Westguard Law Enforcement

All are NPCs controlled by GMs and each member.  No killing named NPCs without GM consent.  Members can request to pick up NPCs as played characters.

Note: Like any protected and watched city, crime is investigated and punished in Castlegaurd.  Keep this in mind when playing in the citadel.  Also be aware of these figures of law enforcement being on the prowl on shifts in Castlegaurd.

Note II: Castlegaurd is the capital city of the kingdom of Westguard.

Castlegaurd Page: Please Read before playing in Castlegaurd.

Statutes of Citizenship

    All registered residents who purchase property within Castlegaurd city or Westguard Territory shall be granted citizenship under Westguard's statutes of territory. All paranormals (mages) above apprentice and novice echelons residing within Westguard and its capital city must be registered at the magistrates office in Castlegaurd, or at the Capital City's main gate, and wear the resident mage pendants provided at all times while inside the city. Practice of harmful arts is as unlawful in Westguard Territory as using weapons to harm, kill or seize another by force. All free men and women who join the Westguard Military, Arcane Retinue, or Guard shall be paid a comprehensive salary with benefits and be provided with room and board, though a decrease in pay shall go towards housing families.. All property and sales taxes are due on the 1st month of each year. If payment cannot be made, inform the magister and work out a payment plan to avoid prosecution.

    Westguard has always kept track of mages in the city and territory and has always required them to register. The King has found these policies sound and beneficial to all civilians. Arcane weilders are capable of being very dangerous when they achieve higher ranks in their societies. Keeping track of them is good policy and this law protects them as much as normal (non-mage) citizens. Visiting mages shall receive 'traveler pendants' that must be turned in at the gate before they leave. If traveler pendants are removed, or if resident pendants are worn by someone they were not issued to, they are automatically transferred back to a safe-box in the guard house or office they were issued from, at what time an immediate investigation shall survey the reason for a pendant's unauthorized return.

    Violence, Theft, Slavery, Persecution, Hostage Situations, Treason, and Harm shall NOT be tolerated in Castlegaurd or Westguard Territory, and anyone caught commiting these crimes shall be tried in a city court of law and be judged by Knights and officers of the Royal Court and city office as assigned by the King. All citizens are guaranteed a FAIR and JUST trial, and all cases brought before a Castlegaurd or Westguard court shall be tried on an indivual basis according to the unique circumstances of each case.

    --- By order of the High King, and acting King of Westguard, Artorius Xavier.

The Royal Courte

    High King: Artorius Xavier
    ..... King's Bodyguard: Malfisar - Netherelf Astraeus: 34 medieval and modern combat, 32 inborn powers, 28 weaver of chaos.
    Dumarc:  Valis Urik
    ..... Dumarc's 1st: Dunngoth Gothhelm
    ..... Dumarc's 2nd: Mordregal
    High Chancellor and Steward:  Prince Krynfel Heldras
    Regent: Callum Maharen
    Marchis of Westguard: Krynfel Heldras
    ..... Marchis' Page: Auren (ow-ren)
    Castellarn Knights: Captain Marcav Heldras

Offices of Westguard

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