Powers of the Void

Stamina 1
1-Drain Life: damages as well as depletes -1 HP, stamina, and strength per ace for brief duration of up to +1 turn, +1 per ace as life is drawn into the void. Duration can increase at higher levels.
2-Soak Stamina: damages and depletes stamina by -1 per ace, brief duration to temporary at higher levels, losses increase Abyssmancer's stamina by amount drained until spent. Abyssmancer can accumulate stamina until it is used.
3-Darkness of the Void: target is briefly blinded for 1 turn, +1 per ace.

Stamina 2
4-Arcane Reaper: drains -1 on all MA levels, increases Abyssmancer's level until level is spent. Abyssmancer can accumulate levels until another power is used. MA drain lasts 1 turn, + 1 turn per ace to target.
5-Arcane Siphon: a black void opens beneath target to siphon -1 on all MA levels as their spirit is soaked. Called duration at current level.
6-Abysmal Wall of Force-damages and drains health -1 HP for called duration at current level. for each +1 HP captured, wall's power increases by +1 damage as HP is converted into negative energy.

Stamina 3
7-Abysmal Armor-Body generates, black, skeletal-like armor, AC-7, +1 per success rolled, +10 on crits. Armor soaks magical, elemental, and physical energies equal to AC of armor, causes 9 damage and drains stamina -1 each time contacted. Armor lasts a called duration at current level.
8-Dismal Void: abysmal void surrounds and moves with target to damage +8 per turn, and drain strength, stamina, and willpower -1 per ace each turn. Lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace or until Abyssmancer uses another power.
9-Vacuous Vapors: abysmal vapors spread over an area of up to +1 yard radius, +1 yard per success. Vapors drain health -1 HP per turn, and do aggravated damage as long as targets are exposed to vapors. Called duration at current level.

Stamina 4
10-Vacuous Void: A void cast over an item, cloak, or area which snuffs magic and elements by capturing energies into its vacuum of space. Called duration at current level unless a permanency factor is used.
11-Fingers of the Grim: chilling, black, morose ethereal fingers grip target's limbs like so many grim hands to drain health, willpower, strength and stamina until victim is released. When willpower is at 5, these fingers pull victim into the abyss where they are turned into a level 2 d6 wraith (see Bestiary; Wraith). At level 13, wraith ascends into an Abysmal Wraith and can learn Path of the Abyss and attains a semi-corporeal, viable entity form (see Bestiary). Wraith can wear armor and wield weapons in Viable Entity form.
12-Wraith Shield: An abysmal shield forms around party to null damage from wraiths by soaking their power and phasing wraiths into the void when they pass through or contact the shield. Lasts until those shielded attack a wraith.

Stamina 5
13-Fingers of the Abyss: damages and also drains -1 stamina, strength, and willpower per ace. Called duration at current level not exceeding Lasting Duration.
14-Abyss Gate: gateway into the abyss or shadow realm that does severe damage to anyone not selected to enter by draining health, stamina, strength and willpower -1 per success.
15-Abysmal Phase: phase past weapons and reposition at range of up to +1 yard per success, or phase through armor to drain -1 life (HP, Stamina and Strength).

Stamina 6
16-Abysmal Freeze: rapid freeze effect which gets into the bone and marrow quickly to take the breath away, Stamina and movement -2 per ace. Freezes on a crit with 0 movement for 3 turns, and aggravated cold damage for +1 turn, +1 per ace. Those immune to ice and cold still take damage from this power as it is not an ice spell.
17-Arcane Dead Zone: create a dead magic zone in a radius of up to 10 yards, +10 yards per success. No magic can be used by any party in this zone. Any plants will whither and die rapidly in this area, and wildlife will retreat from area immediately. Called duration at current level.
18-Dead Magic Ward: creates a dead magic zone in any single called enclosed area. Called duration at current level.

Stamina 7
19-Abyssal Death Plunge: turns warrior victims into minion morbid knights (see Bestiary; Morbid Knights), and non-warrior victims into Dead Realms Zombie minions (see Dead Realms Zombie in Bestiary) which are loyal to Abyssmancer.
20-Abysmal Form: take a shadowy, winged form with flight which damages and drains -1 life (HP, Stamina, and Strength) on touch for 1 hour, +1 hour per ace. Form takes no damage from normal weapons and most magic, but fire, electricity, raise the dead types, and holy does double damage to Abysmal Form, and raise the dead types dispels abysmal form. Immune to all mental powers, disease, and necromancy in abysmal form, +2 d6 mvm in flight.
21-Dead Magic Form: is immune to all magic and elements in this form.

Stamina 8
22-Black Fusion: fuses a called element or elements with flesh, or elements with other elements, up to +1, +1 per ace layered elements max.
23-Black Elemental Minion: an elemental minion created out of up to 8 combined elements is called from the abyss at level +1 per success. Minion can have weapons forged of called element, flesh of another element, armor of another, breath of another, etc. Lasts until killed or returned to the abyss. HP is level x 20, Unlimited stamina, willpower, strength and movement=level, dexterity and reflexes 10+1 per ace, Intelligence, Logic and Wisdom equal to invoker's. There is a 20% chance that elemental will turn against invoker if Abyssmancer attempts to send them back to the abyss.
24-Abysmal Sequester: plunge target into the abyss, does full damage each turn, and drains life and willpower, -1 each turn trapped to mortal and quasi-immortal beings. Traps immortals and drains their life and willpower -1 each turn. Does no damage to dark angels, demons, or creatures with path of the abyss, it simply traps them.

Stamina 9
25-Black sleep: plunges victim into a deep sleep which drains stamina, strength, and willpower -1 per turn. Called duration at current level.
26-Life Assimilation: damages and drains -1 called level (MA or PA) permanently. Abyssmancer gains +1 wisdom, and absorbs + levels permanently as they assimilate knowledge and abilities into their own embodiment. (Make a life assimilation sheet)
27-Wrath Plunge-Turns victim into a Wrath Demon.
Wrath Demon - Morgehti
Levels: 4 d6 (4-24)
Information: These jet black Demons are human in form, but of strapping muscle and never shorter in stature than 6 feet. They have silky looking, leathery skin, black hair, and black eyes which turn electric blue when they are harnessing power. They also have sharp, dagger-like claws, sharp fangs and retractable webbed wings. The females are slimmer, but still tall. They are accomplished in Bestial Combat and flight.
Immune to Fire and Ice
Claws and Bite, +15
Deadly Possession: +5 SA, Demon destroys the will of its victim then possesses them and devours their soul to create a Zombie Minion of them. MA vs. Willpower
Holy powers hurt these demons x 2 damage.
Hell Fire: Claws, Bite and Inflict Command to Imbue, +25% HP dmg per day. Antidote Specific.
Each Wrath Demon starts out with 5 free spell points. Abyssal Ice spells do double the damage of standard ice elemental spells and use +5 stamina each. They can learn any ice spell at X 2 damage and power.
Arcane Paths:
Abyssal Ice
Ice Mastery
Path of Fire
Fire ball: +25
Spark Flame: +3
Flame Burst: +20
Class: Arcane Minion of Acheron, Fighter Mage.

Stamina 10
28-Create Void: A void opens which captures matter and energy, snuffing spells and the life force of anything that it pulls into its vortex. Strength vs. Power of the void to save if within 100 yards of the void.
29-Abysmal Domination: drains -1 willpower, -1 per ace, and allows caster to dominate the will of a called target to enslave or command them until the one dominated can overpower the Abyssmancer's will. Willpower loss is permanent until one dominated is freed of caster's will.
30-Abysmal Creature: a called creature, monster, or animal is turned into a minion which serves Abyssmancer at level of normal creature +10. Creature gets 5 special abilities in path of the abyss that can be channeled through eyes, extremities, breath, wings, or flesh.

Stamina 11
31-Life Snuff: The core of the void's crushing black abyss engulfs target to damage them critically and snuff their life on a roll of 6 aces. Soul is also snuffed on a triple crit (Hit Dice roll of 20 without bonuses) Save vs. death and soul destruction. Power fails if a crit is not rolled.
32-Black Storm: a black shadow moves over a large area to damage everything within its perimeters, draining life (HP, stamina, and strength) and willpower -1 per turn, and damaging everything it moves across. This storm rolls in like a black thundercloud to throw its shadow over an area of up to +10 yard radius per success and continues to loom over an area until the Abyssmancer banishes it back to the abyss. Movement vs. Radius of Storm. Life and WP drains last a called duration at current level but cannot exceed long term.
33-Black Doom: snuffs the souls of up to +1 target, +1 per ace as called to plunge them into the abyss and out again as Dead Realms Zombies (see Bestiary). Crit required for each success, damages otherwise. Save vs. death and re-creation. Zombies can be commanded if domination is used on them and WP vs. WP succeeds.
34-Black Enslavement: after the victim's will is overpowered, drain any check, arcane, or skill levels as called by -1 per success as called, and -1 willpower per success to recreate a victim as desired while target's will is overpowered. Losses are permanent until victim is liberated from enslavement. Only special wizard, Kahiran blood magic, and anti-enslavement powers can liberate a victim once they are enslaved.
35-Abyssal Warding: create wards with abyss powers as called over an area, person, or fortress.

Stamina 12
36-40-Master of the Abyss: Channel any abyss element, cast any abyss power at higher levels, create abyss wards, items, artifacts and creatures, formulate commands, factors and contingencies.

Abysmal Ice

Double damage and Improved Power, additional stamina cost.

Stamina 6
1-Deathly Chill: chills and drains -1 stamina and strength per ace, -1 movement, -1 per ace.
2-Abysmal Mirror - Forms a mirror sized glassy sheet of ice on called surface which allows Abyssmancer to see visions of select areas or persons.
3-Black Ice - A very slippery sheet of ice forms where called, very hard to walk on, and drains health -1 HP per turn contacted for temporary duration of up to 1 hour, +1 hour per ace. Area of up to +1 yard per success as called. Power and Area vs. Dexterity and Movement.

Stamina 7
4-Encase in Abysmal Ice - Sleet encases target to suffocate and freeze with burning cold ice, -2 movement per ace, damages, freezes and suffocates at 0 movement or on a crit for 3 turns, does aggravated (normal) damage for 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
5-Burning Ice Blindness - Freezes target's eyes to burn and blind them. Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace with aggravated damage.
6-Pond of Abysmal Slush - Forms a pond of slushy ice where selected very rapidly (up to +1 yard per success perimeter). Slows -2 movement per ace per turn, drains stamina and strength -2 per turn, and does aggravated damage. Acts like quicksand, hard to escape, strength and movement vs. power of slush to escape.

Stamina 8
7-Abysmal Freeze - Causes someone or something to freeze, slows animate targets down by -2 movement and dexterity per success, also makes them 'brittle', suffering +10 damage per ace on successive hits. Freeze lasts 3 turns. Drains -2 stamina and strength per ace. Aggravated damage lasts +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
8-Abysmal Door of Ice - Anyone not selected to pass will freeze for 3 turns, suffer damage, and be drained of -2 strength and stamina per success when they attempt to pass through door of ice.
9-Abysmal Pit of Ice - Deep pit of ice (up to 2 feet deep per success) forms beneath someone. Drains -2 stamina and strength, -2 per ace and damages per turn trapped.

Stamina 9
10-Embraced by Black Ice - Freezes someone or something on a crit, makes them unable to move, target suffering +10 PA damage per ace while frozen, drains -2 stamina and strength, -2 per ace. Lasts +1 turn per ace. Power fails if a crit is not rolled.
11-Dome of Abysmal Ice - Protective barrier of ice that damages and drains anyone who contacts dome by -2 stamina and strength per success.
12-Burning Void of Ice - Makes target so cold that their flesh burns with cold for x 4 normal damage with double aggravated damage. Lasts up to 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.

Stamina 10
13-Icy Sepulcher of the Void - Encases someone or something in thick layer of ice which damages every turn encased, draining -2 strength and stamina, and -1 on all MA and PA levels each turn as the void soaks spirit and knowledge. Power and Targeting vs. Movement to evade.
14-Bridge of the Abyss - Form a bridge of ice, anyone not selected to cross will fall into the abyss if they fall off of the bridge. Any who fall into the abyss will be destroyed and rise again as an abysmal wraith, See Bestiary: Wraith, Abysmal.
15-Wall of Abysmal Ice - Surrounds called site or comes between called objects, damages and drains -2 life (HP, stamina and strength) per ace from anyone who contacts the wall.

Stamina 11
16-Frozen Lake of the Abyss - Freezes a lake in moments with abyss ice, damages and drains -2 stamina and strength, per ace, from anyone not selected for bypass who contacts the ice, or passes over it within 100 feet.
17-Sphere of Abysmal Ice - A large missiled globe of ice. Damages and drains -2 stamina and strength, -2 per ace per hit. Affects an area of up to 1 foot per success as called.
18-Abysmal Ice Blades - Sharp blades of ice streak at targets, 1 blade per success. Damage+32, -2 stamina and strength per ace per hit, -1 MA level spirit damage per hit.

Stamina 12
19-River of the Abyss - Freezes a river with ice from the void. Contact or passing over the river causes massive damage and drains -2 MA and PA levels, -2 per ace as the void soaks spirit and knowledge, also drains -2 stamina and strength per ace. Does no harm to those selected for bypass, or to underwater creatures beneath the ice in the river itself, only to those above (range of 100 feet) or on top of the ice as the surface and area above the ice is where the abyss overlaps it.
20-Vaccuous Quick Freeze - Freezes target in moments to drain -2 MA and PA levels, -2 per ace, damages each turn frozen, and drains -2 stamina and strength, -2 per ace per turn. Lasts until spell is broken. Damage will halt when HP is at 2, but levels will continue to drain until all levels are at 1 and checks are at 5. Level loss is permanent until they are restored by spells geared for restoring stamina, strength, spirit and knowledge.
21-Abysmal Tower of Ice - Tower made of 12 foot thick walls of black ice forms on called site. Those not selected to enter tower are frozen for +1 turn per success if they contact the tower, suffering damage each turn, and -2 stamina and strength per turn frozen, and -2 permanent MA and PA level loss.

Stamina 13
22-Abysmal Sea of Ice - Freezes a sea and overlaps surface of the ice with the abyss. Any air breathing sea life will perish. Anyone not selected for bypass who contacts the surface of the sea suffers a life drain (HP, stamina, and strength) of -2 per ace, and cold damage.
23-Immutable Ice - Protects any object made of ice from melting and breaking, +2% per success.
24-Abyss Ice Elemental - An abysmal ice dragon, or other called form, made of semi-immutable ice is invoked from the elemental plane. Abysmal Ice elemental will guard any site called, and commands five called abysmal ice elements at up to Level 24 as called. Resists melting by +2% per success. Level=Strength, Stamina is unlimited, HP is Level x 20. All other checks at 5 d6 total. Willpower and Ethics commanded by invoker. Can be damaged by normal weapons. Lasts until killed or sent back to the elemental plane of the abyss.

Stamina 14
25-Storm of Abysmal Ice: Dagger-like icicles rain down from the sky with stinging ice crystals that damage and drain stamina and strength -2 per hit. +1 ice crystal per success split between called targets with +1 HB per ace per crystal to hit.
26-Fortress of Black Ice - A fortress of abysmal, black ice is raised out of the elemental plane on a called site. The fortress has ramparts, towers, gates, a keep and the floors and courtyards glassy sheets of ice. while the surface is of the fortress is freezing cold, the air inside the keep and chambers is tolerably warm (60 degrees), the walls acting as an insulator. Those not selected to enter will freeze if they enter fortress, losing -2 MA and PA levels, HP, stamina, and strength, -2 levels per ace as the void within the fortress walls soaks their knowledge, spirit, and life.
27-Vacuuous Shield of Ice - Forms a shield of vacuous ice around someone or something. Damages and drains -2 stamina and strength per success, and -1 MA or PA level as called, -1 level per ace permanently, also drains health for -1 permanent HP loss per success from anyone who contacts shield from without.

Stamina 15
28-Icy Prison of the Void - Captures someone into a prison cell of immutable abysmal ice that resists melting and breaking +2% per success. Cell forms around target and shifts through elemental plane to a called destination. Cell drains levels (PA and MA) and life (HP, stamina, and strength) by -2 each turn until health, stamina, and strength are at 2, and all levels are at 1, at what time drain halts. Losses are permanent until prisoner is released by the Abyssmancer, or until prisoner is extracted and losses can be restored by a wizard or mage who has the right knowledge.
29-Abysmal Gateway of Ice: A gate which leads through the elemental plane to any called destination. Any who are not selected to enter turn to ice and lose -1 HP per success permanently and -1 level MA per success permanently if they enter the gate's threshold.
30-Abysmal Ice Catalyst: Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers an ice affect if catalyst is triggered. Caster calls catalyst and the powers it triggers at Total Roll=Power.

Stamina 16
31-35: Master of Abysmal Ice: create magic items, spells, elementals, weapons, wards, artifacts, creatures, etc out of abysmal ice powers.

Stamina 17
36-40: Improved Power: Use abysmal ice powers at these levels as gained.


    Use for all draining effects to determine how long losses persist.
    Brief Durations: last up to 1 turn, +1 turn per ace. {levels 1-8}
    Temporary Durations: lasts up to 1 hour, +1 hour per ace. {levels 9-16}
    Lasting Durations: last up to +1 day per success, or +1 week per success on a crit. {levels 17-24}
    Long Term Durations: last up to +1 month per success, or +1 year per success on a crit. {Levels 25-32}
    Called Durations: can last any duration called up to Total Roll=Years or be called as permanent. {Levels 33-40}

Freeze Effects

    Lasts 3 turns before thawing occurs, aggravated (normal damage) lasts 2 turns, +1 per ace, -2 movement, stamina, and dexterity per ace, 0 movement for 3 turns on a crit. Those frozen take no magic damage, but +10 additional damage per ace on weapons because those frozen are brittle.

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