Stamina 1
1- Soothe Spirit: Calm or placate the spirit of the living or the dead.
2- Spirit Sight: Ability to see spirits and identify what kind they are.
3- Commune with Spirits: talk to spirits and understand what they are saying.

Stamina 2
4- Spirit Empathy: Sense what spirits and living creatures are feeling.
5- Spirit Summoning: Summon a called spirit type, up to 1, +1 per ace. Level of spirit is equal to level used to summon them.
6- Spirit Command: Command summoned spirits, vs. level of spirit.

Stamina 3
7- Capture Spirit: Capture and hold spirits of the recently dead.
8- Spectral Entrapment: Trap a spirit to hold it indefinitely in a mineral or metal object.
9- Intransience - Makes a called spirit affect permanent or summons a spirit to stay until it is destroyed.

Stamina 4
10- Spectral Ascension: Raise spirits (such as wraiths) out of the spectral plane to destroy them or to free them of earthly entrapment as called.
11- Healing Spirit: Heal wounds by +5 per success, and +10 per ace.
12- Spectral Vision: See spirits, identify them, even of the living, and recognize their disposition and alignment by the auras they radiate.

Stamina 5
13- Union of Spirits: Transfer a spirit aspect to self, an item, or someone else. An aspect is any one ability or power that a spirit has, whether alive or dead. Refer to elements or bestiary for called ability or power.
14- Spirit Binding: bind a disembodied spirit or projected forms with its body or prime spirit form. Power vs. level of target.
15- Spectral Companion: Summon a spectral animal from the spectral plane for up to 1 hour, +1 hour per ace, per day (all at once or divided over the day). When killed or fatally wounded; the animal returns to the spectral realm for five days before it can be summoned again. Animal has enhanced strength, thus damage over that of normal animals of +5 per ace, and fortitude of level +1 per ace, and check bonuses of +1 per ace. Only one spectral animal can be called at the same time. Level of companion is Level of Power Used +1 per ace. Refer to Bestiary for animal type and add bonuses.

Stamina 6
16- Sentient Weapon: Create a sentient weapon by binding a spirit with the weapon. Weapons become part of the spectral plane's ether and can phase through armor if power is greater than strength of armor. Weapon can be made permanent and can be summoned by its wielder at will from the spectral plane. Weapon has +1 HB, danger sense = level of weapon, resists breaking by 10%, +10 per ace, and has up to 3 powers of creature or elemental spirit type bound with the weapon. Weapon has WP and intelligence (use random NPC roll by level) and can influence wielder. Evil weapons can potentially overpower the will of its wielder and control them.
17- Elemental Spirit Summoning: Summon an elemental spirit type at level equal to level used to summon it. (see elemental spell book for powers of spirit). each spirit can have up to 3 powers up to level of spirit.
18- Command Elemental Spirits: Command summoned Elemental spirits

Stamina 7
19- Planar Beckoning: Summon a creature or spirit from the spectral, dead, or an elemental plane. Highest level creature that can be summoned is +1 per success, +5 per ace. Target appears in a protective cell which can be dispelled on command.
20- Resurrection: Resurrect the dead by healing and restoring the body, and summoning the spirit to fuse it with the body.
21- Projection: Create a projection by reflecting the spirit of target with all aspects of its embodiment to a chosen location. Spectremancer or target must be familiar with destination. Up to 1 projection, +1 per ace. Projections are quasi-ethereal and are simply dispelled if killed. They have the same abilities as the primary form. HP of each projection is Level Used X 10.

Stamina 8
22- Netherworld Summoning: Create a cell of protection and summon by name an ancient denizen of knowledge from the underworld, an otherworld, the Spectral Realm, or an elemental plane to ask it any one question which the power of the spell obliges it to answer. if creature's power is greater than the power used to summon it and keep it within the protective cell it might escape into the world it is summoned into and wreak havoc, or even kill its summoner. if it escapes there is a 60% chance that it will attack the Spectremancer who summoned it. Level of creature is +1 per success, +5 per ace. Check Bonuses: Strength +8, WP +10, Intelligence +3, Wisdom +10, and Ethics -8 each. if the creature refuses (5% chance) to answer the question it is destroyed by powers unleashed by the cell of protection. if this happens, an associate of the destroyed creature might hunt the Spectremancer down and attempt to destroy them.
23- Spirit Form: Take any chosen spirit form at present level temporarily. See Bestiary for stats of spirit type.
24- Banishment: Banish a spirit to the dead realm, an elemental plane, or the spectral realm. Banishment lasts up to ten years per success. if Banishment is used against a living being, their physical form is also transferred and they become a creature of the realm they are banished to. Banishment can be ended by summoning the one banished using Planar Beckoning.

Stamina 9
25- Planar Form: Spectremancer gains a temporary Planar form that they can take for up to six hours a day, and can walk the planes while in this form. if fatally wounded or killed in Planar Form they sink into the Spectral Realm for five days and there remain before they can return to the upper world, where they emerge in their home or a pre-selected location. Location of return must be selected when this form is gained or altered by reapplying this power. if killed in this form more than three times they become a Planar Creature permanently and can only survive in the upper worlds for six hours a day before they must return to the Spectral Realm. Planar Form has Strength, thus damage over that of normal people of +5 per ace, fortitude of level +1 per ace, and check bonuses of +1 per ace.
26- Oblivion: Snuffs a soul by plunging them into the core of the Great Abyss. Save vs. Spell alone can counteract this power on a success. Can only be used on spirits of the dead.
27- Holistic Obliteration: Destroys a spirit. This power is deadly if used on a living being and can result in the creation of a zombie if the target's will to live was strong (WP of 18+). Creatures whose souls have been obliterated cannot be resurrected and the only way to recover their souls is through time commands. Save vs. Spell alone can counteract this power on a success

Stamina 10
28- Knight Specter: Create Planar Knight Specters out of the Spectral Realm that will serve a called person loyally. if killed or fatally wounded these Planar companions will return to the Spectral Realm for a period of ten days before they can be summoned again. Appearance can resemble any race of people as called. Knight has enhanced strength, thus damage over that of normal people of +5 per ace, and fortitude of level +1 per ace, and check bonuses of +1 per ace. Level of companion is up to +1 per success, +5 per ace. Refer to Bestiary for people types and add bonuses. These knights can be summoned at any time and can survive for up to 6 hours a day outside of the Spectral Realm before they must return there. Up to ten of these knights can be summoned at the same time, but each knight must be created separately. These knights have all knight abilities at their created level, can planes walk, and have phasing ability. (note: spectral creatures can only truly be killed if they are killed in the spectral realm)
29- Dispossession: Dispossess a subject of a demonic or spirit possession and restore them to full health.
30- Protection

Stamina 11
31- Spirit Enchantment: Enchant a called object or person with a mastered power as called.
32- Spirit Fork: Apply any spirit power to effect compound targets of up to 1, +1 per ace.
33- Living Dead Creation: Raise skeletons or corpses by calling a spirit into them. Level is up to +1 per success. See Living Dead in Bestiary.
34- Planar Fortress: Create a fortress in a chosen spectral plane.
35- Spirit Warding: Build wards using spirit powers.

Stamina 12
36- Spirit Ascension: Ascend into a powerful Planar, Wraith, Living Dead, Elemental Creature, or other spirit type before attaining further levels. This creature can pass between the planes and reside in them without penalties.
37- Holistic Projections: Create projections with undivided power and HP of Level x 20.
38- Arch Spirit Master: Formulate commands as called. Create artifacts, magic items, wards, etc. with spirit powers.
39- Spirit Army: Summon an army of spirits.
40- Deific Incarnation: +4 MA in Spectremancy.

Spirit Types

    Spirit Types include; Ghosts, Specters, Poltergeists, Phantoms, Wraiths, Elemental Spirits, Apparitions, Planar Creatures, and Spirit Aspects

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