Conjuration is a random gate summoning spell which locks on to the desired item from a random location, either on the world conjurer inhabits, or from an elemental plane. Only at very high levels can plants and animals be conjured, and at no time can sentient organisms large or small be conjured.

1 (1-3) Conjure Food: 1 food item, +1 per ace.
2 (4-6) Conjure Liquid: called liquid including beverages, up to +8 ounces, +1 ounce per success. Liquid must be conjured into a ready container like a glass, bottle or jar or it spills onto the ground or all over conjurer. This spell fails on cream when used by a puka owed to a blood curse.
3 (7-9) Conjure Minor Item: conjure a single called item of a size that can be hand held. Items which already have recall on them cannot have recall placed on them.
4 (10-12) Conjure Normal Item: conjure item that will fit into an area of up to +1 foot, +1 per success.
5 (13-15): Conjure Gate: conjure a gateway which not only closes distances through the elemental plane of air, but which can show the conjurer a called location and the items on the other side. Also called a 'Burglary Gate' because it allows conjurer to select items seen on other side of the gate as long as it is open. Air gate can be seen as a slight refraction of anything behind it, and can be entered, while nothing on the conjurer's side can be seen through it.
6 (16-18): Conjure Elemental Item: conjure a called item enchanted with one called elemental power (refer to elemental spell books) or call an elemental power. Items which already have recall on them cannot have recall placed on them.
7 (19-21): Conjure Magic Item: conjure an item enchanted with a called arcane spell (from any arcane spell book) or formulated arcane spell (effects that are not elemental). Items which already have recall on them cannot have recall placed on them.
8 (22-24) Conjure Multiple Items: conjure up to +1 additional normal or minor item, food, or beverage as called per success.
9 (25-27) Conjure Layered Item: conjure an item with up to +1 elemental and or arcane effects, +1 per ace. Items which already have recall on them cannot have recall placed on them. When using this power there is a 25% chance of the item having recall on it when summoned.
10 (28-30) Conjure Plant: conjure a single called plant.
11 (31-35) Conjure Haven: conjure an 'unwarded' mansion or fortress out of a called location or elemental plane. Size can cover up to +10 square yards per success as called, doubled on a crit, with up to +1 room per success. Anyone inside of building when it is conjured is left on the ground where building was prior to being conjured.
12 (36-40) Improved Conjuration: conjure rare item if Level of item as called by GM is met. Scale of 28-80 +1 HB per ten levels = LoD roll, with 80 being only one in existance. Conjure large items and creatures which will fit in an area of up to +10 square yards per success, x 2 on a crit. = total square yards. All precious metals and gems are rare.
13 (41-45) Conjure Beast: conjure a single called normal (not sentient or magical) beast up to the size of a horse (use bestiary).
14 (46-50) Conjure Major Item: conjure up to +1 large item, plant or beast, +1 per ace, such as boulders, trees, ships, lakes, houses, elephants, etc out of a called location or plane. Also conjure multiple plants and animals, +1, +1 per ace.

Conjuration Specifics

    Conjuration summons the called target via a gate from a random source and location and is technically theft, therefore it can have conseqences if the conjurer is caught with conjured items by the law or someone they stole it from. All conjured items can be kept, or be 'dismissed' in which case it returns to whereever it came from, and can be recalled at any time, wherefore the target becomes a 'borrowed item'.
    Conjuration is Illegal in some provinces, including but not limited to 'Castleguard, Cliff City, Inaaksu, and in an 'If you get caught' basis in Noct'maire.

    When conjuring items: use real materials in a functional way... for example: No 'lava lamp wax swords' unless you want it to break immediately and melt if it gets hot. No, 'pink' elephants, because if it does not exist in our universe, or on a TMK page, it does not exist without GM approval first. In otherwords, don't make things ridiculous just because you can.

    Items that can be held in the hand, like weapons or jewelry (as long as stones or metals are not rare) can be more easily conjured.
    Large items like transports or ships are FAR more difficult to 'conjure'.
    Animals can be 'conjured' as a random gate seizure of called creature, which does NOT allow command of creature conjured. Called creature is not 'created' therefore it must already exist, and like all other conjured things, is brought from a random location which can be specified (to spice up a scene) but does not have to be. "Did ye see that Elma? My blasted cow just up and vanished!"
    Conjuration cannot be used to conjure ANY sentient being.
    Rare Items are difficult to summon. All precious metals and gems are rare. Some things in the game NEED to be hard to come by.

    Most mortal magic wielders have limited paths. There are few exceptions. These paths are also sometimes passed down through blood lines by immortals. The advantage to Limited Paths is that it makes a mage more specialized. If 'innate' this paths cost half that of full paths.

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