Path of Dementia

1-[1-3] Stupefy: scrambles subject's senses making them dazed and confused, -1 AR per success.
2-[4-6] Visual Projection: subject sees glimpses of things that are not there which cabalist projects from his mind.
3-[7-9] Sensory Illusion: cabalist causes another to smell, feel, hear or sense things that are not there.
4-[10-12] Deluded Perception: subject's perception is deluded by FALSE visions, scents, tastes, sensations, and sounds as called.
5-[13-15] Dementia: subject collapses into a full blown, schizophrenic attack which the cabalist formulates, and can not tell the difference between reality and delusions.
6-[16-18] Abhorrent Psychosis: subject hates everything in sight and rants and raves about what they hate about it, growing unnaturally violent as their temper boils over with abhorrence. Cabalist meanwhile blinds subject's perception to their presence.
7-[19-21] Insanity: cabalist implants subject's mind with a permanent psychosis, determining what triggers it and the effects of that trigger.
8-[22-24] Addled Dementation: subject is reduced to a permanent state of dementia and become very absent minded, forgetting one moment to the next while they are incapable of separating reality from their frequent hallucinations which include touch, taste, hearing, scent and vision.
9-[25-27] Nightmare Reality: victim lives a nightmare of their worst fears and is unaware it is all a delusional manifestation of their deepest dread.
10-[28-30] Architect of Reality: cabalist invents subject's sense of reality, dictating every aspect of their mental, physical and emotional perception.
11-[31-35] Improved Power
12-[36-40] Improved Power

Users of Limited Paths

    Most mortal magic wielders have limited paths. There are few exceptions. These paths are also sometimes passed down through blood lines by immortals. The advantage to Limited Paths is that it makes a mage more specialized. These paths cost half that of full paths.

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