Shadow Path


Stamina 1
1-Manipulate Shadows - Cause shadows to shift, bend and move as called.
2-Shadow Veil - Hides target in shadows.
3-Shadow Stalk - sneak around unseen and unsensed while maintaining a physical form. Shadows disperse when an action is taken against another. Unseen for one action.

Stamina 2
4-Shadow Cloaking - Cloaks target and their presence.
5-Shadow Door - create a doorway of shadow where no doorway exists that opens and closes only to creator.
6-Shadowy Concealment - Make a called target take on appearance of shadows.

Stamina 3
7-Shadow Walking - close distance through shadow realm.
8-Shadow Bridge - Create a solid bridge of shadows 4 feet wide.
9-Shadow Perception - Allows for detection of shadow forms and active shadow applications.

Stamina 4
10-Gate of Shadows-which caster can take others through via the shadow realm.
11-Trap Door of Shadows - a trap door opens under someone and drops them into a cell of shadows which holds them captive.
12-Intercept Path - Allows shadow elemental to intercept other gate paths, even select ones with higher power (roll).

Stamina 5
13-Phasing-Phase out of material realm into corporeal form of shadows.
14-Aura of Shadows - nothing about subject protected by this gift can be sensed by any means.
15-Gateway of Vision - Allows shadow elemental to pierce the temporal layers of the shadow realm to see present, past, and future incidents. Elemental must be able to identify which subject of information sought by a name or location involving subject.

Stamina 6
16-Corporeal Assimilation -1 Form per 5 levels. Corporeal Disguise, can be any living creature.
17-Corporeal Shadow Form - Ability to take actions in shadow form.
18-Shadowy Keep - a tower or room of shadow is raised which can only be accessed by creator or those he selects to enter or leave the keep.

Stamina 7
19-Shield of Shadows - A dome of shadows surrounds called target/s and any powers or attacks aimed at target/s will pass into the shadows without hitting target. if attackers step through the shield, they come out on the other side of the shield past the shielded targets. Lasts until dispelled, protected targets cannot attack while guarded by shield, they too pass into the shadow veil if they step into the shield and another stride delivers them on unprotected ground.
20-Sanctuary of Shadows - Call the shadows into a lair, castle, manor, compound, or even a woodland area, to conceal those within. Very hard to detect. Also protects from sunlight..
21-Shadow Planes Walker - cross any distance and into any realm, world, alternate plane, or demi-plane. Phase in and out of the shadow plane, hide in the shadow viel, cross distances through the shadow plane. 50% Chance of getting lost in the shadow plane if umbrancer looses sight of land area being traveled, -2% chance per level. With 20% chance per day of finding way out again.

Stamina 8
22-Shadow Escort: shadow walk taking others along through contact. 80% Chance of others getting lost in the shadow plane if physical contact with them is broken, -2% chance per level. With 20% chance per day of finding way out again. (take with Shadow Planes Walker, and spend 22 stamina to use.)
22-Black Oracle - Part the shadow veil to reveal those clan members selected, and use Shadow gates to intercept subjects within shadow realm and to intercept shadow gates.
23-Shadow Planes Gate - like a walker only shadow elemental can take others with them.
24-Eclipse in Shadows - Eclipse an area in the shadow veil, up to 10 feet per success. Protects from sunlight.

Stamina 9
25-Shadows and Stone - Haven, or even a select chamber, room, cave, etc., can be overlapped by the demi-plane of shadows to conceal overlapped area in an isolated fold of the shadow realm. Cannot be infiltrated without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone, and intercept path abilities. Only higher power using correct applications can invade protected area/s.
26-Dungeon of Darkness - Sinks a subject or select area within the demi-plane of shadows where the shadow lands overlap an underworld, creating solid walls. Very hard to detect without the ability to find an overlap. Area is hard to escape as well where no gate can be formed to escape without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone.
27-Dark Creationist - create any called, tangible, shadow effect, object or scope (such as shadow-bridges, doors, gates, keeps, castles, weapons, trees, ropes, ladders, vines, forests, lakes, etc.) with called effects which include selection of who creations are tangible to, and ethereal passage only to select subjects through doors and tunnels.

Stamina 10
28-Shadow Catalyst - Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers a shadow affect if catalyst is triggered. Caster calls catalyst, with power of up to +300 as called.
29-Protection from Shadows - Protects from any rivaling Shadow Effect
30-Shadow Scape - Create a corporeal scope of shadows that is ethereal and invisible to anyone not select to enter corporeal zone. Area is created via quantum visualization to create material wilderness, buildings and grounds, etc., all cast in a night-like scope of shadows. Moonlight and sunlight can penetrate area to create a filtered light effect if called. Up to one acre.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Improved Power

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Improved Power


    All Shadow walking, cloaking, and gate powers in this path either fail or succeed on their roll. Checks cannot be rolled against them unless Sixth Sense or special Shadow Sight powers are applied. One phases through material things while in shadow form or cloak thus an Umbramancer cannot attack while phased into shadows.

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