Central Morendor

Anfiraeth Endor (mariner's land)

Domain: West Alliance
Location: West coast of Morendor, northeast across Nuas Baruanah (big water bay) from the Mepheras Melaeth (wildhorse grasslands).
Description: A grassland surrounded by forests to the north and east, and by the Nuas Baruanah (big water bay) to the west, with the West Road to the south. At the southwest corner near the inlet on the coast, is a large citadel called Castleguard, also known as Hawker's Forte, named for its markets.

TyrDoon (Hawker's Fort)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: West coast of Morendor, central shoreline of Nuas Baruanah (big water bay), north of Mepheras Melaeth (wildhorse grasslands).
Description: A large, walled in city on the shore of (big water bay). There are gates and guard towers at each entrance of the city, east, north, and south. There are also towers approximately every two miles built into the wall. The walls are 20 feet high, and the towers are 30 feet high with archery slots. The guard towers are always manned while the perimeter towers are only manned when the city is threatened by war. Hawker's Fort is named after its many markets. It was once called Castlegard for its walls and great fortress. At the center of the city is Tyr Cadarn palace, where the king of the city resides and handles affairs of domain. The King's name is Valis Urik, answerable to the high king Artorius Xavier. The kingdom's dumarc is Prince Krynfel Heldras. Krynfel's Steward is the kingdom's 1st knight Callum Maharen. There is a wide street, called Calvary Lane, which is five and a half miles long, and an eighth of a mile wide in a three mile long stretch, where warriors parade on horses before battle or allied camps are set up. Tournaments and Festivals are held on Calvary Lane as well. The knights of the King and the Western Alliance are called the Castellarn Knights. This citadel and its kingdom alike are inhabited my immortal and mortal races alike, and the tolerance between them is sometimes tenuous therefore conflicts do arise. Many of the mortals in this city do not trust immortal kinds.

City Wards: The wards prevent more than three individuals from entering beyond the gates or walls by supernatural means at one time. During times of war no one can enter the citadel by supernatural means. Telepathy is also blocked during times of war. Only chapter members of court (the king, steward, knights and dumarc) are bypassed by the wards. The city wards also shield the citadel from supernatural attacks. If the wards are broken down, it triggers a dead arcane zone which extends throughout the citadel and one mile beyond it. When this occurs, supernatural powers cannot be called up in this zone.

City Prison: The Prison has high level security wards. It is subterranean and covers a great deal of ground beneath and around the palace and its grounds, but is entered from outside the palace ramparts through the keep of the Prison office just east of the palace. The prison has four levels. The wards prevent unwanted entry by arcane or physical means and escapes by any means. The use of magic by prisoners is stripped by wards as is telepathy to and from them. These wards are necessary to prevent powerful immortals from breaking in or escaping. As wards can be weakened or overpowered by more powerful magic wielders, escapes have occured, though they are very rare.

A sea-side village north-north east of Sea-eagle Roost Island. This village is inhabited by lycanthrope, mostly werewolves, and their alpha is a werewolf named Arcades. The strongest warriors of this pack are martial swordsmen whose order is called the Sword-Dancers. The village is made up of palm thatched homes made of logs or stone, surrounded by palms with jungle forest east of the village. The beach is covered with soft white sand which extends into shallow waters. Ships with deep hulls or keels must harbor there half a mile off shore. The village owns one galley with a shallow keel which can be beached and otherwise uses double and multi hulled outrigger canoes and other small boats. The water around Aiberon is turquiose because of the white sand in that area. Fishing is very good in the waters near Aiberon and provide the pack with much of its food.

Roinsamaith Arseo (wanderlust beach)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: West coast of Mepheras Melaeth (wildhorse grasslands), across from the Isles of the West, south of Castleguard.
Description: This wide beach follows the west coast for one-thousand miles along the shores of the Lands of Wealth, and edges the grasslands. The sand varies from white to amber in color and forms dunes where rocks break the ground.

Islaes una Iarthir (isles of the west)
Domain: Maorahir esahn Iarthir (the allience of the people of the west)
Location: Group of islands off the west-central coast of Morendor.

Nuas Baruanah (big water bay - also called Hawker's Bay)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: West-central coast of Morendor, north of The Lands of Wealth and South of Andaisaer Endor (seaman's land).
Description: A very large bay which is protected by the islands from storms. The water is usually quite calm unless a storm blows into the bay itself, or a hurricane blasts through the area. The beautiful sandy shores of the bay are the most highly populated in the Shadowlands, and though a human territory, many kinds reside around the bay, in Hawker's Fort Citadel, and on the islands to the west. This bay is an important port in Morashtar for shipping goods to and from Morendor.

Ilean Andiolain Suil (sea-eagle roost island)
Domain: Mythandor (sea elves)
Location: Isles of the West. North-most island near the bay.
Description: Very large island with lush forests and beautiful beaches. One keep with small citadel on island.

Ilean Roin (seal island)
Domain: the west alliance
Location: Small island south of sea-eagle's roost isle.
Description: One, uninhabited keep on island. Some forest in center of sand. Rock and sand beaches.

Ilean Craigh Baradh (rock wall island)
Domain: the west alliance
Location: Large island north of Seal Island.
Description: Cliff walls all the way around, beaches on the east side below cliffs. Grassland, copse of large augaer (oak) trees at center of island.

Ilean Turbar (turtle island)
Domain: Miorach an Cronia (dagger-tooth the wise)
Location: South of Rock Wall Island.
Description: Medium sized island with dense rain-forest, sandy beaches and cliffs. Home to a wise, old Sgaithaern Nathrack (shadow forest dragon) who can blend into his environment unseen. Island is named for the sea-turtles which nest there.

Ilean Sian (long island)
Domain: Humans
Location: Large Island south of Turtle Island.
Description: Partially forested with small villages near the coves and on the north and south points of the isle.

Ilean Riachaer Suil (raven's roost island)
Domain: Morendor Namas
Location: South of Long Island.
Description: Medium sized island with lush, native botanical gardens the island over. The north, east and south side are cliffs with a white sand beach on the west shores. A large keep is stationed on the northeast corner on the island on a high cliff. The Namas are a quasi-immortal race of people who are human in every aspect with the exception that they stop aging between 19-27, and are highly resistant to disease and magic.

Ilean Durdainen (stronghold island)
Domain: Humans, Namas
Location: West of Sea Eagle Roost and Rock Wall islands.
Description: A fairly large, rocky island where high, deep walled towers are built and manned by warriors on the four corners of the isle. The men and women keep a watch on the sea for pirates and invaders from this outpost. Pyres are lit, and horns are sounded if trouble approaches.

Ilean Seoir (gem stone island)
Domain: Morendor Dirgdur (shadowlands vampires)
Location: Southwest of Stronghold Island.
Description: A medium sized, rocky island rich in precious and semi-precious gems. The vampires which live there guard the island from anyone who does not have permission from the lords of the west alliance to mine and collect the gems there. Only 'land safe' methods are allowed for taking the island's natural treasures.

Esscha Endor (lands of wealth)
Domain: the west alliance
Location: West central Morendor.

Mepheras Melaeth (wildhorse grasslands)
Domain: the west alliance.
Location: West central Mordendor in Esscha Endor.
Description: Wide, open grasslands with rich soil. Sianundor Cavall (stormcloud horses) roam wild there, and horse farms and orchards are established in these lands as well. The horses are named for both their stormy spirits, and after their varying colors of dark (at times almost black) and light greys and white, and their long manes, tails and silk hoof-crowns. These horses can be solid in color, roan or dappled with any varation of mane and tail in their grey scale of colors. The amber colored grass in these lands produces a revitalizing wheat and their stalks reach 7 feet in height. The grass turns a silvery grey color in the late autumn and winter. The climate is fair and never reaches temperatures below 50 degrees.

Duradanmull Arulorae (speckled-apple orchards)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: Mideastern Esscha Endor.
Description: A large apple orchard which borders the Ruith Sriethiel Eosaeg (burgeoning springs river) which lies to the east.

Aldainsa Priora Arulorae (sweet pear orchards)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: Southeastern Esscha Endor.
Description: A farm and orchard which produces pears, grapes and juices from their fruit.

Ennan Essomhar Daeos (good harvest farm)
Domain: West Alliance
Location: Northeastern Esscha Endor.
Description: A large farm with fruit orchards, gardens, and livestock. They also fish the river for Anubragen (blue salmon).

Inis Ess Suamh (cave island major)
Domain: Mythandor (sea elves)
Location: West coast, 925 miles South of the Islaes una Iarthir (isles of the west).
Description: Large island with a network of crystal rich caves beneath the surface. Water-vents in the south-leg of the island spray sea water in high spouts when the sea is rough. Lorthaibos (fruit palms), and Cinobos (palms which produce highly nutritious, delicious nuts), and great, smooth barked, gnarled hardwood trees called Esumythri (ancient good spirits), form woodlands on this isle. The Esumythri produce an excellent, bonding resin with a sweet scent also used for incense, medicine and smoking. It is pleasantly intoxicating and reduces pain. The elves live in a village which extends underground to the caves on the east central coast. They also have a watch-tower on the southwest corner of the isle.

Inis Taen Suamh (cave island minor)
Domain: Mythandor (sea elves)
Location: Southeast of Cave Island Major.
Description: A mid-sized island with much the same environment, flora and fauna as the its larger cousin, but without water-vents. This island is uninhabited.

Seumir (central planes)
Domain: Clan Decasey, Mepha Wauru, Woseres, Ngue Tel Bogue and Occultus
Location: Central Morendor.
Description: Ancient name is Elarmepha, A vast, open plane of rich grassland. Many grazing animals live here, including Omraloris (amber deer), Trioscavall (swift horse) wild horses, which are compact horses (amber in color with dark brown manes, tails and striping on legs, down their backs, on the hindquarters and necks), Morphessir (a very large boar), and Sriosloris (small lightning fast deer). There are also predators such as the Melaeth Seres (grasslands lions), Mepha Wauru (planes werewolves), which cannot take human form, but can speak many languages, use magic, and are very civilized animals. Various large species of swift moving snakes can be found in the planes. Some, like the sixteen foot long Anllewyr Barilas (rainbow python), are poisonous. Despite being a constrictor, this python has a slow working, but effectively deadly poison. The Woseres (werelion) prides inhabit the western side of the planes.

Dotted with towns and one large city, Serhaubren, this territory was ruled for almost 900 years by Byron Decasey until he abdicated his throne to his son Crown Prince Armand. Byron remains as count of Traegellen in his elegant Chateau Inn. See Byron for Kingdom details.

TirAnnor es Tirrus (temple of stars)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Centrally located in the central planes.
Description: A group of five, natural standing stones which form a pentagon. The stones stand ten feet apart. At the center is a large fire pit ringed with stones which is kept clean, barring soot and ash. This site is sacred and protects any whom camp within the pentagon of stones, but any whom decimate the site will walk away with a tragic curse. An ancient deluvian named Valkirian is the keeper of the temple and resides in a hidden, underground dwelling beneath the temple. He rarely actually shows himself unless he senses a great need. NPC, can only be played by GMS and chat masters.

Morbh Sciash (dusky swamp)
Domain: Haer Rumcael an Nath (Lord Rumcael the Black) and the Adramelech Clan Demons.
Location: East-coast central Morendor
Description: This swamp forms dangerous mud flats on the west and south side 50 miles beyond the forest edge of the northeastern part of the central grasslands. Centrally located at the edge of the mud flats and the swamp's forest is the wooden fortress of the Adram Clan Demons. Many among them are elementalists and their fortress is not only difficult to access but well warded. The clan Prince is Beroth. The progenitor of their clan, Adramelech, is their only king. Mammoth trees grow in this swamp's interior, and all kinds of fell creatures, swamp dragons, undead things and dangerous people live there, the great undead necromancer Rumcael included.

Duthmorgu (ring of fire)
Domain: Olemuhs (chieftain) Marsol Anwarr, Nathrack Dirg es Morendor (Red Dragons of Morendor)
Location: Central-east Morendor.
Description: A ring of volcanic mountains, two of them (the north and south central mountains by the lake of fire) active, with a lake of lava called Anun es Serae (lake of fire) at the center. The Lord of the red dragons is a Morg'Nathraeg Dirg (demonic dragon-shifter) named Marsol who can take a human form. The mountains are full of caves, magma fissures in their deeps. Marsol dwells in a cave which is entered high on the mountainside. Marsol made an easily defended fortress out of the largest cavern in the Ring of Fire, it is located in Baragoth Bienae (dark halls mountain), the southern-most mountain in the range.

Ametmorgu (desert of fire)
Domain: Olemuhs (chieftain) Marsol Anwarr (PC), Nathrack Dirg es Morendor (Red Dragons of Morendor), Neffari, Shaamae
Location: East-central Morendor, 250 miles, north, south east and west of the Duthmorgu (ring of fire).
Description: This desert is at its hottest around the Ring of Fire, but eventually gives way to the Lir-Endoraes (dry lands). This desert is very rich in valuable minerals, gold, platinum, silver, iron, and a varity of gemstones alike. Plant life is sparse, mostly cacti or water storing plants. It seldom rains here, and when it does, the storms are savage and cause dangerous flash floods. Deep gullies and dry lake flats testify to this. Water does not last long here, the ground soaking up what does not evaporate quickly. Marsol is the king of most of the desert, barring the Neffari's eastern kingdom of Hassim and the southern most kingdom of the Shaamae (shah-mA). An Abyss Demon Priest named Wyrvaust (PC) acts as Marsol's eyes and ears over the central desert lands surrounding his subterranean lair.

Lir-Endoraes (dry lands)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Southeast Morendor. East of the Ruith Ruaelsa (sleepy river) and Ruith Olmhor Methlas (great eastern river), and south, southwest and east of the Bhassah es Shivaidh (desert of fire)
Description: Semi-arid lands around the Desert of Fire, on the east side of 500 Mile Canyon. Hardy nut trees called Cruascaolc (hale trees) form small groves on this land. There are also a variety of cacti, ground creeping plants, flowers, shrubs, bushy trees, and other water storing plants on this land. Rains an average of ten inches a year here.

Ruith Ser (quiet river)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Flows southeast out of the Great East River in southeast Morendor, west of the Lir-Endoraes (dry lands).
Description: A deep, wide river with dangerous currents which appears to flow tranquilly on the surface. The ONLY crossing is a bridge to the south, in a southwest line from Arias Dol Loria (tangled flora forest).

Mosina-Domhor Altaen (500 mile canyon)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Southeast Morendor, spans the central area of the Ruith Ser (quiet river) which flows through the canyon.
Description: A deep, narrow canyon which the Quiet River cuts from the earth as it flows south. Not overly wide, the canyon has sheer walls which fall down to the river below. Now and again there are sand bars which form beaches in the canyon. As the name states, this canyon is approximately 500 miles long.

Arias Dol Loria (tangled flora forest)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Southeastern Morendor, east of Ruith Ser (quiet river).
Description: A small forest in comparison to some of Morendor's vast woodlands, this forest is no less magnificent in the variety of plants, the breath taking stature of its trees, and the wildlife which inhabits it. Many rare medicinal plants and nutritious nut and fruit bearing flora grow in this dense, darkly shady woodland.

Laethiel Escilor Inorae (flowering cactus shores)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Southeast coast, east of the Duthmorgu (ring of fire), between Muranus Sciash (swamp lagoon) and Cunin Raosra (shark cove).
Description: This shores beaches are beautiful, with wide swathes of tawny sand, rock studded beaches and the brilliant flowers of the cacti which grow here. The spines seldom reach the sand, but cacti hidden by the sand can be painful to step on with bare feet.

Ghaelaenhass Inorae (golden sands shores)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Southeast coast, southeast of the Duthmorgu (ring of fire), between Cunin Raosra (shark cove) and Cunin Seranah (still water cove). Omet Scith (horn point) is part of these shores.
Description: These beautiful beaches glitter with golden flecks of mica which is mixed with the sand. Quartz crystals which vary in color, and colorful sea shells can be found on this shore. Sharks sometimes cruise the shores for the schools of salmon and blue sea bass which feed on the glass minnows near the shores.

Cunin Parthio (paradise cove)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh, West Alliance
Location: South central, just south of the Isles of the West, between the South Haven Shores and Lands of Wealth.
Description: A large, undeveloped, perfectly pristine cove that is splendid to visit. Though exposed to the ocean's whims, the islands protect it enough to prevent the oceans rough swells and the worst of storms from pounding its shores. A smaller cove, Cunin Sadvanisa (windy cove) to the south does not share this luxery.

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