An Morendor

Access: An Morendor (the Shadowlands) is a continent on a planet called Morashtar (planet of dark gateways). It is part of a small solar system called Leonese which resides in a dimensional plane on the outlands of the Middle Kingdom, Also called the Kingdom of Darkness, Acheron, Hell, or Everreach. To enter into the Shadowlands from another world is a matter of chance. Temporal dimensional rifts sometimes open invisibly in a traveler's path, as they are walking, or riding along a road, and suddenly, often without them even realizing it, they will find themselves on one of the Shadowland's roads or paths. The only other way to enter the Shadowlands from another planet is by planes walking or dimensional gate abilities. There are times when Lucifer may close off all access to these lands at will, as well as banish those he does not wish trespassing there. Some of his Elites share knowledge of these commands as well. Fuel burning vehicles are forbidden on Morashtar and if seen will be seized and very likely recycled. Morashtar is the Morning Star's secret great experiment and everything he does where Morashtar is concerned is motivated towards achieving his objective for that experiment; a balanced world of sentient, magical beings. Over the years his practices and priests have taught the powers, intellects and scientists of Morashtar to 'think before they act' and to consider all potential consequencs of an act before endeavoring it. Cause and Effect is a core philosophy taught by his priests.

Etymology: An Morendor {an (the) mor (dark) endor (continent)} is named after the caverns, the darkness of its ancient and very pristine forests, and it's untamed wilderlands.

Basic Description: An Morendor is a primal land, the trees mammoth, its air and waters pure and crystal clear. The mountains are rugged and forested, while the ocean (five hundred leagues to the North of the lake) are untouched by pollution, savage storms sometimes raging over its waters and battering its breath taking, white sand shores. Wildlife is abundant in the ocean, lake, rivers and forests alike, but not all creatures are what they seem. Some are immortal or have magical attributes.

The Caverns: Caves and caverns in An Morendor are common. The caverns are very dangerous, ancient dragons, or at time powerful demonic people live in some of the caverns' lairs. Other caverns are volcanic and have lakes of magma, while clear white water rivers rush through others. All must remember that while some are not inhabited, others are, and unless someone is a true adventurerer prepared to take almost anything on, it is not advisable to enter the caves and caverns past their mouths, unless accompanied by someone who knows the territory well.

Resources: It is forbidden for anyone to hunt, fish, cut down trees, mine or claim any of the rich resources in An Morendor for profit without approval from one of its Lords, or even Lucifer himself, who only ever betrays himself in human form as Maelmorda Kilcanoragh to strangers, his presence likewise concealed when he appears as a human, unless he allows his dark presence to be felt. As a rule, his presence registers as human. To provide food, water and resources for a single family is permitted without seeking consent.

Wards: Some areas of An Morendor are enchanted. Kingdoms which are titled to Lords are almost always warded, particularly their castles or Manors. Even a cabin in the woods might be warded or otherwise protected against trespass and harm.

An Morendor Basics (the shadowlands)
Domain: Kingdom of the Morning Star, better known as Maelmorda Kilcanoragh
Maelmorda is the main actor whom the GM runs the story and game archs through. TMK is a game of choice, the GM's lead actors decide which direction a choice takes a player's actor. Players and GM alike can call for dice rolls to settle outcomes that rely on skill or abilities rather than choice.
Location: Equatorial hemisphere of Tempest Seas (an ocean) on Morashtar.
Climate: chieftly tropical with bands of subtropical and temperate climates in the far north and far south.
Basic Geography: The Shadowlands has jungles, a large harsh desert, forests, canyons, high peaked mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, caverns and grasslands.
Solar System: Leonese
Netherworlds: Antarus (the underworld of Antares), Acheron (hell), Haman, Anwnn, Morgal Eshvah (The Abandoned World), others (see three kingdoms page).

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