Stamina 1 (1-3)
Meteorite Shower - A meteorite shower display is summoned. Shooting stars are seen but do not impact. Successes = Number seen, each ace (6) rolled representing a meteor that is very bright and spectacular.
Lunar Light - Call the light of the moon to light a called area (of up to 10 yards per success).
Lunar Shroud - Shrouds called target in moonlight.
Identify Astral Body - Allows target to identify name and type of astral bodies in a called quadrant of space, such as stars, moons, nebulas, constellations, etc.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Streaking Fireballs - Meteors with blazing tails streak across the sky. Fireballs are seen but do not impact. Successes = Number seen.
Lunar Bewitchment - The atmosphere of the moon imbues a select target to mesmerize them. Does not work on Lycanthrope, indeed it enhances their power by power of roll. MA vs. Constitution.
Darkness of Deep Space - Call the darkness of deep space from the astral plane to blacken and conceal a called area (of up to 10 yards per success), or to shroud someone. Only those selected can see through it.
Deep Space Pocket - Pocket of freezing space without air surrounds called target. Critical damage, preserves anything that can withstand cold and lack of air.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Solar Storm - Blinds eyes, burns skin, and radiates body causing radiation sickness. 2 rolls, critical dmg.
Nebulas Aura - An aura of glowing particles forms around a called target to protect them from magic, 5% per success.
Clear Atmosphere - The sky clears so that the stars and or moon shines very brightly
Antimatter Effect - The state of target's matter begins to shift to negative particles, making target become dense, and very heavy, but also very strong (+2 strength per turn until HP is down by half). If effect is not disjoined they will implode when critical mass is attained (when HP reaches 1). MA-power+Critical dmg on hit success, with Critical dmg each turn. VERY painful.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Hail of Meteorites - Hail sized meteors rain down. Number of meteorites is +1 per success for each target, number X MA+NAD-Dmg.
Tap Gravity - The force of gravity is tapped and directed on select target to make their body and limbs feel very heavy. Makes movement ponderous. -1 mvm. and dex per success. Gravity can also be lessened to point of weightlessness.
Tap Chaos - The raw force of chaos is tapped from the astral plane. Causes a chaotic reaction which can result in opposing forces failing in their directive. A sword blow may miss, a spell may botch, someone in motion may trip or drop something, etc. Spell affects everyone within visual range of caster. MA-roll+Spell Level+2 vs. Roll of each opposing action in progress for one round.
Solar Blast - A blast of quantum solar light and energy strikes called target. Can be deadly to vampires. +45 damage.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Boeli Bombardment - All called targets must roll movement against power of MA. each ball of brimstone hits for 5 dmg. per success. Number of Boelis 1 d6 total per target.
Astral Mirror - Summon knowledge from the astral plane. 1 answer +1 additional answers per ace rolled.
Lunar Bridge - A bridge of moonlight forms which can only be crossed by those selected.
Solar Field - A field of quantum solar light and energy forms over a called area. Can be deadly to vampires. Does not affect those who are selected for passover. +55 dmg. Lasts 1 round, or 1 turn per success. Can be set as a permanent warding factor with Wisdom vs. Diff. 30 success.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Blazing Comet - Seen but does not impact.
Astral Gate - A black gate filled with stars or nebulas light forms which select targets can enter. Destination called by caster. Gate is unseen by those not called to enter.
Quantum Haste - Target closes distance in the blink of an eye in one step. Lasts 1 action per success, target using -1 stamina for each action taken in haste.
Quantum Light Sword - This elemental sword is summoned out of the astral plane. The weapon is made of concentrated light and acts like a laser. It is very accurate (1 d6-HB), and can either be wielded by a select target, or act as a entity all its own at guard of target. +50 damage.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Fusillade of Asteroids - Roll 2 d6 for total Number & split between targets. Accuracy (12 d6) and Speed (20 d6) vs. Movement+Dexterity. each hits for Level X 10-dmg, with 1 d6-HB. Critical hits are deadly, blowing a target to bits. (hits are critical when hit dice (4 d6)+HB rolls 18-24.
Chaotic Rift - A rift of chaos is opened in the minds of called targets to cause a powerful sense of massive confusion in their minds. Concentration is shot. Affect lasts until caster closes rift, casts again, or target's check roll succeeds against affect to shake it from their mind. MA-Power vs. Constitution. Up to 1 target per success.
Quantum Gateway - close distances in a three strides through a gateway which folds space.
Quantum Effect - Caster can control one aspect of target's sense of reality to make the induced reality real. Blue turns to red, heat turns to cold, doubt turns to certainty, sickness turns to health, etc. Intelligence+Wisdom vs. Constitution+Logic.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Wormhole - Produce stable, safe, wormholes to travel dimension to dimension or to entrap and transfer others in.
Invoke Angel - An angel of the 1st (Tarser) or 2nd (Alamascan) pentacles is summoned by name to aid caster and any allies during conflict. Caster must be careful in what angel they summon and have enough knowledge to do so with wisdom. Some angels fight against hell, some for hell, and others are neutral to the conflict between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light. Astral Mirror can be used to find the name of an angel in either of the pentacles, and knowledge of their alignment (uses 2 AR to harness both gifts).
Quantum Stabilizer - Stabilizes unstable fields of power, energy and eliminates chaos effects. 1 d6, 2-6 succeeds. Backlash occurs on failure at MA-50%-dmg.
Vacuous Cloak - A vacuous shroud fuses with called target's clothing, amour or a weapon as called, and absorbs any energies or magic directed at target while active. Power can be used to ward sites, imbue objects, weapons, robes, even clothing, etc. Wisdom vs. Diff. 30 for permanency. Cloak otherwise lasts 1 turn per success.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Stellar Storm - Called Radius. Solar winds blast the target/s from above with poisonous gasses, volleys of meteors, comets and fine needles of stellar dust that is deadly. Power X 2 damage.
Astral Pocket - A pocket of space forms where called, and anything or anyone which enters the pocket is held within its astral cavity. There is no air in this pocket and it is very cold. The pocket's entrance can be as large as a door, or as small as a bullet, while the pocket itself can be immense. It can be used as anything from a trap, a net, or to hold objects, yes even as a pocket, or even to hold undead prisoners.
Astral Projection - Caster projects them self across the astral field to appear in a called location anywhere in the universe, so that they are in two places at once.
Space time Continuum - Harness the streams of the time continuum to travel through the dimensions of time in gates, with astral projection, and planes walking, and to bend time.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Astral Planes Travel - Travel anywhere in the Universe through astral gates.
Quantum Wisdom - Caster gains knowledge of the quantum field and its tight interrelation with the path of chaos, and is able to improvise magic affects on site. Chaos Effect Probability is ever-present while harnessing and channeling improvised power, with 1 d6 chance of failure, or botching with backlash of 50%-spell dmg. 1-botches, 2-3-fails, 4-6 succeeds. Improvised effects become gifts if memorized by caster (added to spell book), and are practiced to perfect (or tweak) the power. Caster can roll twice against Chaos Effect if -5 more points in stamina is spent.
Astral Tower - Mage constructs a tower out of chosen elements and raises it on called site. Tower can have many doors that lead into many chambers within called planes of space and time. Diff-25.
Window of Space - Look through the dimensions and bends of space and time to see things as they happen, did happen, or will happen. Gain wisdom+1 for knowledge attained. 1 d6 chance of backlash. Roll of one causes blackout and loss of memory, -1 d6 wisdom, name memories lost equal to roll. Roll of 2-3 and no past or future vision can be attained. Roll of 4-5 and knowledge is gained. Roll of 6 and past, present and future are seen, and an additional +1 wisdom is gained.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Astral Palace - Elementalist constructs a palace out of chosen elements and raises it on called site. Palace can have many towers and chambers in many different dimensions of space and time as called. Diff-30.
Black Hole - Implodes a dwarf star to create a hole in space. Anything caught in the path of its powerful vacuum is pulled into another universe. Diff-30.
Disjoin Astral Effect - This power breaks the link between an effect and its catalyst to cancel an effect. Roll must be higher than power attempting to disjoin.
Astral Catalyst - Allows mage to set contingencies with astral affects, that when a catalyst is triggered, an astral effect occurs as called.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Astral Mastery - Negate astral powers, stabilize them, formulate astral commands, use them for warding, and blend them with other gifts.
Doom's Day - Summons an apocalyptic Comet or Asteroid. Level 40 characters ONLY. 40-Successes must be rolled for Impact to occur. Impact within three months. This effect cannot be countered without Astral Mastery. To succeed in setting comet or asteroid's course, all stages of summoning must succeed consecutively - Locate Astral Target, Lock onto Target, Redirect Orbit, Determine Target Trajectory, Set Trajectory.

Special Path

    Only Gods of Chaos, followers of the Path of Chaos, and Priests of the Path of Chaos can learn this path.

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