Stamina 1 (1-3)
Spark Fire - Light fires, candles, etc.
Burning Hand - Hand burns target with touch.
Dancing Flame - Flame leaps up on any called surface to burn brightly.
Detect Fire - Detect any source of fire within a 100 yard radius per success.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Protect from Flames - Called target is protected from fire for up to 1 turn per success.
Shield of Fire - Forms around select target and burns anyone who contacts it, +10 damage.
Hot Embers - Searing embers cover the ground or floor beneath targets feet, up to 1 yard per success. Remain at full heat until elementalist casts again or stamina gets low.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Throw Flame - A stream of fire that elementalist controls direction of.
Flame Transfer - Move fire already present to another location as called.
Heat of the Flame - Affects targets with heat of flame and not the flames themselves. 50% chance of affecting those with heat and fire resistance.
Flame Burst - Called target bursts into flames.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Halo of Fire - A slow burning halo of fire which surrounds target.
Extinguish Flames - snuffs fires.
Flame Trap - A called item is enchanted to explode in flames when touched while object remains unharmed.
Flaming Weapon - A weapon is enchanted with fire to do added damage. Spells lasts until dispelled by caster or until engagement ends. Level up to 1 per Level+Aggravated damage.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Torch - Make a fire brand out of anything.
Doorway of Flames - if a door enchanted with this is touched, person not selected to enter is severely burned. +10 dmg, per success.
Flame Minion - A loyal and obedient flame minion is invoked from the elemental plane of fire. They are 6 foot in height and resemble an angel with feathered wings and horns in an ethereal flame form. They can fly and are swift and dexterous in motion, Checks 5 d6, +1 HB per five levels. Lasts until vanquished by caster or destroyed. Can be damaged with normal weapons. Level Used to create = Damage and Hit Points to Destroy. 1 hit does 1 damage, crits do 2 damage.
Bridge of Flames - A bridge of fire forms where called and can only be crossed by those called.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Fork Fire - Fire hits up to +1 targets, +1 per success.
Fireball - Missiles ball of fire that explodes in 50 yard radius, all it consumes bursting into flames. Very damaging, even to allies if too close.
Quick Fire - An inferno which blasts through an area with vaporizing heat. Spent only when the roaring blitz of flames can go no further. Used in open spaces, it billows up into an enormous cloud of fire incinerating everything in sight before it is spent. Exhausts more quickly when not confined.
Infernal Beast - requires domination, bonding or possession. An animal's will is brought under the mage's control and then animal is imbued with the element and vital force of fire. With subsequent commands the animal is given the ability to shift into flame form, imbue their feet or claws with fire, and to breathe fire. The Vital force makes the animal immortal until slain. MA-Level is 1 level per success. Vital Force-Level X 3. Vital force covers HP and Stamina, and checks are otherwise adjusted by type of animal Infernal Beast is.
Flame Gate - Allows mage to create a gate of flames which delivers those selected to enter to a called destination through the elemental plane of fire. Gate can close great distances, and damages those not selected to enter if they attempt to do so. +100 damage.

Stamina 7 (19-21)
Sulfuric Vapors - Poisonous, explosively flammable vapors which burn the skin, lungs, throat, and eyes.
Exploding Sphere of Flame - Like a fireball but covers an area of 100 yard radius.
Flame Catalyst - Allows mage to set contingencies with fire affects, that when a catalyst is triggered, a fire effect occurs as called.
Sphere of Lava - Ball of Lava which covers target to encase them in incinerating heat.
Back draft - Even the most powerful flames are rapidly snuffed as they are sucked back into the elemental plane of fire.
Gate of Flames - An Acheron gate. Unlike flame gate, only creatures of Acheron can enter this gate of blue fire to enter Acheron or to close distances to various destinations, and only those with right of passage to and from Acheron can tap this power. Only those selected by caster can enter this gate period.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Lava Bombardment - 7 spheres of flaming lava rain down on a tight target area of 10-20' radius as called. Lava encases those it strikes in incinerating heat. Does critical damage on a hit, +2 HB to hit.
Wall of Flames - Flames rise between called subjects to act as a protective barrier.
Talisman of Fire - Mage creates a talisman imbued with fire elemental commands which protects subject who wears it. if attacked, an aura of fire forms around subject which does damage to anyone contacting the aura, contact including being struck with a melee weapon. +36 damage.
Sheet of Lava - A sheet of lava five inches deep forms where called and covers up to 1 foot per success, +50 damage.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Pool of Lava - A deep boiling pool of fiery lava rises out of the ground, +95 damage.
Prison of Fire - A cell of flames is called out of the elemental plane to surround a target, then shifted through the elemental plane of fire to a called site. floor and ceiling of cell are cool but impassable, but if walls are touched prisoner is burned. if prisoner attempts to pass through the walls, there is a high chance of vaporization (vs. 1 d6 save, 4-6 saves for -50% HP.) +40 aggravated damage for contact. time for cell to entrap - MA+Wisdom vs. Dexterity and Movement.
Tower of Fire - A tower of fire, rock and lava forms on called site and is partially within the elemental plane of fire, unseen on the material plane, while it can be accessed there. Tower can be immense and warded with other command, and heat does not affect those who are selected or permitted to enter.
Flame Projection - A quantum gift which allows caster to project fire in any way they can imagine with called effects. Wisdom of 22+ ONLY.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
River of Fire - A river of Lava forms as called.
Fortress of Fire - A castle of fire, rock and lava forms on called site and is partially within the elemental plane of fire, unseen on the material plane, while it can be accessed there. Fortress has towers, gates, large keep, lava moat, bridge of fire, the courtyards, ground and floors having the appearance of cooling molten rock.
Flame Ward - Raise wards with fire elements which can be used to protect a site with set catalysts and commands which cause the wards to trigger.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Bypass Immunity - This bypasses fire immunities to allow 50% of damage to affect someone who is otherwise immune to fire and heat. This is done by taking the actual 'fire' out of the spell and projecting the force (damage) of the spell alone.

Stamina 12 (36-40)
Master of the Flame - elementalist can formulate fire commands, use them for warding, and blend them with other gifts.

Damage Stats

    All do aggravated (normal) damage for +1 turn, +1 per ace, unless otherwise stated. Use HB for all targeted or missiled spells.

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