Path of Healing and Protection

Stamina 1 (1-3)
Soothe Pain: restores +1 willpower loss, +1 per ace from pain.
Heal Minor Wounds: will not heal fatal wounds which cause aggravated, sustained or crippling damage but will heal HP.
Purify Water: make poisonous or undrinkable water pure.
Purify Food: make poisoned or spoiled food fresh and edible.
Detect Wounds: handy for finding internal or difficult to pin point wounds.
Detect Poisons: in a living thing or the presence of it in a plant, mineral, water source, food, etc.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Revitalize: Invigorates for +1 stamina, +1 per ace and restores the same amount of strength.
Innervate: Numbs pain and restores full willpower loss from pain.
Calm: delays 1 action, +1 per ace done in anger or under duress.
Detect Disease: Power of roll vs. obscurity LoD of disease.
Detect Magic: detect magic fields, items, and presence of any active power, vs. LoD of concealments.
Physical Constitution: targets health improves by total roll = HP bonus temporarily. Lasts until HP bonus is spent, cast once a day per target.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Heal Undead: heals vampires, zombies, grim knights, all kinds of undead.
Protection from Evil: repells beings of evil alignments or go unnoticed by them. Range of retreat is 10 feet, +1 per success, doubles on a crit.
Remove Curse: with higher roll.
Resist Charms: 10% resistance +1% per success (includes presence and domination)
Resist Disease: 10% resistance +1% per success
Wizard's Presence - A wizard's words and presence holds sway to influence or intimidate others, Power vs. Counter or Charisma + Power Bonus vs. Willpower.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Heal Serious Wounds: will heal wounds and halt aggravated damage.
Cure Disease: this power vs. resistance LoD of disease if any.
Minor Restoration: restores any single check which has been drained, +1 per ace.
Resist Cold: 10% resistance +1% per success
Resist Heat: 10% resistance +1% per success
Negate Magic: Power of roll is subtracted from damage or power of an effect.
Enchant Staff: enchant any staff with a single bonded power. Bonded power uses no stamina and is cast at +3 d6 power with +1 HB and +1 AR. Cannot be used on a staff that already has a bonded power. This power is factored with power of recall, which allows mage to summon and dismiss staff at will. When dismissed, staff returns to a called safe location.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Heal Deadly Wounds: Halts any kind of sustained or crippling damage from wounds and heals.
Dispel: Eliminates a spell before it can do any damage or take effect.
Protection from Magic: Protect something or someone from magic with 50% MR, +1% per success.
Resist Elemental: 10% resistance to called element, +1% per success.
Magic Shield: Protects from magic affects if not dispelled immediately after it is cast. Magic cannot be used by those protected by shield without dispelling it.
Neutralize Poisons: with higher roll than LoD of poison.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Vital Flame: Restores warmth and vital energy to someone near death or being resurrected. Can delay death for +1 turn, +1 per ace and boost HP of someone just resurrected.
Enchant Weapon: Enchant a weapon with a called power at level used, or at damage = roll total. To layer enchantments, spell must be cast once for each power.
Proof: guard a spell against a called contingency with bonus of +1 d6 power.
Greater Restoration: restores all drained checks by +1, +1 per ace.
Disenchant: removes enchantments on items, creatures, etc. vs. LoD of enchantment to be broken.
Protection from Weapons: takes away from damage by total power of roll.
Disjoin: Disjoins a looped or woven power even if it is already in effect.
Wizard's Familiar: The wizard carves a creature out of stone or wood by hand (any size) and enchants it with this spell to create a living familiar that will serve him faithfully. Rough features will become life-like. The familiar will have as much or little personality as it is given, and can have any mental faculties the wizard allows it. Stats of the familiar cannot exceed 4 d6. The Familiar is a Level 6 in its main functions. It can gain levels.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Spirit Command: power vs. the level of spirit targeted for command.
Repulse Evil: repulses anything with an evil alignment for +1 turn, +1 per ace.
Repulse Enemies: repulses enemies of any alignment for +1 turn, +1 per ace.
Resist Domination: 10% resistance +1% per success.
Enchant Armor: with a called power at level used.
Purify Blood: removes all toxins and poisons from the blood stream. At high levels it can purify a creature of blood bonds and blood enslavement if roll is higher than power of creature who created such bonds.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Resurrect: Succeed or fail, with +10% chance of success, +1% per success. Subtract Resurrection difficulty from chance of success.
Resist Possession: 10% resistance +1% per success.
Signature Power: choose one spell (name) which can be cast at will at 0 stamina cost.
Serenity: a called target or enemy will walk away peacefully and leave area without harm to anyone. Spell shatterd if target is attacked.
Companion Weapon: A weapon manifests and strikes as if wielded by an invisible companion, +2, +1 HB per five damage, total MA roll=damage.
Improved Combat: Grants +1 HB per ace to combat skills.
Bane of Domination: Shatters domination effects with a higher roll.
Remove Mark: removes a caster's mark so that a power can be identified.
Purify the Body: works against degenerating necromantic affects, and poisons, drugs, or toxins that have already infected the body vs. LoD or power of effect.
Reveal Proxies: All alienated embodiments of target and their locations are revealed to the sorcerer and any witnesses. Lasts one hour per success or until spell is broken.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Resurrect Undead: raises vampires and other undead from death on success. Succeed or fail, with +10% chance of success, +1% per success. Subtract Resurrection difficulty from chance of success.
Holistic Restoration: restores body completely from damage, drains (checks and HP), poisons, and disease. Does NOT resurrect the dead.
Identify Magic Signature: reveals who cast a spell or commands a power.
Remove Seal: removes caster's seal so that a spell can be broken down.
TRUE Embodiment: restores someone to their original form and alignment. If target resists, power must defeat subject's will.
Ring of Protection: protects called targets within 50 ft. radius from magic, elemental attacks, and sensory detection by enemies.
Fuse Embodiment: Brings all disembodied or disjoined parts of a being (such as a projected, split identity, or split soul creature) together to bind them into their TRUE physical form in the Wizard's presence.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Flesh from Ash: a body that has been destroyed can be remade out of ash, even from the ash of a camp fire.
Call Gate: called subject is gated to safe place.
Destroy Evil: alters target's alignment to a good alignment. Duration of up to +1 day, +1 day per success, x 10 with a crit.
Shatter Wards: Shatters warding powers with a higher roll.
Liberate: removes all dominating factors and marks from an enslaved or dominated subject.
Phylactery Foe: a luminescent mist covers an area of up to 10' radius per success. If the mist enters an area where a phylactery is hidden it will turn red where the phylactery is stored to reveal where it is hidden, acting like a directional beacon to the wizard's senses.
Area Affect: all within called area of up to +10 yards, +1 yard per success, doubles on crit, is affected by spell channeled through this power. -2 AR to use not including spells.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Reveal: Gain +1 knowledge, +1 per ace of someone, some place or something. Power and Wisdom vs. LoD of knowledge to be gained (take knowledge from a character sheet, player, card, campaign guide, or bestiary page).
Path of Nature: Wizard gains elemental spellbook of up to 15 spells from any elemental paths of choice (any but cruel effects) as Wizard Spells. Spell learned when cast successfully three times against or to aid someone. Spells set at Wizard's current Level. Cast only once until each spell is learned.
Layer Spells: combine effects of various powers into a single spell with multiple effects at cost of -1 AR per effect.
Fork Spell: allows one spell to hit multiple targets, up to +1, +1 per ace, and up to +1 per success on a crit.
Factor Spell: add a called guard or improvement to a spell to enhance a spell by a called effect or power or hit bonus of +1.
Wizard's Loop: Wizard's power loops to make it very hard to dispel inasmuch as the power keeps revitalizing itself very rapidly.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Immunity: Grants a single called Immunity to subject as called, lasts +1 turn, +1 per ace, or with a crit up to +1 hour per success. Must be done prior to an effect.
Warding: ward an area or someone from +1 called effects, +1 per ace. Lasts until higher power breaks it down.
Permanency Factor: add to spells to make them permanent unless a valid higher power targets and destroys the factor.
Contingency: add triggers and catalists to spells to define what activates the spells. They can be as simple or as complex as a wizard makes them. Often used for spell traps, elemental guardians, and activatable wards.
Improved Vitality: grants a subject additional +40 HP, +1 HP bonus per success. HP lost when bonus is used up on hits.
Master of Wizardry: Create spells, magic items, elemental guardians, and wards. Use marks, factors, layering, signatures and seals.

About Wizardry Spells

    Wizards also take spells from the path of sorcery for their spellbook as arcane wizardry, but cannot take cruel spells. Cruel spells are those which focus on pain, terror or cruel deaths. 'Command Strings' which manipulate actual spells, like; seal, mark, conceal, layer, fork, proof, factor, modify, augment, catalyst, contingency, etc. can be placed under magic skills whereof another spell at current level can be purchased.

Healing Stats

    Healing Stats

    * Healing Spells heal +5 HP per Success and +10 per Ace, double amount on a crit.
    * Resurrections Succeed or fail, with +10% chance of success, +1% per success.
    * Subtract Resurrection difficulty from chance of success..

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