Common Skills

Using These Stats:Cost is 500 XP each per +1 level.
Roll skill level or add skill bonus to check which skill relates to.
Add check bonus when skill is being used and not before.

Start with 7 free skills. GM can dictate if characters start with more.


Academics: (Field) +1 intelligence.
Accounting: +1 intelligence
Acrobatics: +1 strength and stamina
Acting: (performance) +1 charisma
Adaptability: +1 to any roll adaptation relates to, ability to adapt to mental and environmental changes well
Administrative Skill: +1 business or management.
Agriculture: +1 food unit (food to feed one person) per success, roll once per two weeks game time; or roll level to save crops on other farms.
Alms: collecting money for charity, charisma vs. logic; gain +1 XP per gold value collected.
Anatomy: +1 healing, +1 damage, +1 medical skills.
Ancient History: (of what cultures) +1 culture per level
Animal Comprehension: an understanding of animals so complete that character behaves animal-like, whereat animals respond to that comprehension.
Animal Guise: disguise in the likeness of an animal
Animal Kinship: animals trust those with this skill
Animal Handling: knowledge of how to handle animals properly.
Ancient Languages: +1 ancient or dead language
Animal Lore: knowledge of animals spanning the ages gives character the ability to interact well with animals with chance of becoming an animal shape shifter when they die, 5% chance per level.
Animal Trainer: (Type)
Antique Dealer
Apothecary: makes drugs, medicines, poisons at +1 d6 effectiveness per level
Appraisal (type-gems, art, antiques, etc)
Appreciate Beauty
Area Knowledge (type and or place)
Armor Smith: scale and plate, +2 AC per success, +5
Armor Craft: leather, ring, wood, bone, +1 AC per success+5
Art Dealer
Athletics (type)
Autohypnosis: hypnosis vs. willpower and logic
Aviation: (type)


Bard: (non magical) Poet, singer, and story teller by trade
Ball Game: (type)
Performance: +1 charisma when performing any action
Beverage-Making: 1 type per level
Bird Watching (ornithology)
Black Market (type)
Black Powder Weapons
Blackjack (card game)
Body Control
Body Language
Body Sense
Book Dealer
Book Binding
Book Press
Book Making
Breath Control
Brewing (ales, mead, and beers)
Brick Mason


Cartography (map making)
Chaotitition: (study of chaos and its relativity)
Climber: +10 feet per level, -1 stamina per turn
01-05: clamber; up and down walls and trees, +1 dex and balance vs. falls per level up to +5.
06-10: scale; buildings, high walls, tall trees
11-15: mountaineer; climb steep slopes and rope use (take free)
16-20: ascent and descend; cliffs and fortress walls.
21-25: rescue; others from falls.
26-30: burdened climbing; with another on your back or carrying a lot of weight.
31-35: expert climbing lets you find the best route up or down any obstacle climbed.
36-40: improved climbing increases all climbing skills.
Climbing:+1 dex climbing vs. falls.
Cloaking (using blinds and cloth)
Coded Messages
Computer Hacking
Computer Operations
Computer Programming
Computer Technology
Conspiracy Theory
Cooperage, the craft of making and repairing wooden barrels
Courtesan, catering to a rich, powerful, man as a mistress for luxuries and status
Covert Operations (military, or intelligence)
Crafts (type)
Criminology, the study of criminals and crime
Cryptanalysis: deciphering runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.
Cryptology: the study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc.


Dancing (type)
Daredevil: +10% chance of success performing a dangerous act.
Darts (game or weapon)
Deafen: using various impliments, make such a racket as deafens a targets for 1 turn, +1 per ace, within a +10 foot radius, +1 foot per level.
Decoding: deciphering secret messages.
Deciphering: the skill of understanding what others are trying to communicate.
Deep Sea Diving
Deep Sea Fishing
Designer (type-Clothes, Other)
Detect Lies
Diagnosis (type)
Directing (plays or movies)
Distilling (liquor)
Dream Lore: deciphering and understanding dreams
Driving (type)
Drunken Adeptness: character actions improve with drunkenness +1
Dyeing: making and using dyes.


Electronics Operation
Electronics: (type)
Electronics (type) (other Electronics)
Engineer (type)
Enthrallment: Captivate for:1 logic and willpower to target.
Equestrian Acrobatics
Erotic Art
Escape Artist: Level 1, the ability to avoid detection, to liberate self from, bonds, prisons, and confinement, to move unseen and unheard, +1 stealth, +1 dexterity and +1 movement.
Escape Bonds: The ability to escape ropes, shackles, chains, etc.
Escape Routing: knowing where to go when making an escape, +1 wisdom, +2 movement.
Etiquette, +1 charisma.
Exorcism: the knowledge of purging someone of possession, +2 Willpower to exorcist and subject during ritual
Exobiology: a branch of biology concerned with the possibility that life forms exist on other planets and with the problems of adapting life forms to alien environments
Explosives Expert: Ordnance, Demolition, and Disposal


Fiber Crafts
Fight Choreography: Stage Combat
Filch or Pickpocket: stealth vs. alertness
First Aid
Flight (type)
Flint and Steel
Flower Arranging
Flying Fists: +1 AR, +1 AR per ace
Flying Leap
Followers: Adeptness at finding and retaining followers, charisma vs. logic
Forgery Artist
Fortune Telling
Forward Observer - unnerve people with the way you observe them.
Free Fall
Freight Handling


Gadgeteer: +1 d6 inventor and engineer of gadgets. Invent, use and sell gadgets. Gadgets work with successful rolls and fail to work with unsuccessful rolls.
Gambling: +1 intelligence, +10% per ace vs. opposing intelligence to win
Games: adept at (type)
Garrote: strangling weapon of wire or a steel band with handles.
Genetics: Biochemistry and Physiology included
Geology: prospecting, +10%, +2% chance per level of finding +1 d6 gems per success.
Gesture: Sign Language
Gold Panning: +10%, +2% chance per level of finding +1 d6 gold or heavy minerals per success.


Healing: (non-magical)
Hedgewise: the ability to guard against financial loss
Heraldry: identifying crests, badges, etc.
Herbalism: +1 plant identified with knowledge of that plant per success in one area
Herding: (horses and cattle)
Herbary: a shop which sells medicinal herbs, teas, essential oils, etc.
Hidden Lore: (type) gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge.
Hiding: +1 stealth
Historian: (esoteric, world, ancient, local)
Horse Veterinary (specialist)
Horse Gentling
Horse Grooming
Horse Trainer
Howl (type)
Hyperspace Physics
Hypnotic Hands


Immovable Stance
Inertialess Agility
Integrating Calculator
Intelligence: gathering information and taking part in espionage
Intelligence Analysis: analyzing information found by intelligence
Interrogation: +1 willpower and logic vs. willpower
Intimidation: +1 willpower vs. willpower
Investigation: (type)
Invisibility Psychosis: person thinks they are invisible and acts like they are invisible, +2 stealth.


Jab Artist: professional tattooist
Jabberwocky: speak and write in a nonsense language which may or may not be a code
Jack-painter: someone who paints river jacks as what they are shaped like to sell at markets and festivals
Jack-in-office: a self-important and inflexible petty official who takes advantage of what little authority he/she has.
Jack-of-all-Trades: skilled in many trades a master of none, take all skills wanted at the same time free but level ups cost double, and addition skills cost double after that to add.
Jackal (swindler): work with (npc or pc) accomplices to deceive people, especially to swindle them
Jacquard: loom for weaving to produce intricate patterns in material by means of punched cards that give instructions to use or withhold various colors of thread
Jailhouse Lawyer: a prisoner who has studied law while serving time in order to represent himself or herself in legal proceedings or assist other prisoners with their legal defense
Jumping: +1 d6 per level, +1 foot distance and height per success.
Jumping Expert: up to 1 d6, +1 foot per level, -1 stamina per turn
01-05: Spring: jump onto and over low things like fallen trees and rocks.
06-10: Leap: over and down from fences and walls.
11-15: Long jump: across to clear small ravines and ditches.
16-20: High Jump: jump up to or down from fairly high places.
21-25: Bridging Jump: jump across wider ravines and gaps.
26-30: Air Hike: jump up high and remain airborne for a moment.
31-35: Daredevil Jump: jump up to, across to, or down from an area.
36-40: Featherfoot: jump down from, across to, or up to places without injury.


Kite Flying
Knife Handling
Knife Throwing


Lance (tournament)
Lance (battle)
Language (type)
Lapidary (jewel cutting)
Lasso (riata)
Law (local, government, other)
Leather Craft
Light Walk - harder to track as tracks are hard to detect
Linguistics (language types)
Lip Reading
Lore (type) +1 Level in field lore applies to
Lucid Dreaming: dreams are so real it's hard to distinguish them from reality, -1 perception per success during episode, but dreamer can also control their own dreams and learn to read the dreams of others, thereby enter the dreams of another to see into the mind of someone else sleeping for +1 perception, +1 per ace if intelligence conquers the perception of another. If their perception wins, they wake up, sensing someone was trying to get into their dreams. Gain up to +1 pertient information, +1 per ace with a perception roll while shared dreaming. If intelligence roll fails, dreamer fails to control their dreams and has reality failure episode upon waking for as long as 1 hour, and is unable to determine if they are awake or dreaming. Range and target choice is dependant on GM's or involved players' call.


Magic Resistance: +10%, +1% per 1000 XP for additional MR, non-magic users cannot purchase additional MR unless GM approved or special race related ability.
Make-Up: (disguise)
Master of Illusion:
Masquerade: (subterfuge)
Masquerade: (costume making)
Mechanic: (type)
Medicine: (field)
Mental Resistance: +10%
Mental Strength: +1 mental checks
Merchant: (type)
Metallurgy: knowledge of metals
Meteorology: predicting the weather
Military Rank: character is in the military (branch) and has a +1 in their rank (type)
Mimicry: sounding just like someone or something else
Mind Block: resist mental trespasses by 10%
Mining: (type)
Motorcycle Driving
Mountaineering: take climbing and rope use under this skill
Muscle Reading: like palm reading but with muscles
Musical Composition: writing and reading music
Musician: (instrument type)


Naturalist, +1 knowledge of outdoors, animals, and plants
Navigation (land or sea)
Net Use - fishing, snare, or bird nets
Net Making - make fish nets and other nets
No-Landing Extraction - extracting military and other personal without landing a boat, plane, or chopper
Nuclear Physics Engineer
Nuclear Power Plant Engineer
Nuclear Weapons Engineer


Observation +1 Mental + alertness checks, lets character notice things others may not pick up.
Occultism: Magic/Field (+1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to)
Occultism: Demonology (+1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to)
Occultism: Vampire (+1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to)
Occultism: Witchcraft (+1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to)
Omen Reading (read signs to predict omens)
Oral Literature - story telling, remembering stories, and reading aloud with style and elegance
Oratory - having a good vocabulary and being a good speaker
Orienteering: land navigation in areas hard to read
Origami - the art of folding paper


Palm Reading
Paper Craft
Paraphysics - the study and understanding of the dynamics of paranormal forces
Parry Missile Weapons - use a melee weapon to parry arrows and thrown weapons
Perfect Balance, +1 dexterity vs. trips and being thrown off balance
Performance (type) how well a character performs an action +1 d6
Performance of Rituals, +1 awe or intimidation during rituals
Persuasion, +1 wisdom
Pharmaceutical Practice
Philosophy (type)
Photonics: the scientific study of the properties and applications of light and other forms of radiant energy, including the generation of energy and information processing
Physiology (race)
Piloting (type of craft)
Pickpocket: Sleight of Hand
Picture-Writing (hieroglyphics)
Poisons, Identifying
Poisons, Formulate
Physician (type)
Precognition (special ability) 1 d6, learn one glimpse of knowledge per ace
Pressure Points (Yin/Yang Healing, Pressure Secrets)
Priesthood (type)
Press Operator
Prestidigitation - magic tricks, +1 sleight of hand
Probability Physics, 1% chance of speculating what shall occur
Prospecting (valuable metals and gems)
Punning - The art of telling jokes, +1 charisma
Pyrotechnics - the art of making and using fireworks


Quantum Physics- the study and understanding of quantum forces
Quantum Theory: a theory describing the behavior and interactions of elementary particles, matter, and energy states where energy is subdivided into subliminal amounts with wave properties that can be manipulated.
Quickness, +1 mvm.


Read (language type)
Read Bones: ancient art of making predictions by throwing bones
Read Lips
Read Runes
Religion (type)
Research, Intelligence XP+10 towards field of study when a roll succeeds against research Level of Difficulty.
Reasoning Expertise, +1 Mental Checks.
Riding (animal type)
Riding, Aerial (animal type)
Rites (type)
Rituals (type)
Ritual Paths (type)
Ritual Magic (type)
Ritual Ceremonies (type)
Robotics: character can build robots.
Rune-Lore (type) knowledge of runes, what they mean, and what culture made them
Running, +1 mvm, +1 escapes on foot


Sacrifice: get double XP for each sacrifice made to achieve a goal
Science (field)
Security (area type) knowledge of keeping a place secure from intruders
Self-Expression - How well someone can express themselves.
Set Snares and Traps
Slave Trader: +1 d6 slaves per level free, value of each slave is +50 gold per success. Slave traders tend to be disliked, feared, and have enemies.
Sleight of Hand
Soothsay: invent predictions of the future and past using signs, palm reading, tarot cards, crystal balls, etc. acting on intuition and knowledge.
Spelunking: +1 adeptness at cave exploration and survival per level
Star Cruiser Pilot (or other officer type)
Star Ship Navigation
Star Ship Officer (type)
Star Ship Pilot
Steady Hand: negates range penalties for missile weapons at +1 range, also gives +1 for any action requiring a steady hand.
Stone Mason
Sway Emotions
Submarine Pilot

01-05: Dog Paddle: -50% mvm, -3 stamina per turn w/high chance of drowning.
06-10: Tread Water: -25% mvm, no stamina loss above water anymore and far less chance of drowning.
11-15: Diving: dive into water safely, avoiding rocks and diving shallow as needed.
16-20: Underwater Swimming: for brief periods of time, until stamina gives out.
21-25: Expert Swimmer: tread water on the surface and underwater at full movement.
26-30: Underwater Combat: take no penalty for underwater combat.
31-35: Expert Diver: navigate underwater for longer period of time, -1 stamina loss per turn, +1 d6 find underwater treasure.
36-40: Aquanaut: navigate underwater without stamina loss forcing you to the surface for up to +1 turns per success, gain +1 HB for underwater combat and +2 d6 find underwater treasures.
Drowning: occurs if roll botches or if 0 successes are rolled, duration determined when stamina runs out, with -3 stamina per turn on a 0 success failure, or with -5 stamina per turn on a botch.


Tank Operator
Tailor (men's clothes)
Tarot Card Reading
Tightrope Walking
Time Traveler (non-magical)
Throwing, +1 hit and damage, +5' range
Torture - Effective use of Implements of Torture
Teaching: (field and grade)
Tournament Fighting (type-lance, sword, spear, other)
Trade (type-weapons, drugs, art, arms, slaves, antiques, etc)
Truck Driver


Undead Lore (aids in understanding the undead)
Underwater Demolition
Underground Survival (see survival, underground)


Ventriloquism: throw voice to make it appear that someone or something else is talking, or that voice is coming from elsewhere.
Veterinary Arts: the husbandry and medical care of animals
Voodoo (SA): curses and protection using rituals and enchanted objects through psychological persuasion. Improvise curses with use of objects such as animal parts, voodoo bags and dolls, +1 Persuasion vs. Logic. On success, the one cursed or protected believes so avidly that the curse or protection is real that they make it happen.


Weapons Use: Type
Weapons Dealer: (medieval or modern)
Weapons Smith: Sword or Firearms
Weather Prediction: +1 instincts
Weaver: (cloth)
Weaver: (carpet)
Weaver: (basket)
Wicker Craft:
Wrestling: (sumo)
Writing: (what language)
Warfare Strategy: +1 init and movement to troops.
Wilderness Survival: (see survival, wilderness)
Witch Doctor (SA): Heals using medicinal plants and rituals. Curses, enhances healing, and protects through powers of persuasion through rituals and props such as plant bundles, medicine bags, claws, animal parts, etc. +1 Persuasion vs. Logic. On success, the one being healed, cursed or protected believes so avidly that the curse or protection is real that they make it happen. +1 d6 HP healing with medicinal herbs, +2 d6 HP healing with ritual and herbs.


X-Ray Diagnostics: diagnosing an injury or illness with x-rays.
Xenobiology: The study of alien life.
Xerophile: One who thrives in a dry habitat, +25% heat tolerance.
Xoana Craftsman: one who sculpts wooden statues of gods.
Xylene Chemist: one who makes a highly flammable, explosive, solvent chemical called xylene from petroleum, natural gas, tar, and coal.
Xylographer: the skill of making wood engravings and printing from them.


Yachting: sailing a yacht with 3 or more cabin suites.
Yacking or Yammering: blather continuously about trivial things, +1 distraction.
Yardman: Someone who works in a lumber or railroad yard.
Yardman, Castle: Some who works in a courtyard keeping the grounds and gates in order.
Yardmaster: Someone in charge of a lumber or railroad yard.
Yardmaster, Castle: Someone in charge of a courtyard's grounds and gates.
Yare: quick and always prepared, +1 dexterity, alertness, and movement.
Yarning: Adept at telling stories and tall tales, +1 charisma, +1 distraction.
Yes-Man: Someone who always agrees and is submissive towards their superiors.
Yea-Sayer: Someone who is always confident and optimistic, +1 confidence charisma, and optimism, +1 mental checks to those whose moral they lift.
Yeoman: Military cleric serving under a commander, or a servant employed by a leader.
Yodel: sing rapidly between a normal and falsetto voice, increases voice range +50 yards
Yoga: +1 strength, +1 dexterity, +1 willpower
Yo-yo Expert: distract and amuse others, +1 distraction.


Z-Particle Touch (SA): dissolve matter by touch.
Z-Axis Sense (SA): allows planes walkers, space travelers, and dimensional travelers to change direction as they travel without losing direction in space.
Zanier: clown or buffoon who entertains, +1 charisma, +1 distraction.
Zapateado: dance of tempo with tapping of the feet (Spanish)
Zappier: to be lively and forcefully impressive
Zaxman: someone adept at the art of cutting, shaping, and laying slate.
Zazen: a form of Zen meditation, +1 all checks after meditating.
Zeal: enthusiastic energy for a cause, +1 Physical checks and mental checks when zeal comes into play.
Zeal, Battle: energy and enthusiasm is contagious, +1 charisma, +1 physical and mental checks, +1 per ace to allies when zeal comes into play.
Zen: The study and practice of Zen meditation to gain insight, +1 intelligence, +2 perception, +1 sixth sense, and +1 physical checks.
Zenith Adaptation: adapts easily to heights and extreme heights, take no hindrances with heights, gain +1 on any roll advantage, good for flying creatures to have.
Zeolithic (SA): flesh fused with flexible and resiliently amorphous silicates and igneous rock, Fortitude+5, strength+1.
Zeppelin Pilot: ability and knowledge of zeppelins and how to fly, maneuver and navigate them.
Zero-Defect: ability to perform any action without flaw or error, +1 d6 or +1 HB on any roll.
Zero-Gravity Adaptation: tolerate weightlessness without any hindrances.
Zirconiumite (SA): flesh fused with flexible and resilient zirconium, Fortitude+10, strength dexterity and movement -1.
Zitherist: knowledge of how to play a zither, +1 charisma.
Zodiac Master: one who creates zodiacs and designates the relationships of the stars and planets to behavior patterns and the fortunes of people born under those signs.
Zoetrope Illusionist: the ability to use zoetropes (drums with shapes cut out with candles or a light source inside) with light and motion to create the illusion of ghosts, spirits, shadows or other shapes, to deceive people, entertain them, or to scare people away.
Zombification Craft: the ability to delude others with a psychological condition of body enslavement. Those affected believe that their awareness is retained in an object such as a jar or stone, allowing the one who possesses their will to command their actions. +1 on charisma, logic for persuasion vs. willpower and logic of target.
Zookeeper: one who takes care of animals in a zoo.
Zoogeography: The study of places where animals live.
Zoologist: the scientific study of animals and all aspects of animal life.
Zoomorphic Traits: (type) one who is part animal. Stats include animal parts like claws, wings, etc.
Zoophilism: A strong affinity for animals and a devotion to protecting or rescuing them from those who exploit or endanger them, +1 mental rolls vs. animal responses.
Zoophiliath (SA): Having the ability to interbreed with animals and create hybrids of that animal type (GM discretion).
Zoophobian (SA): Someone with a presence which causes others to have a great fear of all animals not of same species, +1 willpower vs. logic, -2 on all rolls to those affected when confronting or in the presence of an animal.
Zooplasty: transplanting animal organs into a human or humanoid.
Zootoxin (SA): (type) having a poisonous bite, claws, or skin.
Zorbing: the skill of rolling down a hill strapped in a large ball, or holding onto handles in a large ball.
Zymologist: the study, chemistry, and application of fermentation processes in the making of wine, beer and other fermented drinks.

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