Native Races and NPCs of the Eastfold

Anrhab Mordurg

Black Robe Lich, there is only one in Mephais and no one knows what he is; an ancient undead sorcerer out of the race of the Mortaeun. His twin sons have not reached Black Robe Ascension.

Eir Provus Bhiragast Hesstromeph: Grand Arch Necromancer, level 68, King of the Eastfold. Resides in An Mordanth Suil es Hesstromeph {The Black Tower of Hesstromeph} {WARDED} {I} in An Dorcha Taern, a valley ringed by a steep wall of mountains.
Information: Crossing him is a bad idea. His appearance is of an ebony skeleton with intense twilight blue eyes, always clad in flowing robes and a hooded mantle. Only his most trusted have ever actually seen him, for typically he is so well concealed when on the battle field, or in counsels, in a full suite of chain and plate armor, goat skull helm and cloak, that his appearance is unidentifiable.
Disadvantages: Wizard and light attacks do double damage.
Advantages: Telepathic, Mortaeun Presence, Domination, Swiftness +8, Improved Dexterity +4, Resist heat, cold and disease 95%.

Mortaeun Presence
1-[1-3]-Affect Mood
2-[4-6]-Affect Respect
3-[7-9]-Affect Awe
4-[10-12]-Boost Courage: +1 per mental, physical and AR per success +1
5-[13-15]-Shatter Courage: -1 courage and constitution per success
6-[16-18]-Stun Senses: -1-HB, -1-HB per ACE, -1 per success all mental checks
7-[19-21]-Valor: +1-HB, +10 Stamina, +5-Willpower and Constitution, +1-HB per ACE, can affect anyone selected within sight of elf.
8-[22-24]-Petrify: 0-HB, -1 AR per success, -1 Stamina per success
9-[25-27]-Majesty: great sense of awe, respect, and obedience overcomes those inflicted
10-[28-30]-Self-Command: mage can resist any power which affects his will, body, or mind
11-[31-35]-Eminent Valor: called subjects in sight can resist any power which affects their will, body, or mind. +1-HB per ace, +10 Stamina, +5-Willpower and Constitution, lasts 1 AR per success
12-[36-40]-Arch Presence: presence used emits at a higher level of power

Lich Advantages:
Phylactory: HP = to Liches, if destroyed, Lich is diminished to a quasi-immortal state at what time he looses all Lich advantages, including Black Robe Magic, and power drops -5 levels.
Damage Resistance: physical form resists piercing, cutting, or impact damage by 50%, +50 AC robes.

Anrhab Presence
Radius of Presence: up to +1 yard per success as called
Duration: +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
1-[1-3] Dread Presence:  Roll Constitution to save or flee in terror for 0 HB one turn.
2-[4-6] Dark Influence: if a check save fails Lich can command actions of one affected for +1 AR, +1 per ace actions.
3-[7-9] Wilting Presence: presence drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace and damages.
4-[10-12] Dread Assimilation: lich drains -1 stamina and strength, -1 per ace and soaks it into its own body to boost its own stamina and strength.
5-[13-15] Aura of Terror: A shadowy aura surrounds the Lich which causes paralyzing terror; -1 AR, -1 per ace, or flee in terror for 0 HB for one turn.
6-[16-18]-Stunning Presence: -1 AR, -1 per ace, with loss of -1 WP per action lost, and does aggravated damage.
7-[19-21]-Abysmal Presence: roll const. to save or all in area take damage, plus -1 stamina, -1 strength, and -1 Will, -1 per ace, and -1 mvm per success until affected area is escaped. 
8-[22-24]-Petrification: 0-HB, -1 mvm and AR, -1 per ace, petrified into stone-like state at 0 mvm if const. save fails.
9-[25-27]-Dark Majesty: obedience overcomes those inflicted with -1 temporary loss of WP, -1 per ace.
10-[28-30]-Command the Temple: Lich can resist any power which affects his will, body, or mind at +2% per success and gains superior focus with +1 const, +1 per ace, +10 Health Bonus and Stamina, +1 WP, +1 per ace.
11-[31-35]-Shield the Temple: Covers called subjects in sight with Command the Temple.
12-[36-40]-Supreme Presence: combine up to +1 presence effects, +1 per ace, or emit presence at a higher level of power
Magic: His knowledge of magic is simply terrifying. He is a Legendary Undead Mage of Necromancy, Spectremancy, Sorcery, Dark Invocation, Black Robe Magic, the Abyss, Earth Elements, Electrical Elements, Fire Elements, and the Shadow Path. 

Magic Skills
All skills are at Level of Mage, +1 wisdom for each skill taken.
Alchemy: use of chemistry with enchantment to alter one form or mineral into another, create life lengthening elixirs, and make potions to cure diseases, curses, and poisons.
Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.
Arcane Cryptology:  knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic, +1 MA-Level high level knowledge of magic, only one level allowed
Arcane Mineralogy:  knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors
Arcane Tactics, +1 on all spell check rolls
Arcanology: study of the history of magic +1 success when learning spells
Augury: divination of present incidents
Saving Throw Bonus, +1
Chaos Lore:  Understanding of chaos and how it relates and interacts with all things. Understanding how to tap and apply the power of chaos, +1 on spell checks.
Create Arcane Runes: creation of runic languages.
Cryptanalysis: decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
Cryptography: writing, reading, and creation of runes, seals, hieroglyphs, and symbols
Hidden Lore: (type) gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge.
Magic Adjustment: +10% adjust a spell to get past defenses or attacks while casting by adjusting power to an alternate channel of energy
Magic Damper: +1, dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success.
Magic Enhancer: +1
Magic Modifier: +10%, modify power to counter magic adjustment and anti-factors
Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +1 HB.
Occultism: Necromancy, +1 Level in path occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Demonology +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Occultism: Vampire +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess.
Quick Casting: +1 HB spells
Read Runes: Elven, Chaos, Acheron, Native Demons.
Research: +10 XP towards field of study when roll succeeds against research LoD
Reasoning Expertise: +1 Mental Checks.
Rites: Demon Summoning
Rituals: Recreation through the Cauldron of the Abyss
Signature Spells: Black Robe Magic; Bloody Hand.  Necromancy;  Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. 0-Stamina first cast once a day
Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking
Arcane Soothsayer: read enchanted cauldron and bones to make predictions.
Thaumaturgy: knowledge of magic applications and disciplines, +1 Ace to all magic rolls.
Undead Lore: aids in understanding the undead, wisdom vs. key level of undead creature to discover creature’s secrets.
Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.

Black Robe Magic
All of these powers are contained within the Lich’s robe.
Area: up to +1 yard per success as called
Duration: +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
Stamina Cost: determined by level used.
Chamber of Death: marked by black flame braziers, any chamber.  All who are not selected to enter die within seconds of entering the chamber.  No saves, and no counter.  Entering chamber determines death; used to protect prisoners, treasures, and items. +2 save vs. counter magic.
Bloody Hand:  Lich extends hand, palm towards victim and drains -1 pint of blood, -1 per ace from target and soaks it into its own body to increase its strength and stamina by +1, +1 per ace.  Target suffers damage and stamina loss equal to amount of blood drained.  Roll focus vs. dex and mvm on those who attempt to escape.
Arcane Gauntlet: A chosen area is set with arcane traps, up to +1 called trap per success in area.  All do normal damage on a hit.
Sanctuary of the Undead: only undead can enter area or suffer massive (critical) damage until they leave the area.
Black Robe Scrolls:  All black robe scroll magic can only be dispelled by destroying the scroll itself before the spell is cast. Arcane Strength of scroll is total power of roll.  Number of scrolls allowed before making more is +1 per success.
Blades of Terror: up to +1 blade, +1 per ace bladed weapons which are wielded by spirit hands.  Each does +1 aggravated wounding damage per success, -1 stamina per hit, -1 WP and Const. per hit, -1 all around arcane level per hit, and has +1 HB, +1 per ace
Deadly Quarter:  Lich has aggravated riposte of +40 damage; crits included, on each block while wielding a weapon.
Arcane Supremacy: +1 HB, +1 per ace on all targeting, +4 d6 power or damage on all hits, +1 d6 per ace power boost, +1 free save per ace vs. any magic oriented roll per encounter, +1 free re-roll per ace during an encounter. Stamina cost of 12.
Cauldron of the Abyss:  Power boost of +4 d6.  Create abyss items and monsters at total successes = level, or add extra damage to a spell by +4 d6.  Use power of the cauldron to turn victims into a called abyss monster or creature.
Blood of the Abyss: imbue the blood of a subject with this power to turn them into slaves by draining their will.  By infecting them a second time with this blood; Lich can shape them by the power of this blood into a called creature.
Black Robe Formulation:  Formulate or improvise any dark spell as called, botches with 0 aces for normal backlash damage.
Raise Grim Undead:  Level is stamina spent = # d6, total roll = max level.  Adjust checks according to level.  Vital Force is Level x 20 +100 HP.  After a weak their Vital Force improves to Level x 30 +100.  Grim are raised evil dead warriors whose bodies are still intact.  They are a deathly, ashy, pale-blue color with hardly any pigment to their dead eyes.  Death by complete destruction of their bodies or heads, or they keep self resurrecting to rise from the ground in one to three turns.  Grim act as allies to the one who raised them, with 20% chance of turning against the one who disturbed them from their rest. Those who do not turn against their master are extremely grateful to be somewhat alive again.  Grim do not eat, in fact they long to taste food and wine again but cannot taste anything at all.  Their Vital Force is maintained by the energy they drain from living things.  The sight of food and drink actually depresses them. They can actually be won over by giving them the ability to taste and feel the effects of intoxicants.

Poor Senses: 9-12 vision, hearing, olfactory night or day vs. Stealth Attacks.
Light Sensitivity: bright light, blinds for LoD roll of -1 AR, -1 per ace
Fear of Holy Relics and Divine Creatures: These undead fear being cast back into purgatory so fiercely that they fear anything holy which might send them back into perdition. Roll Constitution check vs. being repelled in the presence of holy relics or creatures. 

Powers of the Grim
Undead Quarter: Riposte that drains -1 stamina and strength, and damages Level +10 on each block.
Abyssal Shocking Sword: +38, not a normal element, elemental resistance fails against this power, MA damage, -1 AR, -1 per ace stun, energy drain, -1 arcane and elemental levels per hit, +1 HB precision to Grim.
Necromantic Arrow: a magic arrow that does +20 normal damage, with armor piecing of strength +10, that degenerates for aggravated MA damage until power is evacuated.
Necromantic Armor: AC = Level, Damages by same points as AC each time armor is hit.
Morbid Breath: forms a vaporous cloud of vapors which drains willpower and causes drowsiness for -1 WP, dex, ref, and AR, -1 each per ace.
Undead Alliance: turns other undead to their side.
Grim Cloud: traps target into a cloud of vapors which turns the one trapped into a Grim Undead in 2 d6 turns. Save to escape cloud, or power of disperse with higher roll.
Energy Consumption: drain energy from living things, plant or animal, to heal vital force, same points as any healing power.  Drains stamina and strength and damages if focused on one thing. Takes one turn.

Advantages of the Grim

Undead Invulnerability: wounds do nothing to daunt this undead but they do damage its vital force.
WoD:  Its body or head must be completely annihilated to destroy a Grim. 
Auto-Resurrection: within 1 d3 turns if beheaded or if limbs are hacked off.
Abyssal Blast: Grim explode in a discharge of abyssal power of level = feet radius on a death blow.  Does critical damage to anyone caught in area of its blast.  Critical MA damage, stuns for -1 AR, -1 per ace, energy drain, -1 arcane and elemental levels, -1 per ace.
Physical Prowess: reflexes +6, dexterity +4, mvm +5, strength +7
Undead Legion:  Raise a legion of up to +1 Grim Undead creatures per success at one time.  Roll for level of each creature, +1 d6 per stamina spent, total roll = max level.
Dominate Undead: allows Lich to control undead and command them. 

Ariad Elves

Elven race of the Desert. Very handsome, Dark skinned, black hair, some have light-colored eyes, they tend to believe in honor among their own and their allies, and tend to be distrustful of strangers.

Key NPC:
High Elder Galmalmeth:
Elder Wyrvaust: Location: Nomadic with Dum Oasis Fortress {WARDED} {L} as a base owed to their alliance with Behesthma and Hesstromeph.
Disadvantages: Distrustful, vulnerable to mortal wounds.
Advantages: Telepathic, Presence, Haste, improved dexterity, resist heat, resist disease, resist charms, quasi-immortal. Mephais Elf stats.
Magic: (Innate) Shadow Realm, Shadow Elements, Phasing, Healing, Animal Whisper. Information: Ariad elves believe in self; self-discipline, self-reliance, self-advocacy, self-education, self-awareness, independance their greatest teacher. Children are sent out into the world to make their way at a young age between thirteen and seventeen, and if they have younger siblings they are often paired off and sent off with a brother or sister or two. When the youngest of a pair or group comes of age (when they stop aging anywhere between twenty and a hundred) they return to their tribe to present what they have made of themselves to the tribe chief. Some Ariad youngers form tribes of their own with other young Ariad, others seek mentors to educate them or train under, some learn by becoming explorers, still others look to gain experience by working for someone else, which is considered the easiest path to choose, so serving others is not often looked upon favorably. When young Ariad return home to stand before their tribe leader, it is a private affair between youngers and their chief.

Ardennian Dumaedor Demons

Arddenian Dumaedor demons are also called Badlands Demons. These Demons are from Mephais and are mostly elven in appearance, albeit they have outstanding characteristics. They have an earth brown or mahogony skin pigment, black, silver flecked eyes with veins of grey, fangs with some sharp molars, dramatic brow horns with brow points varying in shape, and when they turn beastial their flesh turns jet or mahogany brown and leathery. They are otherwise elven-like in appearance, with very human hands and feet and elvish ears. These demons are sometimes confused with their predecessors, the Barrenseas Demons because of the brow horns despite how elven they look. They are demonic enough in appearance to recognize as demons unless sired, whereof they appear like their subrace. These demons are far more physically vulnerable than most demons. They do not have the same base demon powers as many Acheron demons do, but they can sire clan demons with their blood. This is what demons were like before many of them embraced Acheron and became corrupted. Many demons are also the incarnates of badlands demons' souls.
 Key NPC:
Eir Domus (high regent) Aelroth {PC} Behesthma: No longer in Mephais
Eir Domus Torgaus Mauldum:
Mauldum resides between Morbh Bien Bhrughir {Dark Mountains Castle} {WARDED} {K} the Dum Oasis Fortress {WARDED} {L}.
Kaom Ckage: Cage; Resides with his Sire Behesthma, and is his Knight Captain at arms.  Trapped in the Sprawl currently.

Levels 5-30

Regeneration: Level +1, +1 per level
Fortitude: +2 in Human Form, + 6 in demon form
Claws: +12
Fangs: +10
Wings: Strength +3 = dmg}
Chameleon Phases: +15-Stealth
Strength: +5
Stamina: +8
Checks: Human or Elven + Bonuses.
Blood Bond: their blood has powerful bonding and dominating properties which makes those they bond very attached and obediant to them. They can also locate their blood thralls through this bond.
Bonded Siring: these demons must blood bond their subject for a period of 1 month per generation to sire another. At the end of this period the subject dies from the deadly power in the demon's blood, at what time the demon must imbue the dead subject with a large amount (2 pints per gen) of their blood to raise them as a badland demon. If they have low regeneration this can take some time. The Progeny is reborn as they were in appearance but with the skin, hair, and eye pigemt of their sire, and with their sire's abilities.
Addictive Blood: their blood has such strong bonding properties that it is craved by those who drink it. Once they sire someone they often have difficulty breaking the blood habit. Some never do.
Badland Blood: their blood has deadly properties which builds up in another over time and when enough of their fatal power accumulates in another (1 month per generation) it kills the drinker suddenly, with no prior side affects. Badland demons are not affected by the fatal power of their own kind's blood.
Arcane Lich Ascension: Chaotic and Evil aligned only. If these demons become greedy for power at level 21+, and seek to surpass their arcane limit by performing a special dark rite to seek a higher demon's aid in their pursuit for power, they gain +2 levels in all powers and traits and plunge into the abyss and from there are imbued with the negative energies of the abyss. This results in them changing into Arcane Demon Liches. Add current abilities and inborn powers to Arcane Lich, see Lich, Arcane in bestiary. Arcane Paths: Necromancy, Sorcery and Curses, 12 spells in each path, levels 1-30
Arcane Demon Lich Paths: Necromancy, Sorcery and Curses, learn full paths at levels 1-40
Classes and Alignment:

Ardennian Bhassah Maul Demons

Barrenseas Demons are Arddenian demons, the order of demons which many other demons evolved from, and appear elf-like with sienna-brown skin, long elvish ears, claws, large fangs, dramatic brow horns, and reptilian coloured eyes. They can be of any alignment and unlike their badlands cousins, they do not sire but reproduce by having live offspring. This is what demons were like before evolving into Badlands demons or embracing Acheron which corrupted them. Many demons are also the incarnates of these demons souls. These demons appear elf like and can be of any alignment.
Key NPC:
Baust: Baust has a band of his own, and is extremely noble, an independant who serves no one other than his own clan, which is nomadic.
Mauldir: and those Bhassah Maul he Lords over, serve Hesstromeph. Mauldir and some of his clan demons are based at Dum Oasis Fortress {WARDED} {L}.
Vulnerable to cold temperatures and extreme blood loss. 
Strict carnivores.

Immune to heat and fire
Regeneration: Base Level:  8 (Lowers -1 per 100 damage with blood loss), Telepathic.
Stats: Human Checks with +5 Strength, and +8 each Sense.
Arcane Paths:
Sorcery: 8 Spells
Necromancy: 8 Spells
Fire Elements: Any
Wind Elements: Any
Classes: Any.

Bane Wraiths

Minion Black Death Wraiths which serve whatever mage that is able to summon them (diff-40), and which will take commands from various leaders which serve their master. They are black and have no definite form other than that of a shadow of the warrior they once were in life. They wear concealing cloaks or armour. Their souls were raised out of the underworld.  Powers all deal with draining life, essence and energy and converting it to raw negative energy to improve their own power.
Levels: 7 d6, 7 d6 checks
Vital Force: Level x 30 +10 = HP.
Disadvantages: Will enslaved to master, Raise the Dead harms or destroy them.
Advantages: No physical form to take damage, +2 saving throw bonus. 
Damage Channeling: all damage done to them is regulated by their shadowy manifestation.  They take a set amount of damage by specific powers alone, and nothing else can harm them
Attack Damage:  Level=Damage
Raise the Dead: detroys or lowers HP by 50%

Fire: +1 damage per level
Light Attacks: repulses, +1 damage per 10 levels
Divine Light Attacks: repulses, +2 damage per 10 levels
Crits: double damage.
Drain Life: -1 stamina per success, -1 willpower per success, damages.  Wraith gains what it drains in HP
Bane of Essence: -1 level.  Wraith gains 1 level for next turn, can accumulate levels if not used, but must release all accumulated levels at once when used
Drain Energy: -1 stamina and strength per success.  Wraith gains stamina and strength drained.

Duminor Vampires

Vampires reborn of the desert.  These vampires are Immune to Sunlight.
Key NPC:
Elder Gilgoth: a second generation Duminor. 
Disadvantages:  They cannot use their path of blood and necromantic magic while exposed to the sun, without risking lowering their radiation immunity by -50%.   Drink Water: like humans, these vampires require water to survive and get dehydrated if they do not drink enough water.  Water can be attained by drinking blood.
Improved Strength: +8 in elven form
Keen Senses:  +30 to split between senses or +10 alertness.
Retractable Fangs: +10, large curved fangs like a lion's in vampire form, +3 in subrace form
Retractable Claws: +15, large heavy claws in vampire form, +5 subrace form
Feral Strength:  +15, +1 per two levels in vampire form

Rage: +25, +1 per two levels, base strength in any form, 0 HB defense when enraged, lasts at least 1 d6+2 actions (AR)
Fortitude:  +12
Improved Stamina:  +10
Hasted Movement: +5 movement, +1 per two levels
Far Leap: 2 d6, +1 per five levels, total = max distance covered. Also doubles as added kicking damage.
Lion's Grace: +5 natural dexterity and reflexes, +1 per two levels
Immune to Sunlight: sunlight has no ill affect on these vampires unless they use their blood sorcery or necromancy during daylight hours, which lowers their resistant to the sun by 50% until it sets.

Inborn Powers
Domination: inborn power
Charm by Gaze: power boosted by willpower vs. willpower
Presence: inborn power
Masters of Reality: choose 12 spells from the paths of phantasmancy, mental tower and dementia in limited paths, or illusory in Arcane Paths as a limited, innate path.
Telepathy: inborn powers.
Arcane Paths:  Conjuration, Blood Sorcery (limited), Necromancy (arcane, full path) and Path of Shadows (elemental, full path).

Mephais Vampires

Leader:  Arch Elder Kael Mephais, Primogen Father of the Mephais Vampire race, human in appearance. (NPC)

Subrace Form:  This is the form of the race they were born of.  It can be any race of mortal, long lived, or quasi-immortal people, usually people found in Mephais, though like all people, these vampires can travel and settle in other places.  They are weaker in their subrace form.  Conceives a child of mephais vampire form only.  Drink Blood.
Vampiric Form:  Half animal face and head with very large tapered ears either perk like a bat or flop like a goat; large slanted eyes with slit pupils; wide mouths with large fangs, massive feathered wings the basic color of their hair and fur which have claw talons on the elbows; heavily clawed feet; fur covering most of the body with exception of face, palms, soles of feet and privates.  Powerful animal-like legs in bipedal pose.  Conceives a child of their vampiric form only.  Drink Blood.
Demon Form:  slightly bestial face with large ears that are perked or flop;  brow or crown horns either flared like a goat's or shaped like antlers; feathered wings the color of their hair; tri-cloven claw-like hooves; curved horns down the spine from between the shoulders to the lower back; body is hairless with thick flesh like a Rhino's, brown or sandy tan in color; sharp teeth as well as fangs; a long reptilian tail.  Powerful animal-like legs in bipedal pose.   Conceives a child of their demon form only.  Drink Blood and Eat Flesh.
Vampiric Demon Form:  bestial face (half animal, half humanoid) with horns and large flop or perk ears; three large toes with heavy claws; curved horns down the spine from between the shoulders to the lower back; sharp teeth as well as fangs; a long reptilian tail; feathered wings, body is hairless with tough, thick flesh like a Rhino's, brown or sandy tan in color; heavily clawed hands.   Powerful animal-like legs in bipedal pose.  Conceives a child of their vampiric form and demon form.  Drink Blood and Eat Flesh.
Assimilated Forms:  +1 chosen form per level.
Devil Form:  Ascend to this form at level 36 unless conceived as a devil.  Horns shaped like antlers which do not shed, naked animal head with wide mouth, large fangs, sharp teeth, bat-like wings and a naked fleshed tail, beard like catfish-whiskers, long claws on hands, five large claws on feet almost like toe-hooves, large ears, either flopped or perked.  Satiny but tough leather flesh which is earthy brown or tawny like sand in color.  Powerful animal-like legs in bipedal pose.  Conceives a child of their devil form only.  Drink Blood, Eat Flesh and Devour Souls.

Sun Bane: in vampiric form, 10% HP damage per turn exposed, death in ten turns.
Dead Blood Consequence: causes pain and illness to drink the blood of the dead, damages 2 d6 each turn drinking dead blood, until spirit of the victim is breathed into their soul, otherwise aggravated damage and pain continues for 2 d6 turns.
Sire by Conception:  These vampires cannot sire by blood, only by conceiving a child out of a chosen race of people.  They cannot breed with each other either, only with mortal, long lived, or quasi-immortal people.  The children they conceive are born as Mephais Vampires however.

Haste:  +10 movement in any key form but subrace, +6 in subrace form.
Supernatural Strength:  see in form traits below.
Keen Perception:  +5 instincts
Keen Senses: +25 to split between senses, or +8 alertness.
Retractable: Fangs +8, Claws +12, and Wings +5, +18 AC in vampiric or demonic form.
Sun Resistant Forms:  they can take full demon form, or an assimilated form to resist the sun.

Trait Powers
Shapeshifting:  from demonic form, +1 form per level, see information section.
Possession: from demonic form, inborn powers
Vampiric Charms:  charm by gaze, by voice, by presence, includes presence (inborn power) and phantasms (limited paths).  Level +7 vs. Constitution for mental influence, vs. Logic for illusory.
Telekinesis: innate, see inborn powers, +1 level gained per successful active application.
Whithering Touch:  drains -1 stamina and strength per ace, and damages.

Form Traits
Subrace Form:  Fortitude: 8, Base Regeneration of 6, Partial Shifts into claws, wings, fangs, tough flesh=demonic fortitude, Strength +5. Drink Blood.
Fangs:  +1 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +5.
Claws:  +2 damage per 100 years of age with max damage of +15.
Wings:  If Winged; Massive, black, bat-like wings, retractable, can shield from attacks but ability to fly is compromised if wings are badly damaged. Flight must be learned and perfected. Flight Level = Form Trait Level. Wing Fortitude is 50% of fortitude.
Improved Height:  In vampiric, demon, or devil forms, greater range with melee weapons and physical attacks, +1 hit and defense bonus-range advantage per +1 foot increase in height, up to +4 feet height.  Height disadvantages apply.
Bestial Legs:  all forms but subrace.  +5 strength for kicks and +10 movement, leap up to +2 d6 +10 feet, +15 damage claw rake.
Vampiric Form:  Fortitude: 14, Strength: +6, Stamina enhanced x 2, Base Regeneration: 11.  Drink Blood.
Demon Form:  Fortitude: 18, Strength: +9,  Stamina enhanced x 2, Base Regeneration: 11.  Drink Blood.
Devil Form: Levels 36+; +2 d6 to all rolls, +2 chosen paths (no wizard or light) and +5 to all demon trait stats and physical checks, born as Mephais Devil, +1 d6 on all rolls, and +3 to all demon trait stats and physical checks.

Special Abilities (SA)
Shadowy Menace:  all forms but subrace; Shadows spread around vampire and presence emits an aura of terror in full form shift. Level = # d6 +7 vs. Constitution.  Those affected are either paralyzed with fear (on a crit for -1 AR per ace) or flee.
Physical Majesty: in any form but subrace, All physical checks increased by +10, Stamina enhanced by x 2.
Dervish Aura:  Vampire emites a dark aura which can stupify (-1 AR per ace), dominate (if the will is overpowered), or instill a called emotion in those within sight of them (if constitution is overpowered).
Devour Soul:  devils only; +1 permanent stamina and +5 HP gained per soul, restores all HP, stamina and strength.

Arcane Paths
Blood Magic: (special) limited path
Fire Elements: full path
Dead Realms Magic:  limited path
Path of the Abyss:  full path

Blood Magic
Note: All blood transfers are done metaphysically thus these powers are of the will and oppose the will.
1-Blood Summoning: The ability of a Sire to call their blood children to them.
2-Entrance: Place target/s in a trance by imbuing them with a small amount of blood equal to about half a teaspoon per generation.
3-Pure Blood: Keeps blood placed in or transferred to a container or vessel pure, warm, and fresh until the blood is consumed or jettisoned from the container.
4-Blood Forte: Increase Fortitude by number of successes rolled, lasts until another blood magic power is used.
5-Bondage: Bond target to self or someone else by imbuing them with the blood of called vampire, devil, or demon.
6-Thief of Blood: Transfer the blood of another into self, another or a container as called through a 'blood gate'. +1 stamina per success restored, and total damaged to target rolled = HP restored.
7-Blood Fire:  tapping and channeling the element of fire through the life spark, morph a target's blood into flames. This power does critical damage and aggravated damage if it hits.
8-Blood Extremis: Torpor and petrify a vampire by draining all their blood at once then transfer the blood and preserve it in a select place. This power does critical damage if a petrifying blow (same as death blow) fails. This power is deadly if it crits on a human.
9-Breath of Doom:  Vampire can literally breathe in the life of any select target/s in sight, stealing -1 stamina per ace, -1 called level, and -1 HP per success, for a lasting duration (up to +1 month per success, +1 year per ace a called) that can be permanent if called and power crits naturally. This power does critical damage X 2.
10-Blood Domination: Vampire Dominates or enslaves a target's will utterly by imbuing them with a pint of their blood.
11-Vault of Blood:  Preserve a large amount of blood in a called vessel or basin up to the size of a small pool in any enclosed area. Used repeatedly, a lake of blood can be formed over time. Preserves up to total roll = gallons of blood preserved. Preserved blood remains fresh, warm and pure until consumed or removed from chosen vault.
12-Blood of the Masses:  Affect up to +1 target per success within sight-scent-range with any Blood Magic power by vampire imbuing each with a small amount of their blood.

Mephais Vampires are vampiric demon shapeshifters. They can shift to forms that are unaffected by the sun, their demonic embodiment included. These vampires have their original subrace form, but for each creature they drain dry of blood, they take into themselves their victims spirits and are able to shift into that creature's form, be it any animal or race they commit 'Blood Extremous' to. The process of drinking the blood of their prey {unless something small like a mouse, or bat} past the point of death is very painful, and makes them very ill until they consume the soul of that creature to heal themselves through the energy of that spirit. Sires can decide which attribute of their blood they want to pass onto their children by taking the form they wish to pass onto their child to insure the child is born as a vampire, a demon shapeshifter (Mephais Shapeshifter} or a vampiric demon shapeshifter. If killed while in a shift, that form dies, and they immediately shift into another, or their true form. Mephais Vampires sire children through procreation, not by blood exchange. Their children age quickly, are born three weeks after conception, and age one year per month afterwards. They stop aging between the ages of 16 (rare) and 30 months. They can produce children with any fertile people, but the child is born as as either a mephais vampire (subrace form only), a mephais vampire, a mephais demon, a mephais vampiric demon, or a mephais devil. (see forms below).

Neffari Tribesmen

Key NPC:
Chieftain Traeldhar Orym: Resides at Dum Oasis
Haer Lithrim Naustri: Nomadic, travels with his tribe.
Knight Captain Kaeom Ckage: PC, Resides with his Sire, Behesthma but leads the tribe he was born out of before his rebirth as a Dumaedor Demon, into battle during war.
Stats: Human Checks. 85% immutable MR.
Classes: Warrior, Merchant, Thief, Archer, Assassin, Rogue, Ranger (Sumaer), Bard (Taraa), Shaman (razha)
Neffari (neh-fah-rE) are humans from the deserts of Morashtar, these people have sienna brown, to earth brown skin. They have straight black hair, and dark brown, blue, or green eyes. They are an honor based society and hold honor within their customs, laws, and on a personal level very highly. This often leads to a stubborn sense of pride and that pride may lead to fanaticism of their laws, beliefs and customs in some cases. They observe the cycles of chaos as a guiding force and a religion and this balances those who observe the cycles of nature keenly within themselves. Their people have Kings who rule over a territory, which they guard as sacred. Their hierarchy goes like this: King, Prince, Queen, High Regent, Regent, Noble, Lord, Knight, Chieftain, Warrior, Soldier, Vassal. Each tribe, nomadic or not, is lead by a chieftain, and the tribe resides in the territory of a Neffari King and his nobles. Kingship falls to the hierarchy if a king dies, is killed, or grows incompetent. Some Neffari societies are corrupt, and others are not. Some Tribes are nomadic, others are not. A nomadic tribe from one kingdom, which enters the territory of another King, can be subject to questioning by the kingdom's knights or warriors, and if their presence in that domain is held suspect, the tribal chieftain will be taken before the King, while warriors guard the tribe. A tribe may only pass through the territory they are crossing, or remain in that territory, if the King permits it, otherwise the tribe must turn back and leave the territory they have infringed on. Meanwhile, their chieftain may be imprisoned, depending on what the king suspects or has discovered. This stems from ages of tribal and territorial warfare, and the fact that the Neffari guard their domains diligently, and are known to conquer other kingdoms. Lifespan of up to 200 years. These people speak Shaamaa, and Esurian, and some have picked up Cenys and English.

Bane Warriors

Wraith-Kin Demon Death Warriors.
Key NPC:
General Saulloth
Knight Captain Adremaess: Reside as Knight Guards at the Black Tower of Hestromeph {WARDED} {I} when not dispatched to oversee affairs elsewhere, or to lead troops into battle.
Wraith-Kin Demon Death Warriors. Created by Kahiran Blood magics only, often Guardians of a Blood Mage's lair or of a retinue. Can be summoned by the Blood Mage who created it only unless the mage which created it perishes. Rare to find an unbound Bane Wraith. Some blood mage retinues have Bane Warrior and Bane Wraith legions.

Levels: 7 d6, 7 d6 checks

Advantages: These warriors are corporeal Wraiths with black, scaled armor over a black skeletal form, with goat skull helms and black hooded cloaks.  They are powerful necromancers as well as warriors. They resist raise the dead and holy ascention powers which destroy most wraiths.  Their resistance in skeletal form is stronger, but resistance is lowered somewhat in shadow form, and if their physical form takes too much damage, they revert to shadow-wraith form for a number of days (1 d6 days).   When they revert to shadow form, their bones and armor fade away as their shadow form manifests.  Their shadow form is a black smokey shape of what of what they appeared like in life.

Shadow Bane Daggers: Quiver of 6 throwing daggers  +25 each
Shadow Inflict: victim is turned to Bane Warrior's side for 1 turn per success, and until cured if power of roll exceeds victim willpower.  On a crit, power from the blade turns victim into a Bane Warrior within two days.
Bane Sword: +38-Shadow Inflict, Same power as Bane Daggers
Twin Wrath Swords: +35, Turns victim into a Bane Wraith that is loyal to the Bane Warrior and his master (if he has one).
AC: Armor-45, -10 stealth, Shadow Form - Level = AC=5.
HP: Vital Force-Level x 20 + 100.
Corporal Form: Level x 10 + 100.  They lose shape and become shadow vapors if their corporal form takes too much damage (at 0).  They retreat into the underworld when their corporal form is lost.  It requires 1 d6 days for them to recover their corporal form.
Raise the Dead: detroys or lowers HP by 50% if it hits
Fire and Light Attacks: repulses and does mild damage
Divine Light Attacks: repulses, double damage
Normal Weapons: damage armor and skeletal form
Lightning: normal damage.
Checks:  Strength:  {15}+1 per 2 levels, Dexterity: {13} +1 per 5 levels,  Movement: {15}+1 per 5 levels,   Stealth: {15}+1 per 2 levels, -10-Armor,  Willpower: {16}+1 per 2 levels, Intelligence: {12-16}
Resistance:  Raise the Dead and Ascension Powers-100% while wearing armor, 80% without armor.  Not subject to anti-resistance factors and power.
Saving Throw Bonus: +3
Phylactory:  HP-Level x 30.  Bane Warriors can only be permantantly destroyed if their phylactory artifact is destroyed.  If their phylcatory is destroyed, their vital force is snuffed, and they are obliterated.  Their phylactory is kept in their sphenoid bone (a winged structure at the base of the skull behind the eyes) of the skull.

Paths: Necromancy (1-80 Spells)

Bane Powers
1-Bane of Life: drain -1 stamina and -1 willpower per success, Bane Warrior's stamina enhanced by stamina taken
2-Dread Vapors: soak -1 level by breath, range 2 feet, Bane Warrior gains 1 level for next turn, can accumulate levels if not used, but must release all accumulated levels at once when used
3-Bane of Essence: -1 level.  Bane Warrior gains 1 level for next turn, can accumulate levels if not used, but must release all accumulated levels at once when used
4-Enrage: enrage another so that they attack a called target physically, and will not stop attacking until target is dead.  One enraged gets no defense and cannot use magic while attacking, but gains +1 HB per ace rolled to hit, +1 Strength and Stamina per ace. Enrage is a form of domination, and can be resisted with willpower.
5-Summon Minion: Summon a level 5 Bane Wraith, or Bane Warrior.  Up to 1 minion per ace.
6-Wraith Doom: They surround victim in an aura of shadows which draws the soul of another out and into themselves, and then channeling that soul, which is corrupted and imbued by their power, back into the victim's body, they turn victim in a Bane Warrior.  The change only takes 1 turn once the corrupted soul is returned to the body.  Crit required for transformation to succeed, else the attempt only damages the victim, and drains Willpower and Stamina -1 per success, which enhances the Bane Warrior's stamina.
7-Stunning Shockwave: +2 foot radius range per level.  Shockwave of dark energy Stuns all within range -1 mvm per success, -1 HB per ace, lasts 1 turn per ace.
8-Superior Focus: 1 free reroll using weapon per round
9-Riposte: does +1 damage per level blocking and crit damage on blocks.
10-Shadow Phase: Phase past attacks and gain a new position, move up to 1 foot per success.
11-Engulfing Shadows: Engulf target in abysmal shadows to drain their stamina, slow their movement, -1, -1 per ace, and damages them.  Lasts +1 turn per ace.
12-Enhance Power: Enhance any Bane Power by power of roll

Doom Mages

Blood Bane Minions of Hesstromeph. Where these mages reside is a mystery, but they are quick in answering to Hesstromeph's beck, who they serve loyally. They keep a retinue which they instruct in their magic through rites and rituals which are often painful and test the strengths of their retinue. They have the appearance of gaunt humans or elves in appearance.
Key NPC:
Arch Doom Mage Regent Torrl
Grand Doom Mage Priest Cairnos.
Retinue: of 30 mages levels 6-32
Levels: 1-12 d6, 4-7 d6 checks

Information: Somewhere in a castle, cavern, or fortress, an arch Vitaen Lich keeps a retinue which they instruct in their magic through rites and rituals which are often painful and test the strengths of their retinue. The members of this retinue are Blood Mages.  Over time, they go through changes, which result in corruption of their bodies, through their strict, ritual practices.  At first, they grow pale, and later have the appearance of gaunt humans or elves (their race).  Through this metamorphosis, they become a unique kind of vampire, which have none of a vampire's weaknesses, and only a very few of their inborn advantages.  The sun does not harm them, they can still eat food, they attain haste, and Kahiran Presence.   They do not decline any further than the gaunt stage.  These Mages have ranks, and each rank is identified by the robes which they wear.  They have a strict limit to how many members can join their order and fill a rank, and like it or not, they remain at that rank of power until a brother in the next rank needs to be replaced, usually because they are slain, or leave the order (in what case their memory is altered and all secrets of their society are erased from their knowledge).

Rank | Robes | Number
Apprentice (gray - 1-6) 6
Priest (brown - 7-13) 9
Blood Templar (white - 14-19) 5
High Priest (indigo - 20-26) 6
Bishop (red - 27-32) 1
Arch Regent (black - 33-38) 1
Arch Lich (red black - 39-40) 1

These mages practice a great deal of their magic in a temple called Tirhas Suil (shrine of blood), which is usually a great tower or keep, and below this shrine, is a large pool of blood.  This blood remains fresh by ancient powers which flow through the lake's deep basin of rock and the shrine above it.  These lakes are many thousands of years old, and are filled with the blood of countless thousands of enemies (and sometimes unfortunate curiosity seekers) who were sacrificed over the ages to their God, Kahir.  This pool is called Anun Morsuil (lake of life), and is used for many of their most pivotal and life altering rituals, and they are made immortal through these rites of passage, while their physical forms become a sort of vessel for power.

The source of their power and life comes from the pool and empowers them with a vital flame phylactery they all share in common, their 'Heart of Fire,' which is well protected by layered shields called layers of life (1 shield per level, 100-HP per layer).  These mages are difficult to kill, and if someone attempts to slay them, and succeeds in the wrong way, the mage is reborn through their heart, and are more powerful when they re-manifest than before they were killed.  An added 'layer of life' forms around their phylactery heart, and they gain power (+1 level), and a more normal appearance (less gaunt or pale).  There are four Blood Mage orders, each with an Arch Regent Lich.  The order of Kahir (by far the oldest) led by Rafael Hadrian, The order of Doom Mages (the second oldest) led by Agminon Torll, the order of Lasmoas, led by Diegva Lasmoas, and the order of Vahseva (the only female order) led by Moraela Velgosa.  If these mages attempt suicide, or arrange their own death in an attempt to gain more power, the power of the Anun Morsuil soaks all of their power, and their heart is left protected by only one layer of life.  The mage's order may then decide to sacrifice the power grubber to Kahir.

Ritual of Ascension: At level 25. all Blood Mages who wish to remain with their order undergo a ritual which changes them into a Kahiran Vampire, at what time they become a Grimvahlo (Blood Sorcerer) as a race. These sorcerers are vampiric but unique as vampires in that they can have children, eat normal foods and do not suffer torpor effects. If deprived of blood they simply lose the ability to command their paths by -1 stamina per day without blood until they pass out with exhaustion. They can be revived with only two pints of blood and regain stamina by +1 per pint of blood consumed. Blood Sorcerers can also gorge on blood to build up their stamina above its normal range by +1 stamina per pint. Mages are bled out as they are gradually submersed in the Lake of Blood until a complete blood transfusion occurs and the lake's blood infuses them with its power and raises them as a Grimvahlo. This process is extremely painful. This change only works on Blood Mages because they have been sacrificing their blood to the lake, and drawing power from the lake, since the beginning of their apprenticeship.

Disadvantage: destruction of their vital flame destroys them.  A specific rite must be performed to snuff the Heart of Fire.  A weapon must be dipped in the Anun Morsuil of the mage's order, and the command, "Sacrifice of the many fell the one," must be spoken while the wielder adds his own blood to the weapon by cutting their palm.  The shields protecting the heart must then be broken down until none remain, and the blood imbued part of the weapon must be thrust into the mage's heart.  Unearthing this secret is difficult in and of itself.

Transient Death Advancement: +1 level, +1 layer of life, become less gaunt or pale.
Temporary Immunity: spells which hit them affect them once, but if cast again will have no affect for 1 day.
Layer of Life: 100-HP per layer, gain +1 layer per invalid death. Start with 1 layer. Protects their phylactery heart.
Phylactery: Level x 30-HP.
Health Points: Level x 30.
Fortitude: +1 per level. 
Supernatural Haste: +1 movement per success, +1 AR per ace.
Kahiran Presence: see below.

Kahiran Presence
1-Shake Courage: -1 courage per success.
2-Stupefy: subject is stupefied for +1 turn per ace.  No defense while stupefied.
3-Entrance: subject is mesmerized and susceptible to mental suggestion, for +1 turn per ace.  No defense while mesmerized.
4-Mind over Body: By overtaking the will, force subject's physical or emotional actions for +1 turn per ace.
5-Chaotic Mind: breaks concentration, -1 HB per ace, -1 d6 AD per ace.
6-Astral Projection: project self up to +1 times per ace.
Range; at up to +1 mile per ace, anywhere on same land mass with a crit, or called range with 5+ aces.
7-Petrify: -1 HB per ace, -1 AR per ace, -1 courage and willpower per success, lasts 1 AR per ace
8-Dupe: Fool the senses or mind into believing something, even the unbelievable
9-Hypnotic Dominance: Hypnotize someone and imbed commands in their mind which are triggered by called catalysts.
10-Superior State of Mind: +1-HB per ace, +1 focus per success, +1 mental checks per success, +1 stamina per success as mage boosts all of subject's mental faculties to a state of perfection which overcomes flaws.  Lasts 1 AR per success
11-Immobilize: Overcome the body through the mind to cause muscles to fail or lock up implicitly as called, lasts 1 turn per success or as called on a crit
12-Master of Presence: mage applies his presence to attain a called effect over the mind, spirit, or will.  Create Presence Artifacts which contain the will of the maker.  Enhance other powers of presence, call effects
Magic: Path of Blood (often using a blood staff)


Minotaur-Like.  Once in the history of Mephais has a Bull-man-beast been seen and he was named by the Mephais Aendoraens, Nammul (man-bull).  The bull-man Armais {PC} traveled with the Shadowland outlanders which helped the West win the third kingdom war. Others do reside in seclusion in the mountains.

Fir Mulhir - Man'bull
1-8 d6, 4-7 d6 checks

Start with human checks and add animal stats Horns: +20-dmg
Kick: +7 + Strength-dmg
Resist Poisons: 50%
Hearing: +8
Eyesight: +6
Olfactory: +8
Willpower and Constitution: +8
Strength: +10, +1 per level.
Stamina: +8
Movement: +2
Fortitude: 16
Classes: Warrior-(warrior, guard, body-guard)
Human-like (stands upright) with bull head, large size (6'6 to 7'2 foot in height), hard muscle makes them tough, 3 bendable hoof-like fingers (1 a thumb) which can grip, thick neck, fur covers lower body (with exception of privates), very well hung so they wear loin cloths at least, flesh color varies and is similar to fur, hoofed feet, bull tail.

Mugol Mongaloids

Key NPC:
Galgah: their only leader, who is one of those born with an insane genius. He is more dangerous owed to his intelligence. As their appearance disgusts those who cross paths with them, they are extremely vicious and nasty tempered, while among their own mob, they are tolerant and even friendly.
Strength: +8, +1 per 2 levels.
High Stamina: +10, +1 per level.
MR: highly resistant to magic and invasive powers (85% - MR immutable.)
Low intelligence: (7-9) Wisdom cannot exceed 12 unless it’s for an insane genius leader.
Dexterity: cannot exceed 15.
Classes: Warrior, Merchant, Assassin, Rogue, Slave
Mugol (moo-gOl) are large, Mongoloid people of Mephais deserts, and from isolated areas in mountains. They are more commonly called trolls. These creatures were born out of the barren seas deserts and the high mountains of Mephais from two clans of human people so isolated that thousands of years of reliable inbreeding caused abnormalities in their physical and mental DNA. Their males are giants, anywhere from eight to twelve feet tall, the females six to eight feet tall. They are all hairless and the males are very muscular, their skin tough from a hard life in the desert or mountains. They are brutishly ugly and not very intelligent, which often gives them an almost innocently pitiful look. All brawn, no brain, although occasionally, one of them is born that has an insane genius, or as a savant prodigy, but this happens very rarely. Those rare few who are born as geniuses, become their leader, and any who would attempt to capture them would regret it. It is more common in the females. Many of the Mugol were captured and enslaved by Hesstromeph's leaders, and dominated to serve the Eastfold as a brute squad of warriors, trained to wield heavy weapons and to fight. Women are not safe from these beastly men, which will capture women and keep them prisoner for 'breeding' purposes. Their own women are very ugly as well, and if not for their slighter figures, breasts, and more delicate features, it would be hard to tell the difference between their genders. These abominate humans are sometimes captured and sold as slaves the world over, with warnings, that though strong, tough, and very able as guards or laborers, they are also dangerous, particularly around women. Their skin is a light brown, others medium brown, and their eye color varies. Lifespan of up to 250 years.

Mephais Wauru

Mephais Werewolves: These people can shift into partial wolf form at will, or during the full moon, and live almost anywhere, and are semi-immortal, meaning fatal wounds can kill them, while they heal very quickly and do not age beyond their ‘coming of age’. They are very strong when tapping into their bestiality, and very swift, moving at four times human speed. They have very keen senses and instincts and infect others with lycanthropic rebirth by bite if left alive. As people, their personalities and character vary as widely as any person’s, and they are either elven or human. Their bite affects only humans and elves, and they are not affected by the blood of vampires and demons. Their lifestyles vary as any other person, and they strive NOT to be recognized AS Wauru by others who are not of the lupine blood. They are highly telepathic, even visual telepaths, and have a strong instinct to 'mind whisper' or 'vision share' with their own kind.
Improved Strength: +8, +1 per 2 levels.
Improved Stamina: +10, +1 per level.
Far Leap: +1 d6 leap per five levels.
Quickness: +5 mvm, +1 per five levels.
Alertness: +1 per level to split between sensory checks.
Fortitude: +5, +1 per 2 levels.
Crinos Form: +3 on all physical stats.
Dire Form:  +5 on all physical stats.
Magic: Shamanism or Path of Nature (lycanthrope gifts)

Angelicans and Fallen Angelicans


See Bestiary for stats.
Information: Angels are not native to Mephais, but may 'fall' onto Mephais or sojourn there. Fallen angels are not necessarily evil; it simply means they are no longer celestial beings. Dark Fallen are the fallen angels which have descended into Acheron.
Magic: ANY, according to alignment.

Animals with kinship to People

See Bestiary for Stats on Each

Native Horses:
Bhassah Dun Desert Horses
Solemnus Horses of Hessrha
Loamir Mountain Horses
Bhassah Maul Steeds, demonic.

 Dum Raptors: serpent like raptors, ridden by Doom Mages.

Rhoasyr: Battle Mounts.  Large, horned animals like Rhinos, with long clubbed tail and heavily clawed feet, ridden by Mugol and others strong enough to control them.

Native Dogs:

Bhasra Wulg Desert Wolves: dire wolves
Hadrah hounds of Sgaith Andor: huge dogs
Gormyth Wild Dogs: a large marbled dog breed
Belgaer Auru: snow wolves from Morbh Biena.

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