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    Roll Stat vs. LoD of challenges or obstacles. Use HB when accuracy is needed.

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    Resistance and Chance

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    Hit Dice
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    Dice Information

  • Highest Number of Aces (6s) Succeeds, Highest Number of Successes (4 & 5s) succeed if Aces tie. If all tie, a Stalemate occurs.  
  • For physical attacks, add strength + weapon or attack damage for total Damage.   
  • If Rival has armour or fortitude, enter AC or fortitude to attack roll for correct damage results.   
  • Actions which do damage require Hit Rolls to determine type of damage.   
  • MR can be used to resist any arcane power or direct spell so long as roll succeeds.   
  • On botches, take half damage of botched roll. Some characters have special penalties for botching and failures on spells.   
  • Death blows require a crit to succeed, and in some games a natural twenty for a death crit. TMK allows regular crits on NPCs and requires natural twenties on PCs for a death blow to succeed. A character dying of multiple    hits does NOT count as a death blow.   
  • Chance and resistance rolls. Use numbered rolls when you want to see the actual rolls, for straight up aces or highest total rolls, and for LoD rolls. Use the wild card hit dice when you want to see the hit roll.   
  • Use Stat Dice: for campaigns and when you want the dice to do the work for you.   
  • Subtract damage totals from HP and check losses for end results of combat scenarios.

    Hit Scale

  • 1: always MISSES, do not add HB   
  • 2-9: MISSES, add HB   
  • 10-15: Hits for NORMAL damage or power, add HB   
  • 16-19: hits as called for CRITICAL damage or power, death blows succeed on natural crits   
  • 20: always HITS as called for CRITICAL damage or power, TRIPLE CRITICAL damage on natural twenties, death blows succeed with triple crit/natural 20s.   
  • Normal Damage: PA is weapon damage + strength + successes = damage, Magic Damage is added to successes;  MA is Spell Level used + successes = damage.   
  • Critical Damage: PA is weapon and strength damage x 2 + successes; MA is Magic Level x 10 + successes.
  • Triple Critical Damage: PA is weapon+strength+magic damage x 3 + successes; MA is Magic Level x 15 + successes.

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