Path of Acid


Stamina 1
1- Selection: select who and what will or will not be affected by acid and acid powers.
2-Ring of Acid: wall of acid surrounds magus to protect them.
3-Trail of Acid: anyone who lunges in behind or near target is burned by caustic acid vapors +2 foot radius, +1 per ace, +2 yard trail, +1 per ace.

Stamina 2
4-Acid Bolt: Bolt of acid with long range, up to 5 feet, +5 feet per ace.
5-Acid Shower: acid rains down on a called area of up to +10 feet per success. Lasts up to +1 turn per success or until dispelled.
6-Pool of Acid: a ten foot deep pool of acid forms rapidly where called, radius of up to 10 feet. MA roll vs. mvm. Critical aggravated damage until target is removed from pool.

Stamina 3
7-Critical Burn: acid does critical damage to armor or victim on any hit next attack.
8-Imbue with Acid - imbue a select target with acid.
9-Acid Vapors - rise up to cover an area of up to 10 feet, +1- feet per success as called, vapors reach height of up to 9 d6 feet as called.

Stamina 4
10-Encase in Acid: thick layer of acid encases target to do damage for 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
11-Acid Sword: summon an acid sword to a select target which does +11, +1 damage per success. Acid does not harm wielder.
12-Sheet of Acid - a sheet of burning acid covers the ground or floor in a radius of up to +1 yard per success.

Stamina 5
13-Gateway of Acid: magus can phase through a gateway to close distances, leaving an aura of acid vapors behind which does damage to anyone lunging into the vapors
14-Acid Orb - a missile of acid which does tremendous damage to anything it hits.
15-Protection from Acid: protects from acid and any acid power or effect.

Stamina 6
16-Bypass Immunity: acid bypasses acid immunities on next attack.
17-Cryptic Acid: conceal acid from all senses and detection.
18-Acid Armor: damaged anything that touches it and renders one wearing it immune to acid, even acid with bypass immunity.
18-Acid Bomb: explosive sphere of acid that explodes on impact to damage all within up to a +6 foot radius per success, range of up to +10 yards per level used.

Stamina 7
19-Deadly Vapors: magus releases a cloud of acid vapors which does triple damage, radius is 6 feet, +3 feet per ace.
20-Blood to Acid - morph target's blood into acid.
21-Isolate Properties - Isolates the corrosive and dissolving powers of acid for dissolving or corroding specific targets as called without damaging anything not selected.

Stamina 8
22-Acid Cloud: acid encompasses an area of up to 100 feet radius as called and bypasses immunities, as well as reducing MR -2% per success.
23-Blades of Acid - multiple blades of acid shoot up from the ground to strike at target or targets where called, +1 blade per success.
24-Acid Catalyst: a called acid effect is triggered by a called affect.

Stamina 9
25-Acid Flurry: rapid bolts of potent acid streak at enemies to phase through armor. Does double damage to all targets hit, with +3-HB chance to hit, acid bypasses immunities
26-Acid Elemental: a powerful acid elemental is summoned which obeys the mage's commands. Elemental is made of acid and can breathe acid, and throw acid. Level is +1 per success, with 5 d6 checks. Can be damaged by normal weapons but all damage is the same at 26 hits to kill.
27-Acid Familiar: Mage endows a select creature with called acid powers and immunity, and the creature will serve mage faithfully until it dies.

Stamina 10
28-Moat of Acid - create a moat ward of acid around a called target. Acid vapors rise up to burn in +1 yard radius per success around moat. Moat will vaporize anyone who falls into it.
29-Acid Wards: Mage can create any kind of acid ward as called at +1 level per success, with LoD of total roll.
30-Acid Guardians: Mage imbues gargoyles with acid to create powerful guardians that can breathe and spit acid, throw acid orbs, and create pools of acid.

Stamina 11 (Levels 31-35) - Master of Acid: create and improvise acid powers, acid bombs, isolate the corrosive, explosive, and dissolving properties, create acid artifacts, items, acid elementals, and weapons.

Stamina 12 (Levels 36-40) - Improved Force: any acid spell is cast at higher levels with bypass immunity and MR.

About Acid Damage

    Acid causes aggravated damage, corrodes, and burns through armor, metal, stone, floors, etc. unless something is selected not to be affected. Acid can poison an area and water sources, and ruin an ecosystem if care is not taken.

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