Power of Correct Utterance

Bard's Presence

Stamina 1
Power of Correct Utterance - Mastering the presence of speech and song. Boosts Bard's charisma to enhance their power +1 per ace. Allows Bard to direct their voice and presence to select targets and areas, and to throw their voice.
Song of Light-A song sung as the Bard actually guides allies to a position with the rising sun behind them, and at the crucial moment, the Bard's voice lifts up with powerful resonance and the army charges as the sun peaks the horizon to blind the enemy. Attacks at dawn only. -1-AR per ace, -1-HB per ace, rivals.
Song of Courage - A song or poem of courage, which boosts moral and courage. +1 Courage and Constitution per ace to allies vs. fear, charms, or other mental effects.

Stamina 2
Battle March - A song accompanied by battle drums which shakes the courage of a rival army. -1 init, -1-Courage and Constitution, and Willpower per ace, to rivals.
Voice of the Paragons - Bard roars words of power that stuns, and deafens foes. -1-AR per ace, deafens 1 turn, +1 turn per ace, rivals.
Roar of Menace - Bard roars words of death and destruction and inflicts all enemies with a terrible dread. -1 all mental rolls per ace.

Stamina 3
Muse - Whenever Bard has a muse, his charisma, willpower, and voice is enhanced. +1-Mental Checks per ace, +1 d6 on any Bardic power.
Breath of Endurance - Bard draws a deep breath and meditates a moment to find his center. Bard's strength and stamina is enhanced by +1 per ace. Uses one turn.
Battle Hymn - A song or poem recited over the battle field which tells the story of the supported army's great victories at battle. -2-HB, -1-AR per ace, -1 d6 per ace, to rivals.

Stamina 4
Deafen - Thunderous roar which deafens all rivals so they cannot hear the next song or poem sung by the Bard.
Song of [Anwarr] - Song or poem of a great warrior and his tribulations on a journey which nearly killed him. Tells of how he endured against all odds to make it home. Increases stamina +1 per ace, HP +Normal Power of Roll, AC+1 per ace. Affects all who hears it.
Song of Glory - A song or poem which boots battle prowess, focus, and confidence. +1-HB per ace, +1 d6 per ace, Allies.

Stamina 5
Bardic Majesty - Bard exudes such a powerful presence that they can dominate the will of others through the power of speech. Once the enemy is dominated, the Bard can make them obey a single command. if power crits, Bard can command the affected enemies for duration of effect. if power triple crits (natural 20), Bard can enslave affected enemies to their will.
Vocal Tempest - The bard sings or speaks of the storms which raged during legendary battles, with such a force of presence and power, that the very elements of the storm are invoked, and lighting streaks from the sky to spread in fingers to strike enemies. Fog can also be called from the storm, as can damaging winds, hail, or pouring rain. Affects area of effectiveness, or up to +1 called enemy per ace, one elemental attack, or effect only.
Tribute to Valor - A song or poem of allied warriors who fell in battle, who should have perished but survived. Heals+1-HP per success, +5 -HP per ACE-Allies. -1-HB rivals.

Stamina 6
Dirge of the Dead - A song recounting the lives of enemy kings, legendary warriors, and lords taken in battle. +1-HB per ace, +1 d6 per ace-Allies. -1-HP per success, -5-HP per ace, rivals.
Voice of the Gods - Bard roars a word of power that stuns, deafens foes, and inflicts all enemies with a terrible dread. -1 all mental rolls per ace, -1-AR per ace, deafens 1 turn per ace, rivals.
Warrior's Pride - Satire that taunts and injures the enemy's pride. -1-AC, -1-HB per ace, -1 d6 per ace, +1 damage per success, rivals. ###

Stamina 7
Tribute of Kings - A song or poem reciting the great Kings of the allies Kingdom, their great feats, and triumphs on and off the battle field. Boosts all physical endowments +5, +3-HB, +1-AC per success, allies.
Song of the Void - A song so hollow and haunting that it calls a dead zone over allies and rivals alike, which absorbs magic and power within the dead magic zone. Physical attacks only while dead zone lasts. Presence vs. Level of Ability.
Favored - Bard is favored above many by his muse, or the leader he/she serves, and with this favor their mental power, health, and power is outstanding. +1-Mental Checks per ace, +5-HP per success, +2 d6 power. Bard must be favored to take this. One roll only, rerolls allowed, factors are permanent.
Spirit of the Wind - The voice and spirit of the wind fills the Bard and gives them hasted movement. Movement +1 per success.

Stamina 8
Battle Cry - All roar and cry out with the bard. Staggers the enemy, - 1-HB, -1-AR, and -1-AC all per ace, rivals.
Might of Ages - The bard's power swells and pours into his next song, poem, or utterance to increase the duration an effect lasts. Duration enhanced +1-turn per ace.
Song of Dreams - Bard weaves realistic visions through his song or poem. Bard determines what the visions are.

Stamina 9
Woes of War - A song so powerful and filled with woe, that all on the battle-field will stop to listen as the Bard sings of the woes of war, and how both sides alike believe their cause to be right. Regroup, +1 init to allies next sally.
Petrifying Howl - Bard howls with such menace that his terrifying voice splinters the air and resounds with haunting echoes. Shatters the will. -1-WP per success to all who hear the howl.
Satire of the Wanderer - A song or poem, accompanied by a dance, about great travelers, which boots the bard's movement and dexterity. +1- Mvm, and Dex per ace.

Stamina 10
Song of Rage - Fills allies with rage and blood lust. +1-HB per Ace, +6- Strength, +10-Stamina, -5-AC, allies. Shakes the Willpower of rivals -1-WP per ace.
Shocking Tale - Bard sings or tells a tale so shocking and horrifying, that images of the tale manifest to the eyes of those who hear it, these phantom images actually draining health and stamina. Absorbs health, -5-HP per success, -10-HP per ace. -1 stamina per ace.
Bardic Weave - Combine aspects of songs, poems and abilities for called effects.

Stamina 11
Valor of the Dead - Recounts the great feats of allies fallen in battle, and the noble causes they died fighting for. Usually sung at camp after a battle. Heals +5-HP per success, +10-HP per ace, allies.
Harnessed Rage - if attacked, the Bard can harness such rage, while remaining focused, that his strength, dexterity, stamina, and movement increases intensely, and he becomes very hard to injure, edged and melee weapons doing him little or no damage at all, while he resists magic attacks. +10-Fortitude, +1-Fortitude per success vs. Physical damage. +5% -MR per ace. +1 on all Physical Checks per ace. Rage lasts until conflict between Bard and enemy ends.
Gateway of Lore - Bard has visions of future events which are triggered by a particular area where event will take place, or by a face which shall be involved in said events. Charisma vs. Ability Level.
Sow Discord - A powerful vociferation where the bard throws their voice, and causes the enemy to turn against and fight each other.
Roar of Peril - A thunderous cry which deals a great deal of damage to enemies. Critical damage if it crits. Can be deadly.

Stamina 12
Song of Doom - Song which tells of the forthcoming doom of the opposition. Shakes their will, their courage, and constitution. -1-AR per success, -1-AC per success, -1- Stamina per success, -1-HP per success, -5-HP per ace, rivals.
Bard's Whimsy - Bard can take control of target/s through song, prose or satire, and control what they do. A sort of Simon Says domination affect.
Cry Havoc - Powerful prose or song which causes mass havoc among the enemy ranks. Confusion runs rampant, emotions explode, vivid hallucinations overcome the enemy, and the opposition can no longer tell enemy from ally.
Smite - The Bard's voice booms with a single word which smites an enemy. Deadly if successful.
Bardic Formulation - Bard can formulate affects through song, words, satire and poems, even ward a large area from magic or supernatural infiltration.


    Success is determined by a Bard's Charisma Level, as Charisma adds +1 HB to Bardic Lore MA per five levels of charisma. Bardic Lore has no HB of its own but rather depends on the HB of the charisma. The Bardic Lore MA defines damage and power. Charisma checks cannot be purchased with XP only gained through leveling up in Bardic Presence.

    each Song or Poem can only be used once effectively during a battle. With regroup, they can be used again. Other abilities, Bardic Weave, and Formulation, can be used multiple times. Bards usually begin their training at a very young age. The reason for this is that it takes 19 years for a Bard to master the Power of Correct Utterance. Once this landmark ability is learned, additional abilities and songs are learned more easily. A level one Bard should be at least 25 years old. Bards cannot be multi-classed. They must dedicate themselves entirely to their calling. The only exception is if the Bard has an animal/creature form they form can take, and that form has a class of its own.

Area and Duration

    Area that voice carries effectively to is up to +10 yard radius per level of ability used. Duration is up to 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

Bard Levels

    Bard levels are unusual. Their power is a form of Presence which their Charisma defines the Power of. Charisma Level determines a Bard's ability level, while their Presence Level defines their Level of Power. All Bards start with AR+1 and Charisma of 10. The reason Charisma for Bards cannot start at levels above 10, is because their Charisma is more complex, and must be trained to empower their voice, power of correct utterance, and presence.

Charisma Bonus

    Bards get +1 charisma for each Bardic Presence Level they master.

Success and Failure

    Roll Hit Dice with charisma HB (+1 per 5 levels of charisma) vs. Hit Dice with Willpower HB (+1 per 5 levels of WP) and if Bard succeeds, roll Bard's Level to determine power or damage of presence. if Bard's Presence succeeds the hit dice determine whether the roll does normal or critical power or damage.


    Bards do have one form of fighting, called retaliation. Every Bard has one weapon of choice, and one weapon only. They will only use their weapon, or fight, if they are attacked. They otherwise use their presence. With retaliation, they have +1 d6-HB defense, and counter attack bonus, +1-AR, and +3 d6 counter attack damage. Their retaliation level is the same as their Presence Level. Once engaged in combat, they can attack the enemy or enemies engaging them until all their attackers are dead. Bards never gain the initiative. Bard's Movement and Strength increases by +1 d6 per hit delved to enemy while retaliating, the Bard gaining more momentum as the fight progresses.


    Instead of fighting if attacked, Bards often retreat to safe ground, where they can continue assisting the warriors or army they support. Bards are not cowards, they would not have such presence if they were, and most retreat quite simply because they cannot benefit their allies as well if they are fighting, or not at all if they get killed. Bards can haste their movement and their dexterity is improved during a retreat, Movement+2 d6. Dexterity +1 d6. They also have a Retreat Bonus-Presence Level = + d6. if Bard's retreat fails, they get no init and risk getting hit with -1 AR defense. if retreat is successful, they find safe ground for 1 d6 rounds.

Safe Ground

    Bards get a 1 d6+2 Safe Ground Roll at the beginning of a sally, and a 1 d6+1 Safe Ground bonus roll at any time during a battle or conflict. Safe Ground rolls determine how many Rounds a Bard is on safe ground. When on safe ground, Bard is positioned where he is very hard for the enemy to reach, while on optimum ground to witness a battle and proceed over it as the resident Bard. Bard cannot be touched by the enemy while on safe ground, but the enemy can find a way to get to the Bard, when safe ground rounds are spent.

Stamina Loss

    Like all power, Presence costs stamina to use.
    Example: 1 (stamina used)- Presence 1-3 (presence levels)

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