Limited Paths

Dead Realms Magic

Note: This magic is race specific and can only be taken if listed under character type's powers.

Dead Realms Magic
(1) 1-3 - Drain Life: -1 Life (base level) per ace, +damage, +1 HP and Stamina gained per life drained. Loss is temporary, -1 hour per ace and gain lasts until used.
(2) 4-6 - Undead Companion: Necromancer summons a zombie or bone companion from the dead realms at will to fight loyally at their side. Undead companion has same level as their master with these abilities; Venomous Dart which does aggravated damage, Elemental Sword (fire, lightning, or ice) as called; and Fortitude of Level+5. HP is Level x 10 +100. When companion is killed, Necromancer can summon another companion at the same level.
(3) 7-9 - Breath of Vigor: +1 stamina per success
(4) 10-12 - Stunning Bolt: -1, -1 AR per ace, + damage
(5) 13-15 - Bone Arrow: drains -1 stamina, -2 stamina per ace, damages
(6) 16-18 - Necronomican Reposte: does +1 damage per level, and -1 stamina when blocking
(7) 19-21 - Deepening Wounds: aggravates wounds to do added damage for +1 turn,+1 turn per ace
(8) 22-24 - Mortus Trail: Trail of deadly vapors follows and surrounds Necromancer, lasting 1 turn, +1 per ace. Anyone who enters within range are hit with aggravated damage, +1 turn per ace. Radius of 2 feet per stamina level spent.
(9) 25-27 - Dead Realms Sword: sword of necromantic power is summoned by necromancer which fights on his/her side that is wielded by a spirit hand. +1 Level per success. +35 aggravated damage, -1 stamina per hit.
(10) 28-30 - Deadly Quarter: turns victim into a living dead skeleton, wrath demon, or zombie as called on a fatal crit.
(11) 31-35 - Undead Legion: necromancer can summon an undead legion of up to +1 undead per success. See undead in bestiary for types and stats.
(12) 36-40 - Dead Realms Kingdom: necromancer creates a kingdom (up to +1 square mile per success) to their own specifications in the dead realm which they can access at will in any form they can take. They can ward and guard their haven using any dead realm power or path of power they command.

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