Spell Book

Stamina 1 (1-3)
Arcane Seal - Seals a Spell within an item or subject to make it permanent and protects against counter powers; total MA roll = protection LoD.
Whispering Wind - message to one person, very quiet.
Suspension - Lift someone gentle or catch someone or something falling to let them or it down softly.
Fire Burst - Normal fire bursts out causing a bit of damage to all in range.
Trip - An invisible force trips someone in motion.
Ethereal Light - Lights the way in dark places with a pale, azure blue light.
Kaleidoscope Vision - Make someone see ten of everything.
Chameleon Cloak - Blends a person into their environment.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Mental Commands - Spells can be cast w/o speaking.
Visual Sentry - All round vision.
Jinx - Causes someone to drop a weapon, fall down, or other minor called effects.
Air Hike - Jump 15 feet in the air and remained suspended for 1 turn.
Quicken Blade - One thrust becomes three rapid thrust, One swipe three, etc.
Hasten - Hasten another person or an object by +1 movement per success.
Conjure Item - Any small item, like a weapon, bottle of wine, etc. A minor gate summoning power.
Displacement - Target vanishes from one place and appears in another in immediate area as called.
Conceal Power: hides marks and all traces of power by power of roll.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Arcane Mark - Marks a spell with Magic user's signature to allow them to trace, easily identify, and sense their power.
Arcane Lock - Locks a door, gate or window to prevent entry.
Arcane Proofing - Protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Success Roll = Power of Proofing +MA level of caster.
Arcane Quickening - Spells cast faster.
Boomerang Effect - A dagger or sword when thrown hoops rapidly, able to hit a target multiple times, and comes back to wielder, +1 hit, +1 hit per ace, +1 HB per ace.
Guardian Gate - Weaves any gate power with a contingency to seize a person in a gate under called circumstances. User must have pre-existing gate power.
Disenchant – removes enchantments with a higher roll.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Soul Net - Captures Soul of the newly dead.
Holding Force - Arrests movement and ALL action.
Channeling Fork - Forks power to hit various called targets.
Resilient Sphere of Arrest - Encase creature/object in a resilient sphere of energy which resists physical and arcane infiltration.
Negation - Negates various powers as called.
Id Cloak - Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.
Shatter Spell – with a higher roll.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Ultimate Stony Grasp - very powerful and hard to break grasp.
Bypass Wall - Walk through walls
Wall of Force - Invincible wall of force, often used in warding rooms and buildings.
Proofing Factor - Proofs against various effects as called.
Arcane Factor – factor a spell with one called contingency which results when spell is cast.
Enduring sleep - Places target in deep, lasting sleep.
Seizure Gate - Seize someone in an arcane gate and transfer them to called destination.
Binding Honor - An agreement is bound with a called contingency which takes effect if agreement is broken. The contingency cannot be dismantled once one has agreed to terms. One has to agree to binding honor for agreement to count. Beware loopholes.
Binding Contract - A written contract when signed is bound by its signature, and if terms are broken, punishment as called on contract occurs. Once signed this contract is unbreakable.
Shield of Negation – Any powers that hit shield are lowered by power of shield. Up to 5’ radius per success.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Arcane Immunity - Saving throw bonus per success against spells.
Control Weather - Controls natural conditions of weather without extremes.
Transmute Rock To Mud - Happens very rapidly.
Fabricate - Create normal items.
Shatter - Shatters an object.
Shadow Walk - Folds dimensional layers as mage walks through the demi plane of Shadows.
Flame Armor - Armor which ignites an enemy in flames each time enemy hits or makes contact. Invisible until contact.
Ring of Rune Stones - Rune Stones appear to circle area party is in, absorbing all magic and energies cast on party. Can not be dispelled by hostile parties.
Anti-Factor - Protects a power or target against called power or effects. Must be used prior to any engagements.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Disintegrate - Disintegrates an object or element.
Sequester - Banishes Target through a dimensional gate from a select place to their residence or a called location and prevents their re-entry within a radius of up to 5 miles per success.
Mantle of Invisibility - Renders target invisible and utterly undetectable.
Deadly Shocking Grasp - if held for longer that 10 seconds, is deadly, power vs. strength.
Secret Door - A secret door can only be seen, and opens only for caster unless others are selected to enter with him.
Reverse Gravity - Gravitational pull on a select thing is reversed to make it float.
Polar Inertia - Reverses the inertia of something in motion to send it whip lashing back.
Telekinetic Sphere - A resilient sphere that can be moved with the mind.
Limited Wish - Allows a minor wish. A type of conjuration.
Plant Lore - Make plants grow quickly and move.
Permanence Factor - Makes a power permanent, seals and marks a power with a signature which allows sorcerer to trace, easily identify, and sense their own power.
Soak Power – target soaks power equal to power of spell next turn taking less or no damage, while effects are negated to damage only.
Arcane Prodigy – wizard or sorcerer has innate arcane powers with limited path and can seal, mark, proof, factor, modify, augment, conceal, fork, layer, quicken spells, use compound targeting, cast silently, contingency, and catalyst.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Orb of Arrest - Arrests target in an Orb of holding energy.
Vampires Blood Bane - Spell does 5 dmg per success, each round until 1 LP remains. Spell can be cast 3 times of day. This spell burns a vampires blood, then their bodies from within to without, and hinders regeneration.
Arcane Tendrils Orb - Also known as Orb of Llassamir, after the first Almaeidd Wizard Vidichi Llassamir who it is believed developed this spell. Orb floats around a called area at guard and attacks enemies within a 50 yard radius as long as targets are in range. One or rarely three of the six rays conjured by this orb hits a target, each with a different power: 1 d6, 1-4=1 tendril, 5=2 tendrils, 6=3 tendrils, 1 d6 for each attack effect.
1-Stun: damages, stuns -1 turn, -1 AR per ace, keeps attacking while target is stunned
2-Solidify: damages, -1 movement per success, 0 movement on crit, -1 stamina per success, effects last 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
3-Health Siphon: damages and drains -1 HP per success regenerating the orb.
4-Fatigue: -1 stamina, reflexes and dexterity per success.
5-Attack Stream: stream of energy grips target and damages until hold is broken, lasts 1 turn, +1 AR per success or until stream is broken by getting out of range.
6-Jolting Shockwave: damages and throws targets 3 d6 feet with 2% chance per success of targets dropping anything in their hands, blow also staggers -1 AR per success.
Called Powers: Mage can also designate powers of the tendrils with existing spells with stats below.
Orb Stats: Movement: 23, Reflexes and Dexterity: 16+1 per ace.
Level: 8, +1 per success, or level 1-24
Vital Energy (acts as HP): 640.
Orb cannot be dispelled, disjoined, disrupted, torn or shattered. Its energy must be scattered by attacking it with normal weapons until vital energy is at 0 and orb is destroyed.
Trap of Souls - Traps the soul within a photonic sphere. If touched the soul would suffer damage, and if the soul should lapse through the sphere, it would destroy it.
Quantum Leap - Leap through time and dimensions (escape and story goal tool).
Arcane Dead Zone - Creates a dead magic zone up to 100 yard radius, +100 yards per success. No magic can penetrate or be used inside of zone. Zone damages health of any living thing within it by -1 HP per day. Loss permanent until restored.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Magic Gate - Opens Gate in any solid object and past wards with higher roll.
Arcane Sphere - Protective Sphere of Magic woven with 9 various effects, each with a kick if sphere is touched. each time sphere is contacted, an additional power woven into the globe strikes them, so that number of effects equals times touched. each power must be dismantled in order it was woven with correct dismantling spells.
Succor - A protective contingency placed on another to protect them against certain circumstances.
Imprisonment - Traps victim within a select room or space with warded powers preventing their escape.
Elemental Aura - Protects from attacks of a called element and allows the casting of all spells levels 1-9 in that element while aura is active. Cast at current level if character has same elemental path.
Wish - Allows one wish on success. A form of conjuration. Must be something within the realm of possibility. Wish must be material with few exceptions (consult with GM for those exceptions).
Compound Targeting – combine with other spells to affect up to +1 target per ace, or per success on a crit.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Curse of Death - 10% dmg every RP day curse remains. Allows for no healing. Curse can only be dispelled by caster. Curse of death is a contingency spell, contingency terms named by caster. The only way the spell can be removed is for the contingency to be met.
Estate Transference - Move keep to an elemental plane.
Sphere Of Ultimate Destruction - Create a temporary Sphere of Annihilation. Lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace, and soaks the matter of everything it contacts to damage and disintegrate on a crit. Mage controls movement of sphere.
Sphere of Arrest - Arrests target and will reverse attacks on anyone attacking the sphere for double damage.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Arcane Mastery - Create spells, artifacts, arcane items, powers, wards and commands, animate inanimate objects to create non-living creatures with select capabilities.
Improved Mastery – Cast any spell at these levels as they are gained.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Improved Power


    Wizards can choose spells from this path as long as effects do not oppose good alignment with 'cruel spells'. Cruel spells are those which focus on pain, terror or cruel deaths. 'Command Strings' which manipulate actually spells, like; seal, mark, conceal, layer, fork, proof, factor, modify, augment, catalyst, contingency, etc. can be placed under magic skills whereof another spell at current level can be purchased.

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