Stamina 1
1-Interruption - Interrupt time for 1 d6 seconds.
2-Stabilize time Stream - Use with other time effects to stabilize spell by +1 d6 per success vs. chaos and destabilizing effects.
3-Disrupt time - Use to disrupt time effects 3 d6 seconds, or to disrupt a time spell.

Stamina 2
4-De'ja'veux - Make something that just happened repeat itself.
5-Delude time - Meddle with someone's perception of time.
6-Disjoin Time - Disjoins time spells and effects.

Stamina 3
7-Delay Time - Time stands still for those selected for up to one hour.
8-Time Bend - Bend a time effect in a called direction.
9-Identify Age - Of a place, person, object, etc.

Stamina 4
10-Stop Time - Up to one week.
11-Haste Time - Haste time effects.
12-Window of Time - Look into the future or into the past through a window in time to see events as they happened or may happen.

Stamina 5
13-Time Walk - Walk to other time lines through the astral plane of time.
14-Time Gate - Create a time gate which delivers anyone selected to enter to called points in time.
15-March of Time - Reverse, or Forward time, up to one month.

Stamina 6
16-Time Loop - Creates a looped time stream which makes time effect very hard to disjoin or disrupt, HB.
17-Time Factors - Seal, Mark, or Protect a time effect for MA roll +3 vs. counter.
18-Time Enchantment - Bind a time effect to an object and seal within, set trigger or word of power to activate effect.

Stamina 7
19-Time Catalyst - Set contingencies which trigger a time effect as called.
20-Time Pocket - Effect time in one area as called and nowhere else.
21-Aging - Make someone grow old, or young very rapidly as called. Only works on creatures that age. Only reversal works on immortals.

Stamina 8
22-Time Guard - Protect someone or something from time alterations or from being affected by time spells.
23-Sands of Time - Command any time effect for called duration. If spell fails with an absolute failure, then backlash occurs and chronomancer is unable to capture time stream again for 1 d6 days.
24-Time Warding - Use time powers to create wards for havens and protected areas.

Stamina 9
25-Temporal Leap - Leap forward or back in time and to other time lines in a matter of moments. Using this power too frequently can cause chronomancer's concept of time to warp until he no longer perceives of present, past and future, only a continuous time stream with no beginning, end or specific order. In essence, Chronomancer starts to become part of the time stream.
26-Curse of Time - Subject affected with this time curse no longer has ANY time judgment whatsoever, and cannot tell from one moment to the next what hour, day, week, month, or year it is.
27-Time Warp - Cause time in an area to warp to a set destination in time as it was in the past, or will be in the future.

Stamina 10
28-Trap of Time - Subject is trapped inside of a day to repeat it for eternity, or until spell is broken.
29-Reshuffle Time - Cause time to reorder itself and return to a specific moment in the past to change events as they happened, to reshuffle the future. VERY dangerous if future events are unknown, and consequences to an action are not WELL thought out. If anyone dies in the past, or any incident is prevented that was important to history in the future, a time collapse can occur, and a time line doomed for destruction is created.
30-Chronomaster - Formulate commands. Use time with other gifts, improvise spells, create artifacts and items with time effects, add permanency factors, catalysts, direct time weaves, streams and loops, use Chronomancy for wards, etc.

Stamina 11
31-Create Time Line - Time lines happen incidentally from time to time by someone traveling to the past and changing the future. Accidental time lines are almost always doomed to collapse with all life which lives within that time line. Creating a time line insures a more stable temporal zone, although its web is still fragile, dependant on certain events being repeated in order for the time line to remain stable. Chronomancer must harness a past world (by minutes or ages as called) within an immense time pocket, loop its time stream to capture it inside of the astral time pocket, stabilize the time field, factor with permanency, and seal these powers to create a new time line. MA Level vs. LoD-31 d6 to determine success.
32-35-Grand Chronomancer - Improved power and Formulation. Cast any time command at these levels when mastered.

Stamina 12
36-40-Arch Chronomaster - Improved power and Formulation. Cast any time command at these levels when mastered.

Important Information

    Wisdom vs. LoD or Power vs. Power. time is very complex. Nothing in the world can be affected, past, present, or future, which shall alter what has already come to pass. Only in time pockets can anything that has already happened be altered. if anything that affects major outcomes is altered, it creates another time line. 99% of all accidental time lines are doomed for apocalyptic destruction, as a collapse in 'inner' space occurs which will destroy all worlds and life within that time line when major riffs in history, i.e. the stream of time occur.
    time Selection - Uses no stamina. Chronomancer is not affected by time effects, and allows chronomancer to chose who is and is not affected.
    Capture time Stream - Uses no stamina. Captures time streams so chronomancer can manipulate time.
    Haste - Chronomancer gets Supernatural Haste free at chronomancy level, uses half stamina. Times speeds up for the one hasted giving them the appearance of supernatural speed.

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