Master of the Storm


1 (1-3) Fire of the Storm - Electrifies an object or area of up 25 yard radius, +1 yard per success as called to cause shock and damage if object or area is contacted, -1 turn, -1 turn per ace shock.
2 (4-6) Fog Bank - A deep, heavy mist is called to roll in rapidly and cover an area of up to a 10 yard radius per success.
3 (7-9) Electrical Channeling - dangerous lightning, electrical streams, or orbs strikes up to +1 target, +1 per success as called. Orbs cling to target on a hit to stun and do aggravated damage for 1 turn, +1 AR per success.
4 (10-12) Command the Air - control the air and wind to lift someone up, hurl them, catch them, lash at them, create an airless vacuum, back-drafts to snuff fires, winds to spread fires, etc. Total roll equals max wind force.
5 (13-15) Tomb of Sleet - encases someone rapidly in a dense layer of ice, -1 movement and stamina, -1 per ace per turn, -10 each per turn on a crit, entombs when movement or stamina is at 0 to build up a 5 foot thick wall of immutable ice around target.
6 (16-18) Command the Tempest - lightning bolts, wind cyclones, updrafts and sheers; rain, fog, ice, sleet, and snow storms the mage can control, lasts up to 1 turn per success with 1 forked or single called effect invoked each turn. Layer up to 3 storm effects.
7 (19-21) Tornados - mage can summon up to +1 tornado, +1 per ace, and control the path of the tornados to damage anything within a ten yard radius of each one with double damage to anything it contacts directly. Radius of each tornado is up to 10 yards, +10 yards per success.
8 (22-24) Storm Ward - create wards with called storm elements over an area of up to +50 yards per success.
9 (25-27) Storm Elemental - a storm elemental is created out of the elemental plane of storms. Elemental can breathe ice, fog and dangerous winds, channel powerful streams of lightning, summon downpours of rain, snow, and sleet, freeze and shock by touch with aura of ice and electricity, and control powerful currents of air. Physical checks are +1 per success, with wind haste +9 d6 movement, and unlimited stamina. Mental is same as invoker's only willpower in unlimited, and HP is level x 20. Normal weapons damage by gradually scattering elemental embodiments. Elemental lasts until destroyed or sent back to the elemental planes from which it came. There is a 10% chance that elemental will turn against its invoker if mage attempts to send elemental back.
10 (28-30) Deadly Storm - a perilous hurricane, blizzard, ice storm, immense waves, flooding rain or combination storm is invoked
11 (31-35) Force of the Storm - the damaging effects of any storm elements are invoked without the elemental connection, whereas the power bypasses resistance and immunities.
12 (36-40) Arch Master of the Storm: formulate commands and storm spells, create creatures and palaces out of any storm element, create wards, storm artifacts and items, and improve any power by called level possessed.

Storm Lore

    Storm masters can learn these abilities free but they cannot be learned until wisdom or intelligence vs. knowledge LoD of 20 each has been rolled successfully. Storm Lore abilities otherwise cost 100 XP each.

    Tap and Combine Elements: allows mage to harness and multi-task with elements.
    Elemental Selection: dictates who is and who is not affected by powers.
    Elemental Catalysts: allows mage to create contingencies with powers and called triggers.
    Elemental Fork: allows called powers to strike up to +1 target, +1 per ace as called.
    Elemental Channeling: allows mage precise control of elements to channel power and strike up to +1 target, +1 per success.
    Elemental Enchantment: mage can enchant an object or area with tapped elemental powers.
    Elemental Stream: allows mage to create an elemental stream which lasts until mage's stamina runs out, or by mage releasing stream, or by mage breaking stream by using another power.
    Eye of the Storm: mage can see past and through storm elements as others cannot and share this ability temporarily with others, up to +1 beneficiary per level.

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