7th at arms: Sorrek
    8th at arms: Penduyn
    9th at arms: Felken (possessed by Tephros)
    10th at arms: Arghriss
    11th at arms: Krinnfel (possessed by Phaux)
    12th at arms: Kemen
    13th at arms: Rafael (rah-fI-el) (possessed by Enkur)
    14th at arms: Mortaed (mor-tA-ed)
    15th at arms: Hughveld (hyU-veld)
    16th at arms: Celebran
    17th-30th at arms: (no names)
    These knights patrol the city on horseback in routine shifts and answer only to the King, Prince and Dumarc.

    Knight Serfs:  Grimvor and Vesh

Palace Guards

    Emblem: Two rearing white horses facing each other with crowned shield between. Colours: Dark blue, white and silver.

    Captain: Wyrhai Vaul - Inisai Namas
    Master at Arms: Belego Sitri - Anuua human
    Vendes Krinnbar
    Liem Wyrven - Mixed Namas
    Mercal (mehr-cahl) Trecaus (trA-caws) - Fionar Namas (demon possessed)
    Berhiss - human
    No name palace guards - 175

Citadel Mages

    Emblem: ouroboros around a white pentagram worn on taberds beneath the open jacket of their robes.
  • Arch Mage - Elanwi (elven, daughter of the paragon Elanrha and Elduain knight Eworyn)
  • Hellor Wynaris - shadowlands elf -- sorcery, shadows, plant, light
  • Qojo - (kO-jO) - Inisai Namas Mage (who survived Max, indigo eyes)
  • Ymros - namas -- ice, water, sorcery
  • Tefelles - elven badlands demon -- necromancy, norcery and curses
  • Sephros - escion sharr nephalim -- fire, ice, lightning, sorcery, and necromancy
  • Argal Mortiari - Annwn Demon, ward of the tower prison

Mages at the Gates

    These mages are of the order of Bel, and Semket is their high priest. Some of these mages* accompany warriors in the field. Only three mages man each gate at a time.
    East Gate
  • Semket* (namas -- nephalim priest of chaos, physical; astrophysical, metaphysical and arcane)
  • Thalerion (elf -- earth, air, shadow)
  • Uldukor (namas -- morph, ice, electricity)
  • Yjaiyun* (namas abyss demonkin -- fire, ice, abyss)

  • North Gate
  • Rumael* (namas -- air, shadow, fire)
  • Daomys (elf -- plant, earth, water)
  • Etrellyn* (namas crusader f, daughter of Semket -- chaos mental; quantum, story teller, pentacles)
  • Sarzjan (setis -- spirit, sorcery, necromancy)

  • South Gate
  • Shaedru* (namas f -- wizardry, lore, enchantment)
  • Esthuve (elf f -- chaos elemental, light, air, time, )
  • Elgridd (namas -- necromancy, sorcery, abyssmancy)
  • Elsren* (namas -- fire, earth, astral)

Guards at the Gates

  • Gateguard Captain: Faust Memius -- Blacklion Vampire
  • Kryndel -- namas
  • Saphri -- elf f
  • Magryff -- namas crusader
  • Ydrael -- namas werelion
  • Borsel -- escion
  • Edryss - anua

City Officials

    Chief Magistrate: Kael McBane (blacklion clan)
    Offices and Officers under Kael
    Deputy Magistrate - Morlinette Brodeur
    City Guards - captain Kurev
    Internal Affairs Officers - Roary Kief, Servius Faust Memius
    Court Officers - Dominic Lamess
    Treasury - treasurer and chancellor, Lavoy Garceaux
    Community Affairs - Shaemous (Jamus) Kerinson
    Water and Aqueducts - Ruphael
    City Construction - Lonsu
    City Records - Kael McBane, Morlinette Brodeur
    Certificates - Dominic Lamess, Gueneve Mineauette, Jorden Haffteh

Westguard Soldiers

    When in westguard territory, roll 1 d20 for encounter. If a 16-20 is rolled, soldiers are encountered. Roll for how many and what kind using guide below. Colours: Dark blue, white and silver. Emblem: Flying eagle with snake in its talons..

    Roll 2 d6 if leader is rolled
    Checks: 7 d6
    2-General: Mordameth (namas badlands demon)
    3-Marshal: Naegri
    4-Army Commander: Kaeleth
    5-Legion Commander: Sevros
    6-Captain at Arms: Mikemo (namas crusader)
    7-Calvary Commander: Hectorus (anua)
    8-Knight Captain: Maldrek (namas)
    9-First Knight: Gulthor (namas)
    10-Ranger Chief: Eldun (shadowlands elf)
    11-Company Commanders: Bentel, Hargraev, Lesawd, Dendrw
    12-Ranger: Ydri (escion clan demon)

    Race: Namas, Escion, Anua, Neffari, and Tumae, Predominately Namas
    Namas are Quasi-Immortal
    Class: 1-4 Warriors, 5-Namas Mages, and 6-Namas Warrior-Mages

    Warrior Levels and Damage: Roll 1 d20 for number encountered and 1 d6 for each warrior class.

    1: Westguard Army Soldiers: +2 levels per stage, Leather Armor 16, Checks: 4 d6.
    2: Westguard Warriors: +3 levels per stage, +3 on strength, Chain Armor 26, Checks: 5 d6.
    3: Westguard Riders Cavalry: +3 levels per stage, +3 on strength, Combine Armor: 36, Checks: 5 d6 +2.
    4: Westguard Knights: +4 levels per stage, +5 on strength, Plate and Chain Armor: 46, Checks: 6 d6.
    5: Eagleclaw Rangers: +5 levels per stage, +5 on each check, +4 on strength, Leather Armor: 22, Checks: 6 d6 +2.
    6: Leader: +6 levels per stage, Combine Armor: 56, +1 d20 men, Checks: 7 d6.
    Or: +1 - 6 d6 levels over played characters, Checks: 7 d6

    Base Stats
    1-Soldiers-Melee: +32 sword, axe or mace.
    2-Warriors-Melee: +36 sword, axe or mace.
    3-Riders-Battle Spear: +38 damage, and Shield: +10 damage
    4-Knights-Melee: +40 damage with shield bash +10 and stuns, 50% duel weild w/o shield for +80 damage.
    5-Rangers-Long Bow: +50 damage, and Longsword: +36 damage
    6-Leaders-Duel Melee: +70 damage, and Riposte: +2 damage per level on blocks.
    If Disarmed, all have Shortsword: +22 damage
    Staff: (mages) +25 damage
    Riders: mounted combat +2 HB
    Warriors and Riders: save +1
    Warriors and Riders: martial combat: +1 HB
    Riders and Knights: shieldbash +2
    Knights: riposte +2
    Vanguards and Rangers: espionage +3
    Leaders: Intelligence +3
    Leaders: Diplomacy +2
    Leaders, Knights and Rangers: save +2
    Rangers: tracking +3, healing +2
    MR: 85% for all none-mages
    Defense Bonus +1 HB for all mages
    Stamina Bonus +10 for all mages
    AR: +3
    HB: +3

    Ring of Might: +10 strength, +10 stamina
    Ring of Courage: resist fear while worn
    Pendant of Will: renders wearer immune to mental and will attacks.
    Armguard of Resistance: resist magic and elemental attacks by 50%.

Westguard Army

    Stats for use against War Dice stats only
    Army Type: Mixed mortal and immortal
    Total Arms: 10,510, level 28
    Battle Arms: 10,000
    Supply Line Guards: 480
    Vanguard: 30
    Dice Per Legion of 1000: 10 d6 +3080 damage, +3 HB, +3 AR, HP: 71000
    Dice per Company of 100: 1 d6 +56 damage, +3 HB, +3 AR, HP: 710
    HP of Single Fighter: 7.1 (for figuring survival rate)

Others (Allies and Potential Enemies)

    Eriss Nundor - Chieftain of Ilean Andiolain Suil (Sea Eagle Roost Island)
    Octavian Sirrilus - King of Esscha Endor, Astraeus Prince
    Sarku Vilfior (vil-fwor) - Regent of Esscha Endor, Castle Gothtyrdan, ancient shapeshifter
    Druvas - an elf who attacked Max and commited suicide when captured
    Ghazi Clan Vampires - Black Camelot territory
    Jedah - General of Marsol's army.
    Niculai - taken from jail by Sammael before Aurelius boosted the wards
    Tulaamae (tU-lah-mA) Kamila (kah-mE-lah): Tulaa; demon shapeshifter, emmulated by Lilith
    Necraphades:  Deluvian Lich, Lord of Tombstone Islands, goes about in the form of a handsome young man when visiting other places.
    Pytheus (pI-thA-us) - Priest of Chaos
    Hael Igien (E-gE-en) - King of Stronghold Island
    Arcades (ar-cA-dEz) - werewolf Alpha and his pack, located in the sea-side village of Aiberon, north-north east of Sea-eagle Roost Island.
    Lord Domregus (DOm-rA-gus) Eleghir - a wealthy clan demon lord from Sugar Island whose demon-hood is unknown.

Black Dragon Officials

    King Aurelius Emrys
    Status: Allies of Westguard, enemies of Dreward

    Black Dragon Knights (many are played)
    Maximus Caerellius, Roary Connemara, Senen MacKennagh, Vaeren Ruindor, Mickey Muldoon, Kent Cavannagh (who was still in Mephais but he wanted him included anyway), Matthew Marcus, Luecrota Amduscias, Cavan MacKennagh, Gormath Aelbah, Haleth Torandor, Domath Galgar, Elemon Kassmor, Mascen Kilcanoragh, Mekkan Gothhelam and Trent Kilcanoragh. 
    Black Dragon Regent: Marianna Draguta
    Black Dragon Regent: Melchaiah (mehl-kI-uh) Ereclea (ehr-eh-clA) - Kai; Trecouri, house of Uraechis, Noct'maire Seraphim; Sumi, his dwarf cat; Firden, his wolf;  Draes, his eagle; Jingo, the resident demon mouse; Eram, his Nether Elf servant, Timogen, his Goblin servant; Hirshi, his Namas servant

The Beqidum: The Formless Ones

    All of the Beqidum have powerful possession abilities and many have possessed officers of Castlegaurd, namely the Castellarn Knights.

    Beqidum Info: The greatest power of the Beqidum is possession, and it can do so from spirit, or by touch.   Each Beqidum commands its own unique powers.  By spirit its possession is far more powerful (by +4 d6).  Whatever they possess, beit animal or sentient, they become physically, while their spirit commands their host's will and deeds.  When they abandon a host, the host has no memory whatsoever of being possessed.

    Because the Beqidum do not wish to expose themselves, they will only use those powers they command in seclusion, never in witness of anyone who might grow suspicious.

    Androalphus: The most powerful of the Beqidum, this grand arch devil of the elements is a fallen seraphim who commands 8 Chaos Aspected paths. He also has Dead Realms Magic and Spectremancy and commands 26 legions of spirits. If this Beqidum leaves Acheron, a major event is underway.
    Lucifuges: Arch devil of Ether, he commands air and shadow elements. Light repulses him and his form is the spirit of night. Like all formless he has no form but spirit. This angel is extremely vindictive and can cause death with his touch or breath. Like the rest of his kind he can also possess the living.
    Tephros: This spirit can bring darkness and fire and can assume those ethereal forms. He is also an air elementalist
    Phaux: the trickster. Through his ages in the pit he developed a strange sense of humor and became a master of tricks, jinxes, witty curses, and pranks. Arch master of conjuration, the illusory and phantasms
    Mog: pure evil, he enjoys possessing people just to corrupt them and then abandons their coils to observe the results from the body of another person, cat, dog, or bird. Time weaver, enchanter, sorcerer. Demigod of corruption.
    Haashi: Perhaps the most moral among the Beqidum, his ethics sometimes conflict with his duties.
    Ikael: It depresses Ikael that he has no form of his own and so he seeks unique and beautiful specimens to possess. He seeks to steal the forms and lives of rich young noblemen to live through them as long as he can
    Odri: this spirit is cynical and often expresses sarcasm through his wit. He commands the shadow path and curses, using curses to pass judgment and test character
    Semyaza, Semmet: This beqidum is very curious and will attempt to possess almost anything to unearth its secrets. He is the wisest of his order and his advice is often sought by them. He can also read the mind of anything without his presence being felt. He is a powerful telepath and telekinetic
    Enkur: This powerful spirit is a master of earth, shadow, and abyss elements. This formless one deceives to discover and is a hard judge of character who is prone to devour the souls of those he possesses if they fail his judgment.

    Aakmhar the Overseer: not a Beqidum, but an elusive devil who acts as an enforcer to the Beqidum, and as a counter balance. His judgment rarely calls him to interfere in the affairs of the Beqidum, but he has the tools to track, identify and capture Beqidum without harming them. Aakmhar makes sure the Beqidum are fed, all accounted for, and their whereabouts known for no one else's benefit but his own duties. Very little is known about Aakmhar which either makes him very dangerous, or far too mysterious to trust. Arch Devil of Empathy. Omnipotent mental commands.

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