1-{1-3} Benison - create a charm bag or item to aid a subject in a single function.
2-{4-6} Hex - hex someone by speaking the language of the dead as desired affect is incanted. Subject must either be in sight of witch, or witch must hex an item that belonged to the target and speak their name in the incantation.
3-{7-9} Formulate Potion - using various plant, animal and mineral matter for called effects, level of potion is +1 per success.
4-{10-12} Incantation of Protection - Invoke a spirit or deity of light with an offering specific to the entity invoked that the spirit will protect a called subject as desired. If deity is offended by the invocation or offering (on a failed roll) witch is damaged by the flame of the spirit (by damage equal to roll).
5-{13-15} Familiar - Witch makes an offering of something valued by them to the horned god in return for a small demon familiar. Familiar can be an animal or called creature, even an unusual creature. This familiar will live as long as the witch does and serve them faithfully and obediently and with as much affection as they are shown. If killed they will self-resurrect within 1 d6 days.
6-{16-18} Matron Goddess - invoke the favor of a matron Goddess with correct utterance and an offering of something valued by the one seeking a favor of the Goddess. Offering must be burned as Goddess is invoked that a single desire be granted. If Goddess is offended by the offering or request (on a failed roll) the flame of her spirit damages the witch.
7-{19-21} Haven - candles are carried from room to room, and flowers favored by the mother goddess and horned god are strewn in each room as this incantation is uttered throughout a fortress or home to create a warded haven. Haven is protected from unwanted magic, evil spirits, and magical infiltration with Power=LoD to break past wards.
8-{22-24} Dark Invocation - Invoke a dark spirit, demon, or deity's favor with an offering specific to the entity invoked that the spirit will curse a called subject as desired. If deity is offended by the offering (on a failed roll) curse backlashes on witch and they are also damaged by the flame of the angered spirit.
9-{25-27} Deific Alliance - Witch can summon powerful spirits, demons, and deities to aid them in times of need. If the being summoned is angered by the reason witch has summoned them (GM's call, or if roll fails) it may turn on the witch to damage them, curse them, or even steal their power until the witch can placate the one invoked. Choose being invoked at +1 level per success.
10-{28-30} Master of Witchcraft - create spells, wards, potions, invoke spirits, demons, creatures, etc.
11- {31-35} Grand Witch - Witch has earned the respect of the horned god and been bestowed with a powerful magic item (as called) which enhances witch's health by +100, increasing all physical checks by +3 d6, fortitude by +15, willpower by +10, with +2 save on death and magic. Item also grants the witch the power to heal by touch, +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace.
12- {36-40} Arch Witch Spell Book - Witch has earned the respect of the Goddess and has been bestowed a sacred spell book called the Book of Suvanu, or the land of dreams.

Book of Suvanu
Holistic Resurrection - resurrect the dead, and raise them from the ash of a fire if their body has been destroyed to recreate the body as it was, or as called.
Architect of Reality - Mage invents subjects sense of reality, dictating every aspect of their mental, physical and emotional perception.
Dominate the Temple - dominate mind, will and soul
Fabricate Item: create a called item out of the elemental planes.
Arcane Dead Zone - Creates a dead magic zone up to 100 yard radius, +100 yards per success. No magic can penetrate or be used inside of zone.
Binding Contract - A written contract when signed is bound by its signature, and if terms are broken, punishment as called on contract occurs. Proofed against all manners of dispels, disenchantments, shatters, reversals, negations and anti-magic.
Crack of Doom Spell - Snuffs out the life force of several creatures, +1 target, +1 per ace as called.
Spell Reversal - Can alter alignment of spells or reverse them back on caster.
Gate Oracle - enchant a mirror, wall, pool, or cauldron to show present, past, or future evens through a gateway of the spirit realm. Oracle can also create a gateway which lapses through the spirit realm to close distances when a word of power as called is spoken.
Karmic Purgatory - Any bad deed is paid back excessively. If subject of this curse steals anything, all their things are lost by some means. if they offend someone, they are insulted by everyone they come across. If they kill someone? Everyone they know will be out to murder them. If they hurt someone, someone will hurt them right back but far worse. The only cure for each bad deed is to correct it. The cursed person must say something nice to a person made fun of, and beg their forgiveness. Someone killed must be resurrected and compensated for their pain. They must give a great deal of money to someone whose money or things they stole. They must make amends for whatever was done.
Song of Dreams - Witch weaves realistic visions by telling a story, singing a song, or reciting a poem. Witch's words determine what the visions are.

Note: if there is more than one witch in a game, the spells in the book of Suvanu can be alternated, and the effects of the magic item bestowed by the horned god can vary with GM discretion at the request of a player. The original Book of Suvana is represented by the entire Wizard Quest Spell Book, thus the spell book bestowed to a witch is a small portion of the actual original book possessed by the Morning Star, the God father, ruler of Acheron, father of chaos, also called the horned god.

Users of Limited Paths

    Most mortal magic wielders have limited paths. There are few exceptions. These paths are also sometimes passed down through blood lines by immortals. The advantage to Limited Paths is that it makes a mage more specialized. These paths cost half that of full paths.

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