Elemental Purification


Toxin Levels - If Level of toxin is not preset, Roll 5 d6 for Level of Toxin and set Level of Toxins by roll total. Roll total=Stamina Loss.
Level [1] 1-3 - Purify Water (Spring, Drink or Well)
Level [2] 4-6 - Purify Soil (one square foot per success)
Level [3] 7-9 - Purify Plant (one plant)
Level [4] 10-12 - Purify Creek (one creek)
Level [5] 13-15 - Purify Land (one acre per success)-( dmg per acre).
Level [6] 16-18 - Purify Air (entire indoor area, one square mile in open per success)-(dmg per square mile)
Level [7] 19-21 - Purify Plants (one plant, or square mile of plant life per success)-(dmg per square mile)
Level [8] {22-24} - Purify Land (one square miles per success)-(dmg per square mile)
Level [9] 25-27 - Purify River or Lake-(dmg per square mile)
Level [10] 28-30 - Purify Sea-(dmg per square mile)
Level [11] 31-35 - Purify Ocean-(dmg per square mile)
Level [12] 36-40 - Purify Continent-(damage X 4 - MA)


    Purifies Nature and elements through command of divine elemental forces. Can turn a polluted lake, river, or land that has been poisoned by toxins into its most pristine state. Casters can direct combined powers into this spell to achieve success. Little stamina is lost to caster for small targets such as a glass of water or small area of an less than an acre, but to purify a large area results in collapse if stamina spent. The more polluted and damaged an area is, the more stamina is required to purify it, Level of Toxin-Stamina. Damage results when area is over an acre. for large land areas and bodies of water a cooperative effort is often required, combining powers to succeed, all damage and stamina loss split between parties combining powers.

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