Inborn Powers

Master of Domination

1- {1-3} Influence the Will: Manipulate the will of those who fail check roll with a called influence.
2- {4-6} Dread Presence: -1 courage, -1 willpower per ace to all within sight who fail WP check roll.
3- {7-9} Commanding Presence: Those within sight of dominator show respect and will not oppose them if their willpower fails in dominator's presence.
4- {10-12} Command the Will: Dominator commands the will of the target that is subject to this power.
5- {13-15} Enslavement - by blood or imbuing subject with carnal essence. Escape is the only defense against this power.
6- {16-18} Blood Domination - permanent domination with blood and commands.
7- {19-21} Dominate the Will: will is dominated for a called duration or until power is broken.
8- {22-24} Dominate the Temple - dominate mind, will and soul for a called duration or until power is broken.
9- {25-27} Guardian Seal - brands or tattoos subject and lays specific commands of protection within subject by imbuing mark with their blood and commands. Protection can include Gate triggers which returns subject to a select location if injured or in peril, or which can protect subject from up to any three specific conditions as ordained by the Master of Domination.
10- {28-30} Master Seal of Enslavement - Burns a powerful blood seal of possession and domination on subject, making their will bend to whosoever the Master of Domination commands. if Slave runs away, or is taken away, they begin to weaken the moment they leave those boundaries set by their master, unless IN their master's company, and within a few hours fall into a death like sleep which only their Master can awaken them from.
11- {31-35} Telepathic Domination - Dominate with the power of the mind, all mental checks vs. willpower. if dominator is not a telepath, they get telepathy at level 10.
12- {36-40} Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.


Basic Possession: To possess the body of another, possessor can challenge a target's will to take over their body, with WP +1 WP per stamina level used vs. WP of target. if splitting soul to possess, Possessor transfers chosen amount of arcane levels (with equal loss to Primary form) to host form on success. No loss of will occurs with basic possession. Power is regained quickly as forms recovern +1 level per successful interactive arcane application. Possessor can also possess the body of a corpse without opposition.

1-{1-3} Phylactery - A percentage of the soul (1%-80% possesses a target object. Primary form has -% of their soul placed in object and loss of -1 WP per phylactery made. Phylactery has WP of possessor before loss of WP. Phylactery can have one called effect or contingency controlled by possessor's will which is activated by a called trigger. Power of phylactery is equal to possessor's magic roll + Soul Percent. Phylactery can only be destroyed by utter obliteration and with a greater power. Part of soul possessing object is also destroyed with object. if demon is killed (their soul destroyed) they can return through their phylactery or one of their phylacteries if they have more than one, by dispossessing their phylactery and possessing a new form.
2-{4-6} Empower Phylactery - A phylactery can be infused with more of the demon's will to give it more power, -1 WP per additional effect or contingency at power equal to magic roll, or +1 level of power for pre-existing power.
3-{7-9} Dispossession - Dispossess a Phylactery, Primary or Host form to repossess another form, or to return spirit to Primary or a Host form.
4-{10-12} Possess the Dead - Possess a dead target with entire soul if making body a Primary Form and body regenerates to prime condition. If making an additional form, possess the dead for a -1% loss of soul, and a -2% loss of soul if regenerating form to prime condition
5-{13-15} Animal Possession - Possess and control a live animal, -1% soul per animal, permanently or temporarily. If an animal is killed, soul fracture returns to Primary Form. Animals can only channel arcane power through their limbs extremities, bite, or an aura surrounding body.
6-{16-18} Possession - Spirit leaves the body to possess any chosen, sentient, living form to create a new Primary Form. Prior body is dead while spirit does not possess it and will decay if not properly cared for.
7-{22-24} Split Possession - Part of the spirit is cloven away from Primary form to possess and control a live, sentient form (at 50% arcane level). Possessed form has half of the Primary Form's arcane levels, and all normal skills and knowledge of primary form. Primary form has half +1 of its original arcane power. Both forms regain +1 level per successful interactive arcane application.
8-{19-21} Compound Possession - Split spirit to possess multiple targets at +1 Arcane level per -2% soul split between targets. Loss of -1 level arcane to Primary Form per -2% of soul split off. Primary Form loses arcane levels equal to those shared by host forms. All forms regain +1 arcane level per successful interactive arcane application.
Example: Demon possesses three targets with 6% soul each (-18% total) for loss of -9 levels arcane to primary form, while each target form has arcane level of 3.
9-{25-27} Renew Willpower - Recover lost willpower by +1, +1 per ace rolled. Willpower cannot be renewed beyond level 30.
10-{28-30} Renew Soul - Soul recovers from splitting by +1%, +1% per ace rolled. Soul cannot be renewed beyond 100%.
11-{31-35} Holistic Demon Phylactery - Create a Phylactery with no loss of Willpower to demon while Phylactery has WP equal to its creator's. Effects of the Phylactery are determined by the demon's will and can be a compound artifact or contingency, up to 1 effect and/or contingency, +1 effect and/or contingency per ace rolled.
12-{36-40} Holistic Possession - Possess multiple targets with no loss of power, up to 1, +1 per success. All willpower rolls must succeed.


    Demon and Devil types only
    Note: The power of a demon or devil's soul is tremendously strong and infuses the body they possess to create an immortal being with powerful regenerative and arcane capabilities. A Primary form is the TRUE form or the form possessing the greatest totality of the demon or devil's soul. A host form is another form the demon or devil possesses by splitting off parts of its soul. The Host has the same checks as the being they possess + demon or devil bonuses.

Example of a Phylactery

    Dagger, Soul percent-{8%}, Power-{46+8 vs. destruction}, WP-32. Effect: Dominates will of holder to the will of the dagger if dagger is held 3+ times by same individual, WP vs. WP for successful domination. Will of the Dagger: To drain -1 WP from bearer each time dagger is used and transfer will to the dagger, and for bearer to seek out the gate of Acheron in the Barren Lands and enter there. The dagger's WP is shared with the bearer while they hold the dagger or have the dagger on their person, while the dagger controls the bearer through that shared will.


{1-3} Infatuation - Subject becomes intrigued with the enchanter and desires them.
{4-6} Induce Fear - Subject fears mage and compelled to retreat from enchanter's presence.
{7-9} Respect - Subject is awed with the enchanter and trusts what the enchanter says to them.
{10-12}) Euphoria - Enchanter can induce others to feel excessive euphoria with a loss of mental faculties, -1 all mental check, -1 per ace.
{13-15} Berserk - Subject goes berserk and will attack anyone in sight but the enchanter and anyone enchanter blinds from the subject's sight, and gets +2 HB, +4 damage, +2 on all rolls, but -4 HB and -4 on all defenses.
{16-18} Induce sleep - Enchanter charms subject into a deep, restful sleep. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
{19-21} Subdue the Will - Enchanter's presence overpowers the will of another and brings their will under their command for up to +1 days per success as called.
{22-24} Command the Will - Used with Subdue the Will, the subject is under absolute command of enchanter until subject can overcome the LoD of the power over them, each attempt to break free exhausts -8 stamina for 12 hours. Stamina loss accumulates over a 1 day period. Lasts as called unless subject breaks free of power.
{25-27} Enslave the Will - The subject's will is enslaved to enchanter until the enchanter releases them. Lasts as called unless subject is freed of total power by a higher roll.
{28-30} Master of the Horde - Induce multiple targets within an area of a city with any emotion and influence that emotion towards an end. Lasts up to +1 day per success as called.
{31-35} Master of Presence - improvise powers of presence, imbue items, walls or the atmosphere of an area with presence to create wards, create charmed artifacts, create phylacteries to protect the souls and powers of subjects, make a power permanent, improve power of presence.
{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.

Willpower Loss

    -1 WP per success if power succeeds. WP restored when Presence is no longer affecting target. Lasts up to +1 turn per success as called unless otherwise stated.

Supernatural Haste

1-{1-3} Superhuman Movement - Two times faster than a human sprinter.
2-{4-6} Blurring Movement - Phasing speed which makes subject blur from vision.
3-{7-9} Phasing Movement - Surpasses tangible and material objects.
4-{10-12} Phasing Gate - Phase out of one place and into another.
5-{13-15} Twain Haste - Ability to haste another with self, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
6-{16-18} Ultimate Phase - Phase past anything.
7-{19-21} Twain Phasing Gate - Phase past anything with another, hasted subject must physically pull other with them.
8-{22-24} Active Applications - Hasted actions, weapons and combat. +1 AR per Ace, -1 stamina per +1 bonus AR used. Hasted movement still applies if movement vs. movement.
9-{25-27} Shared Haste - Haste another by power of roll by channeling the ability to another.
10-{28-30} Blind Eye Movement - Quicker than the eye.
11-{31-35} Formulation of Commands - in creating improvised haste effects, blending haste with other gifts, creating haste imbued artifacts and items at level used.
12-{36-40} Improved Power - Use any power in this path, at these levels, as mastered.

Haste Stats

    Movement vs. Movement: +1 movement per success + movement check points.

    Hasted Combat or Actions: +1 AR per ace.


{1-3} Up to 1 pound.
{4-6} Up to 10 pounds
{7-9} Up to 50 pounds.
{10-12} Up to 200 pounds.
{13-15} Up to 500 pounds.
{16-18} Up to 1000 pounds
{19-21} Up to a ton.
{22-24} Up to five tons.
{25-27} Up to 10, 000 tons.
{28-30} Formulation of Commands-Blend with other powers, create artifacts, items, wards, etc.

Notes and Telekinetic Examples

    Note: When opposing the strength of another character by grappling or holding telekinetically, Roll vs. Strength Check. Purchase each level (1-40) but learn each command through practice, +1 command gained per successful application. each character can learn to command their own affects (or take effects listed).

    Examples of Effects
    Whiplash - if used with throw, doubles distance, otherwise is like a whip.
    Grappling Hold
    Bend the Physical - Bend an object, or person.
    Physical Distortion - Distort the shape of an object or person.
    Sculpt the Physical - Reshape an object or person.


{1-3} Touching subject.
{4-6} Within 30 feet of subject.
{7-9} Within visual range of subject.
{10-12} Within same city/borough as subject.
{13-15} In same state/providence as subject.
{16-18} In same country as subject.
{19-21} In same world as subject.
{22-24} Able to contact various subjects at same time anywhere in the world.
{25-27} Able to contact subjects anywhere and at any distance.
{28-30} Able to create mind gates to see, hear, and influence subject through a telepathic connection.
{31-35} Telepathic Visionary - connect to someone met before telepathically and see them as well as hear them and their thoughts within their surroundings. See and hear those around them as well. Area of vision is +1 yard per success radius around target.
{36-40} Formulation of Commands - Formulate and Improvise telepathic effects and powers, and make telepathic items, wards, or artifacts.


    This power fails with no Aces and can backlash to damage constitution by -1 per 1 rolled for +1 day per success.

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