Stamina 1 (1-3)
Static Shock - Mild shock but enough to startle or distract someone.
Electrify Object - Electrifies one object to cause shock if object is touched.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Lightning Bolt - Can be deadly if heart stops, but usually just does a lot of damage, stuns and burns, +30 dmg. Targeted spell.
Electrical Jolt - Painful jolt of electricity with mild damage.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Enchant Weapon - Enchants a weapon with power of electricity, 1 Level per success+30 damage, weapon will shock and burn target with concentrated electrical particles. Enchantment lasts 1-3 attack per success.
Electrical Aura - Surrounds a called target, shocks, stuns and burns them until elemental casts another spell.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Fork Lightning - Strikes multiple targets as called in an area. Targeted spell.
Aura of Electricity - if aura is contacted it does a lot of damage +40 and stuns for -1 AR, -1 AR per ace. Dispelled if one protected casts another spell.
Protection from Electrical - Protects from electrical elements (10% per success).
Electrical Doorway - Door protected radiates a pale blue aura, and delivers potent shocks and burns anyone who contacts it that is not selected to enter. +40 dmg, electrical shock, +40 dmg, burn.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Ball Lightning Elemental - Ball Lightning floats around in a called area, and is attracted by anyone not selected to be protected from it. The orb emits strong streams of electricity which strike those within range of it continually. MA+ Level damage per turn until targets breaks away from stream. range is 50 feet, strikes when target is closer. Can be deadly at high levels, and are often used to guard an area. Can only be dispelled by caster, or by destroying Ball of Lightning. Normal weapons can be used to scatter its particles; Hits to destroy is 6+1 per ace. Targeted spell.
Dome of Lightning - Can be used as a shield, or to trap enemies within its electrical field. Anything which passes through it that was not selected for pass over is severely shocked and burned.
Disjoin Electricity - Stops electrical currents.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Electrical Shock Wave - A blast of electricity impacts an area with a high voltage blast of sizzling electricity.
Imbue with Electricity - Electrical power as selected imbues a weapon or item permanently.
Electrical Turf - The ground or floor of a called area is electrically charged and shocks, burns and stuns anyone not selected to be unaffected. Lasts until dispelled, or caster runs low on stamina, and does damage every turn.
Gateway of Lightning - Called destination, and anyone who tries to enter who is not selected to pass is severely damaged, +60 dmg, and shock.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Lightning Battery - Many bolts of lightning strike one after the other, 1 bolt per success.
Electrical Shield - Shields from attacks and shocks anyone who touches it.
Speed of Lightning - Target affected phases into a bolt of electricity and moves as fast as lightning.
Wall of Electricity - Forms where called and damages anyone not selected for passover who contacts wall. Can be used to imbue the walls of a home or fortress as well.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Tornadic Fingers of Lightning - Many and continuous Fingers of lightning that strike victim as they are swept into an electrical funnel.
Bridge of Lightning - A bridge of lightning which those selected to cross can walk on.
Electrical Form - Target affected takes on an ethereal electrical form.
Pierce Shadows - Bolts of lightning pierce shadows and the outer fringe of the shadow plane to make the shadows retreat and reveal anything hiding there, damaging anyone who is struck by the bolts.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Continuous Stream Lightning - Lightning streaks from elementalist's fingers in continuous stream at someone, +10 per success, per Attack turn. Targeted spell.
Lightning Elemental - Invoke a lightning elemental from the elemental plane which can command any electrical element in spell book as called at level rolled. +1 MA-Level per success.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Ward of Lightning - Surrounds a site, or targets as called with a potent field of electricity. Electrocutes anyone who attempts to enter ward on contact, +100 dmg. Is permanent until dispelled by caster.
Fortress of Electricity - Create a fortress of crystal formed by electrical ionization in a called area with electrical wards as called. Power of Wards is +1 MA-Level per success unless power is fixed at total power of roll equals damage, LoD, and power.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Master of Electricity - elementalist can formulate electrical commands, use them for warding, creating enchanted items, artifacts, and catalysts, and blend them with other gifts.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Improved Power - apply any electrical power at these levels as gained.

Damage Stats

    All electrical have stunning affects which cause -1 AR, -1 AR per ace. Causes aggravated (normal) damage as well for +1 turn, +1 per ace. All targeted spells use Magic HB to determine accuracy with targeting or missile bonuses added. All radius spells set at up to +10 feet radius per success as called unless otherwise stated.

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