Quantum Physiomancy

1 {1-3}: Transmute Health - Heal target or self of one disease or condition through pure thought persuasion.
2 {4-6}: Transmute Minor Object - Change the shape of an object within an area of one square yard.
3 {7-9}: Imagery of Matter - Alter the condition or shape of something as called temporarily, lasts up to 1 turn, +1 turn per success.
4 {10-12}: Manipulate the Weave - Tap parts of the universal weave to channel and control a called aspect of energy or matter.
5 {13-15}: Transmute Flesh - Alter the appearance of flesh and body temporarily, lasts up to 1 hour, +1 hour per success.
6 {16-18}: Conceptual Reality - Create something out of the universal fabric by bringing the reality of what is conceived out of the universal weave.
7 {19-21}: Transmute Minor Existence - Modify what is already present into an alternate reality through reconstructive mental imagery within a scope of up to 50 square yards.
8 {22-24}: Planar Conveyance - Become pure thought energy temporarily to pass through elemental and material planes.
9 {25-27}: Transfer Matter - Transport matter, energy, forces, objects, or clearly visualized target from one place to another.
10 {28-30}: Transcend Matter - Alter matter to recreate a called target, self included, as called, or see beyond matter as if through a window to behold what is beyond.
11 {31-34}: Transmute Existence - Create an alternate reality through mental imagery within a scope of up to 1 acre.
12 {36-40}: Quantum Formulation - Create any effect, condition, power, creature, object, or reality as called.

Note: if opposing logic or intelligence defeats quantum power, quantum reality fails, as others see and experience what they know to be their own reality. if a reality is altered prior to being witnessed by another, those entering area where reality and matter has been altered must believe the quantum formulation for it to become real. Once believed by all witnesses, a quantum reality becomes a genuine reality.

Bonuses: +1 point for subtlety, +1 point for each aspect that grounds matter adaptations in probable reality, +1 point for appeal.

Penalties: -2 points for each aspect of improbability, -5 points for each aspect that is incomprehensible.

Users of Limited Paths

    Most mortal magic wielders have limited paths. There are few exceptions. These paths are also sometimes passed down through blood lines by immortals. The advantage to Limited Paths is that it makes a mage more specialized. These paths cost half that of full paths.

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