Mind Walking

Attention: This path can only be learned by Arcanus Vampires, or those who races who are born with the ability to use this power. Otherwise; only those who have stolen this ability through assimilation can learn wield it.

1-[1-3] Window of the Mind: mind walker sees what target mind visualizes.
2-[4-6] Project Thoughts: mind walker projects their thoughts visually into another mind.
3-[7-9] Mental Imagery: mind walker formulates what they see, or what another sees by projecting harnessed thoughts as images.
4-[10-12] Projection: mind walker projects an exact image of their embodiment to a called destination.
5-[13-15] Incarnate Projection: mind walker projects a corporal phantom of their embodiment to a called destination and can project powers through that projection as well.
6-[16-18] Living Phantasms: mind walker can create corporeal phantasms as called that can not only be seen, but touched, heard, smelled, and even tasted.
7-[19-21] Mind Walk: mind walker can project their embodiment into a victim's mind and make the illusions they conjure within the mind a reality.
8-[22-24] Dream Walk: mind walker can walk into a target's dream to control what is seen within the dream, placing their own projection there as they weave an alternate reality out of the dream they are taking command of. What happens to target in their dream happens to them in reality.
9-[25-27] Mind Gate: mind walker can convey their TRUE form into the mind or dreams of a target as they weave their reality, and can also gate their victim to a called destination through this gateway between the mind, dreams, and reality.
10-[28-30] Dream Weaver: mind walker can weave an entire world or plane out of corporeal phantasms, formulating every detail as called and either lead their target into this world, or mind gate them to the alter-reality world they created.
11-[31-35] Arch Mind Weaver: formulation of commands, create magic items, artifacts, effects, spells, and wards from mind walker powers. Project multiple projections, up to +1, +1 per ace.
12-[36-40] Improved Power

Users of Limited Paths

    Most mortal magic wielders have limited paths. There are few exceptions. These paths are also sometimes passed down through blood lines by immortals. The advantage to Limited Paths is that it makes a mage more specialized. These paths cost half that of full paths.

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