Dead Realms Magic

Full Path

Stamina 1
Drain Life: -1 level per crit + damage
Ethereal Cloak: A cloak that conceals physical and metaphysical presence from senses and perception
Dead Realms Gate: A gateway which leads to and from the dead realms which non-dead realms creatures can pass through.
Stamina 2
Venomous Dart: does aggravated damage
Breath of Decay: causes degeneration, range of up to 1 foot per level.
Reek of Death: blurs vision as eyes water, staggers -1 AR, -1 AR per ace, causes vomiting and dizziness as well on a crit with damage. Radius of up to 1 foot per level.
Stamina 3
Breath of Vigor: +1 stamina per success.
Dead Realms Walker: Can travel great distances in short time through the dead realms.
Dark Banishment: Plunge target into the Dead Realms. If they are killed there, they become a living dead creature.
Stamina 4
Stunning Bolt: -1, -1 AR per ace. + damage
Union of Souls: Ability to create other Living Dead by drinking the soul from a living creature until dead and breathing a breath of that spirit into a victim or chosen progeny.
Deathly Concealment: hide all aspects of death and make a corpse or undead being appear as it did when alive. Lasts up to 1 hour per success.
Stamina 5
Bone Arrow: drains -1 stamina, -2 stamina per ace, damages
Dead Realms Sword: sword of necromantic power is summoned which fights on invoker or called target's side that is wielded by a spirit hand. 1 Level per success. +35 damage, -1 stamina per hit
Dead Realms Familiar: A dead realms corpse animal that can be summoned as a mount, spy or fighting companion depending on what kind of animal it is. They have a corpse-like appearance. Familiar has three Dead Realms Magic attacks. Level of familiar is +1 per success. If killed outside the dead realm these animals sink into the dead realm where they recover and can be summoned again within 5 days. Like Planar creatures, dead realms creatures can only be killed permanently within the dead realm.
Stamina 6
Necronomican Riposte: does +1 damage per level, and -1 stamina when blocking
Dead Realms Lair: A lair of the invoker's creation which is constructed out of the Dead Realms ether of reality. This lair can be warded with available powers.
Armor of Behemoth: Leathery, slate grey armor fuses with body. Strength increases by +10 while armor is worn. AC: +25, +1 per success.
Stamina 7
Deepening Wounds: aggravates wounds to do added damage for +1 turn, +1 turn per ace
Wings of Raziel: Black feathered wings which allow the Living Dead to fly swiftly and to do so while carrying as much weight as they are able to hold in their arms. They are morphing wings and manifest very rapidly. They can always find their way, even in strange lands while winged as these wings pass on an infinitesimal taste of the angel Raziel's knowledge to them, the knowledge of places. This knowledge but not the journey is forgotten by subject as soon as they morph out of their wings.
Summon the Living Dead: Summons up to 1, +1 living dead per ace. Level is +1 per success. All have limited Dead Realms magic.
Stamina 8
Mortus Trail: Trail of deadly vapors follows and surrounds creature 1 turn per success. Rear attackers are hit, aggravated damage, 1 turn per ace. Radius of 2 feet per stamina level spent.
Dead Realms Warding: Use dead realms magic to ward areas and items.
Dark Enchantment: Enchant select items with dead realms magic to create magic items and artifacts.
Stamina 9
Leviathon's Prowess: Fortitude equal to power of roll. Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
Terrifying Presence: Clears a path quickly or disarms enemies of their nerve. Those is the path of this dread either flee in terror or are paralyzed with fear. Power vs. Willpower. -1 AR, -1 AR per ace, -1 courage and WP per success.
Finite Strength: improves strength by +1 per success, lasts until another spell is cast.
Stamina 10
Deadly Quarter: turns victim into a living dead skeleton warrior or fighter on a death crit.
Lord of the Dead Realm: Attainment of a kingdom that spans 100 miles in the dead realm with a great fortress that takes shape as the Lord of the Living Dead formulates it. Creatures will flock to serve this lord who rules over all within their territory.
Horn of Legions: A horn that can be summoned that when blown summons other Living Dead from the dead realm. Up to 1 Living Dead ally per success.
Stamina 11
Create Monsters: engineer a dead realms monster as called that can command limited dead realms path, or up to 12 spells from other learned paths as selected. Level of up to +1 per success. Even if a monster has only 1 spell, they can cast that spell at the level they were created. Roll twice for levels, once for combat level, and once for arcane level.
Living Dead Cabalist: Cast any spell from these spell books at current or lower level; Necromancy, Sorcery, Shadow Path, Fire Elements, Spirit, or Abysmal; at +5 additional cost in stamina and at risk of full backlash damage if spell fails. If any of these paths is already learned, cast at half stamina cost.
Deadly Aura: all successful attacks do critical damage for next turn, +1 turn per ace. Does not include death blows.
Aura of Immunity: raise an aura of immunity against magic, elements, a single condition, or a single damage type (blunt damage, slashing damage, or piercing damage). Lasts until another spell is cast.
Arch Living Dead: travel at will between the planes with no penalty to remain outside of the dead realm as long as desired until damage or death sends Living Dead back to reconstitute.
Stamina 12
36-40 - Improved Power - Use any dead realms power at these levels as gained.
41 - Dead Realms Horned Demon - Living Dead ascends into a Dead Realm's Horned Demon and gets +4 paths (necromancy, sorcery, shadow, spirit, fire, acid, or abyss), and +4 levels in Dead Realms Magic.

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