Stamina 1 (Levels 1-3)
Stir the Air - Can change wind direction or blow something light off a surface.
Air Hike - leap up to +1 foot in height per success, remained suspended for 1 turn +1 turn per ace.
Snuff Candle - Waft of air blows a candle out.
Breath of Fresh Air - Freshens the air in a small area (1 square foot per success).

Stamina 2 (Levels 4-6)
Refreshing Breeze - Cools and refreshes hot or stagnant air.
Air Net - Catches someone falling to let them down gently.
Air Walk - Target can walk soundlessly as if on air.
Bubble of Fresh Air - Fresh air surrounds those selected.

Stamina 3 (Levels 7-9)
Wind - Fairly strong wind which can stir up waves with directional control. Comes in handy at sea.
Doorway of Air - Invisible doorway which only those selected can see and enter.
Air Glide - Glide on air from one point to another across ravines, rooftop to rooftop, from mountain to mountain, etc. Must be on high ground.
Purify Air - Up to one acre per success.

Stamina 4 (Levels 10-12)
Gusting Wind - Strong Gusts of wind, 1 gust per success.
Snuff the Air - Air is snuffed from called area to suffocate those who require air to breathe, also snuffs flames. Up to 1 square yard per success.
Wind Funnel - Lifts things in its path and deposits them elsewhere, up to 10 pounds per success. Can form water spouts over water.
Air Cloak - Makes target invisible and register to senses as air.

Stamina 5 (Levels 13-15)
Gale force Winds - Wings strong enough to blow dead trees down.
Air Strider - Person affected by this power can close distances through the elemental plane of air.
Ethereality - Makes select target ethereal.
Bridge of Air - An invisible bridge of air only those selected can see and walk across.

Stamina 6 (Levels 16-18)
Wind Shear - Rips paths through trees and roofs off buildings, doing a lot of damage. Can blow someone across a rather large area and damage them severely.
Command the Wind - Control direction and force of wind up to 10 miles per hour per success.
Air Rocket - One selected streaks upward at blurring speed to great heights, and can plummet back down as rapidly to land light as a feather.
Enchant Weapon - Enchant a weapon with an air power, 1 MA-Level per success rolled.

Stamina 7 (Levels 19-21)
Wind Cyclone - A tornadic cyclone of wind that is strong enough to lift a house, but without much damage unless dropped from great heights as funnel retreats into the sky.
Air Phase - Phase through air to change positions unseen.
Shield of Air - Selected targets or site shifts partially into the elemental plane of air to disappear, while still concrete to those selected to see and contact targets. Anyone not selected will walk right through shield and protected targets.
Wind Gate - A doorway or gate which radiates such a powerful wind that no one can pass through door but those selected not to be affected. Destination of gate selected by caster.

Stamina 8 (Levels 22-24)
Hurricane Force Wind - Very destructive winds at 80+ miles per hour, +80 Wind force dmg.
Tornado - Caster controls path, +80 Wind force dmg.
Protection from Wind - Protects those selected or target area from high winds.
Wind Elemental - A wind Elemental is invoked from the elemental plane which can command elements at 1 Level per success. This elemental will guard a site as commanded by invoker, its willpower and ethics under command of the caster.

Stamina 9 (Levels 25-27)
Tornado Gate - Tornado sucks targets up and gates them to a select location. Wind force +90 damages those caught into gate.
Perpetuating Force - Any wind command can be increased in force by additional MA roll.
Wind Spear - The force of high winds is packed in each invisible spear and does damage equal to deadly winds while only affecting a single target, +90 dmg. Wind force.
Air Elemental Sword - The force of high winds is packed in a sword which strikes at enemies at guard of select person. Sword+30 dmg, +1 added base damage per success. Sword dispels when caster's stamina is low, or caster dispels sword.

Stamina 10 (Levels 28-30)
Finger of God-F5 tornado - Deadly and VERY destructive tornado, +100 Wind force dmg. Elementalist controls its path.
Wind Catalyst - A select catalyst triggers concentrated wind force damage to occur to person who triggered catalyst. Catalyst set by caster, up to +100 dmg as called.
Kingdom of Air - An entire kingdom can be shifted in the elemental plane of air, accessible and visible only to those selected.
Deaden Wind - Any wind force, no matter how great, suddenly ceases.

Stamina 11 (Levels 31-35)
Master of Air - elementalist can formulate air commands, create wind elementals, artifacts and items, use air commands for warding, and blend air commands with other gifts.

Stamina 12 (Levels 36-40)
Improved Power - elementalist can cast any air commands at these levels.

The Powers of Air

    There is far more to air than wind as these spells show. When formulating commands; keep in mind that a lack of air, what it contains, and the lightness of it can all play into the effects which can be harnessed.

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