Advantage List

Take 7 free free advantages from list. You may improvise your own advantages with GM discretion. All are 1000 XP per +1 bonus point. For each disadvantage taken, take a free advantage with +1 bonus point or purchase +1 bonus point improvements.

Example: you take an advantage with +6 willpower and purchase it either with 6000 XP or with 4 disadvantages, two with 2 penalty points, two with 1 penalty points, or with 1 disadvantage with 6 penalty points.

Advantages are aspects which any character can take, unlike traits which are more character type specific.

To improve advantages purchase additional levels in their bonuses; Resistance is 1000 XP per additional 1%, all bonus advantages are 1000 XP per +1 check, +1 HB, +1 HP, +1 d6 dice bonus, etc., whatever bonus an advantage bestows.


Absolute Direction: never get lost (gain +1 cue for what direction to go each turn, uses -1 turn)
Absorption of Magic: +1 d6 absorb magic -1 damage and power per success.
Academic Status: +1 intelligence
Acceleration Tolerance: 10% resistance, or +2% resistance per level against acceleration factors
Alcohol Tolerance: 10% resistance per level vs. Alcohol penalties.
Alertness: +1 perception checks
Allure: +1 charisma
Ally: +1 player controlled NPC ally, take ally group to add on allies. This character can show up to defend character as called at Character Class Level -3. Choose ally class, skill sets and up to +3 weapons with enchantments no higher than NPC level straight level roll = +MA.
Ally, Unwilling: +1 player controlled NPC that was forced into obedience, take ally group to add on allies; Ally is one either character or someone else forced to defend character at Character Class Level -3. Choose ally class, skill sets and weapons with enchantments no higher than NPC level straight level roll = +MA. There is always a 3% chance (per day) this ally will turn against character (escape or attack).
Ally Group: +1 player controlled NPC ally per level or +1 player controlled NPC unwilling ally per level, take free if character has more than +1 allies.
Ally Group (Unwilling): +1 player controlled NPC unwilling ally per level, take free if character has more than +1 unwilling allies.
Attractive: +2 charisma (take attractiveness type only once)
Attractive, Modestly: +1 charisma (take attractiveness type only once)
Attractive, Handsomely: +3 charisma (take attractiveness type only once)
Attractive, Exceptionally: +4 charisma (take attractiveness type only once)
Alternate Identity: +1 alternate identity using disquise; Decribe, name and assign personality advantages and disadvantages (using free new character points).
Anti-factor Immunity: character is not affected by anti-factor powers.
Auto-trance: +1 Willpower vs. intimidation, pain, and fear. Slip into a trance-like state at will
Awareness: +1 perception


Bardic Immunity: unaffected by a bard's powers of influence.
Beast-Kin: character has a player controlled NPC (or played) Beast-kin ally or familiar (record type and name, combine stats of subrace person and animal half) Half humanoid, half animal; choose class with skill set/s.
Beautiful: +3 charisma (same as extremely attractive)
Beautiful Voice: +2 charisma
Bite, Humanoid: +1 damage bite


Cat's Nine Lives: character gets 9 near deaths in place of actual death where character appears dead, but is not, and can be saved; choose when to use. Does not apply if body is entirely obliterated. Record each time used. Character must be found and healed within 24 hours of time of death or does not apply. Cannot take wat of death geis with this advantage.
Catfall: +1 save vs. falls.
Chameleon: +2 stealth using makeup and camoflage to blend into scenery.
Charisma, Improved: +1 charisma
Charming: +2 charisma
Charm of Luck: +1 save vs. harm, danger, and injury
Climate Sense: 25% chance of avoiding climactic dangers via innate sense of weather
Chronolocation: +25% chance of locating a target in time stream.
Claim to Hospitality: +1 charisma through etiquette
Clairvoyant: character can sense and see spirits, communicate with them, and stands a 25% chance of gaining knowledge of past or future events, +1 intelligence to roll.
Clerical Magic: gain limited path of healing and protection, choose 12 spells, one from each level.
Clients: (business type) take +1 NPC client, +1 d6 gold per day (per client), get 12 gold if a 6 is rolled.
Clinging: +1 dexterity when hanging on to buildings, trees, cliffs, etc., a natural ability.
Cloning Immunity: character cannot be cloned owed to anomalies in their DNA and genes.
Collected: +1 Willpower calm demeanor.
Common Sense: +1 intelligence
Compartmentalized Mind: +2 intelligent organized thoughts
Composed: +1 willpower and presence.
Contacts: +1 NPC contact towards a support network. +5% chance of gaining applicable intelligence per day (if more contacts are purchased, take support network below).
Contact Support Network: add NPC contacts to support network. +5% chance per contact of gaining applicable intelligence per day.
Cool Head: +1 intelligence
Cool Demeanor: +1 charisma
Courtesy Rank: (rank type-Lord, Baron, Count, Squire, Steward, Proctor, etc.) a social rank shown to a character as a courtesy by a group or leader which improves their persuasive power, charisma +1, when in fact the character does not possess such a rank.
Cultural Adaptability: +1 charisma, +1 language, and +10% chance of adaptability, innate ability to adapt and fit into any culture with ease.


Damage Resistance: +1% resistance to damage.
Daredevil: +1 adeptness, prone to leaping into dangerous extreme activities for the sheer thrill of it.
Destiny of Good Fortune: +1 save vs. death, capture, or any action which may affect character's chance of good fortune.
Diplomatic Immunity: character cannot fall pray to diplomatic or governmental justice or mandates due to powerful supporters, unless said supporters are killed. If supporters come under attack; Roll 7 d6 for level of each supporter, count dot total for level. Roll 3 d6 for number of supporters.
Discriminatory Sense of Smell: +1 perception when using olfactory. Character has innate ability to identify one scent from another.
Discriminatory Taste: +1 perception when using taste. Character has innate ability to identify one flavor from another. Useful if food or drinks are poisoned.
Disease-Resistant: +10% resistance to disease.
Disease Immunity: (type) Immune to most diseases.
Divination Talent: foresee of future, present, and past events while in a trance-like, meditative, or restful state. 10% chance of gaining relevant information or useful hints.
Divine Favor: A divine figure grants +1 favor to character. Designate favor with GM approval or have GM assign a favor.
Dominance: +1 willpower vs. overcoming the will of another
Dream Visions: see fragments or full blown present, past, or future events through dreams. Mental fatigue occurs after having such dreams. 25% chance of gaining relevant information or useful hints. -5 to mental checks day after dream.
Drug Factory (Legal): character owns a drug factory, +5 d6 gold profits per day (add to resources).
Drug Factory (Illegal): character owns a drug factory, +15 d6 gold profits per day (add to resources). Run chance of getting arrested if too much activity is noticed (add new Story Goal, "Don't Get Caught"). Gain +100 XP for each Drug Factory related chat room session or forum post where character does not get caught. Pay 10,000 gold in fines to get out of jail. Operations may start up again in any chosen location when out of jail. This advantage may make a character prosperous, but it also attracts a lot of enemies and money can be lost to fines.
Duplication: character has +1 exact copy/clone.
Duplication Immunity: character cannot be duplicated in any manner, including self-projection.


Efficiency, Mental: +1 on any mental check roll
Efficiency, Combat: +1 on any combat roll or skill
Efficiency, Research: +1 to any research actions and +10 XP for any successful research roll.
Efficiency, Class: +1 on any class related check or skill roll
Efficiency, Power: +1 on any magic ir magic skill roll
Efficiency, Physical: +1 on any physical check roll
Efficiency, Other: +1 on any (name type) rolls
Eidetic Sense of Smell: +2 perception when olfactory and taste is used. Character can identify scents and has an acute olfactory memory.
Elastic Skin: +1-Fortitude, skin has a high elasticity which makes it resilient against injury.
Empathy: +10% chance of showing compassion towards another
Fast Healer: heal by +5 HP per turn
Enhanced Speed: +1 movement
Enhanced Time Sense: know what time, day, month, and year it is without a clock or calendar with no more than a twenty minute discrepancy.
Extended Lifespan: +1 year to lifespan
Encumbrance Bonus: +1 item can be carried over weight limit.
Enhanced Flexibility: +2 dexterity and dodges
Extra Life: +1 resurrection (cost of 5000 XP each unless found or gained in a quest)


Faery Empathy: sense the presence of faeries and their moods, intentions, illness or pain. +1 perception.
Faith Healer: +1 charisma, +1 HP per AR spent hands on healing as character convinces others they are being healed to heal minor wounds and non-fatal illnesses by the power of suggestion.
Familiar: (choose animal or sentient creature from Bestiary and add it and its stats to CS) character has an NPC familiar that is loyal to them and obeys their every command. Choose class and its skill sets if sentient with class.
Focus: +1 perception vs. distractions or +1 concentration to research and studies.
Formidable Leap: leap up to +6 feet.
Formidable Will: +6 willpower
Fashion Sense: +1 charisma, character has a smart sense of fashion
Favor: +1 provider; Character is favored by someone who will help them out when needed to give them food, a place to stay, company, and loan them weapons or money. 25% chance of being offered what you need.
Fearlessness: +1 willpower vs. fear type factors.
Fitness: +1 stamina, +1 strength, +5 Health, character is in good physical condition.
Flexibility: +1 dexterity, +1 dodges
Flight, Bionic: see traits.
Fortitude: +1 fortitude (thick skin)
Full Path: +1 level (path type)


G-Force Experience: character can cope with and understands gravity force. No 0 Gravity or Sub-Heavy Gravity penalties.
Generation, Improved: a character's generation in their family line gives them a better mental and physical quality owed to their purer genetics. +1 in all checks (can only be taken once). Likewise however they are more prone to disease (cannot take disease resistance above 10% or disease immunity).
Genetic Memory: character can recall things that their ancestors experienced, +25% chance of gaining an ancestral memory.
Ghost: character is a ghost. This advantage can be taken when character can take no resurrection. Spirit type must start as ghost, but as character levels up they can become the next most powerful kind of spirit as they grow more powerful.
Giest: (way of death, subject to GM discretion) character can only be killed by one specific condition or set of conditions. All other deaths are transient with free resurrections which do not add to resurrection difficulty.
Gizmos: +10 gizmos, make up type as you play, 10% chance of being of some value, 1 d6 and count dots for value roll; character has all sorts of gizmos, some valuable, while most are superfluously overcomplicated mechanical devices with little use.
Glider: (mechanical or gadget type) character can glide using a hang-glider or mechanized glider.
Group Combat Bonus: when character is in the presence of others they are inspired and get +1 to any combat roll.
Group Magic Bonus: when character is in the presence of others they are inspired and get +1 to any magic roll.
Group Skill Bonus: when character is in the presence of others they are inspired and get +1 to any skill roll.
Guardian Spirit: +1 spirit, character has a guardian spirit which protects them and looks after them. This spirit is unseen and things just seem to happen in the character's favor. It could however show itself if it desired to (GM and player discretion). +30% chance of spirit making things happen in character's favor (limit of 75%).


Hard to Kill: +2 saving throw
Harmony: character is at harmony with everything around them and treats everyone and everything with equal respect and kindness. +1 charisma and willpower.
Heir: (to what resources?)
Heroic Strength: +2 strength
High Pain Threshold: +10% resistance to pain
Higher Purpose: +5 willpower when path of devotion is challenged; Define path; Character holds their key convictions and purpose for living above themselves and others
Hyper-Reflexes: +2 dexterity
Hyper-Strength: +2 strength


Ice Clinging: +1 dexterity when climbing icy or slippery surfaces
Iconoclast Membership: Level +1 Member of a radical anti-religious organization. Religious sorts who know about character's affiliation tend to fear them (+1 will vs. will), or hate them (12% chance of getting attacked). If attacked, an affiliate comrade jumps in to defend you at +5 levels above character's membership level.
Identity, Temporary : character never keeps their identity long and is always changing their identity, they, or anyone they may trust alone knows their true identity, +10% chance of avoiding capture.
Impersonal: +1 willpower and intelligence, -2 charisma
Immunity: (+1 type)
Immunity to Disease: (what kind) +1 disease
Immunity to Paradox: this character pays no attention whatsoever to the absurd or contrary. It is beneath them to pay a second thought to such matters. -2 perception, +2 intelligence.
Immunity to Poison: (+1 type) character has built up an immunity to this poison at a -25 permanent health loss to self.
Immunity to Poisons: character has built up an immunity to all poisons at a -100 permanent health loss to self.
Immunity to Timesickness: character does not get time sick, i.e. become confused, ill, and disoriented by time affects.
Imperturbable: this character rarely gets upset or bothered no matter what the circumstance is. 60% chance that character will not get upset by anything. Roll when character should be really upset. When they do finally get upset, those things they should have been upset by before might also come pouring out (player call).
Improved G-Tolerance: 20% resistance to gravity affects and velocity.
Increased Mass: character is heavy for their size and build because their muscles are very compact, +1 strength, +1 pound.
Increased Speed: +1 movement
Initiation Adeptness: +1 init on any action, this character has a knack for setting things into motion.
Initiation Rites: see ritual adeptness.
Insubstantiality: +1 stealth vs. perception, people do not notice this character for whatever reason. Unless this character draws attention to them they go unnoticed even during conflict.
Interface Jack: (network type) this character can jack their mind into a particular computer matrix to receive or broadcast knowledge.
Internal Compass: +1 vs. losing direction
Intuition: +1 sixth sense and instincts
Intuitive Mathematician: this character is a natural wizard at math and can calculate and figure out problems in their head.
Intuitive Quantum Physics: this character has a natural sense of quantum physics and can relate to its presence as well as draw from it.
Iron Hand: +1 strength damage and grip


Jarring Fist: +1 damage and stun
Jinx Resistant: character is highly resistant to any kind of jinx or low level curse because of their strong believe that all manner of curses are a mind over matter type hoax. 80% fixed resistance to all level 12 or lower curses.
Jump Reflex: +1 dexterity and movement when jumping, character can leap away from danger very quickly.


Karmic Ties: +1 charisma, +1 good alignment; Character believes that past lives determine the state of their present life, and that their conduct in this life will reflect on the next life.
Keen Sense: +1 perception
Keen Sight: +1 perception when sight is used.
Keen Hearing: +1 perception when hearing is used
Keen Sense of Smell: +1 perception when smell is used.
Keen Taste: +1 perception when taste is used.
Keen Touch: +1 perception when touch is used (useful against pickpockets).
Knack: (type) +1
Knighthood: character is a level +1 member of a knighthood (name of fellowship and rank) and takes knight class and skills. As character protects his/her knighthood, so do they protect him/her. Gain NPCs at +3/+4/&+5 levels over character's. Assign fellowship weapons and have them use your knight skills with +5 levels added unless you want to build character sheets for each one.


Language Talent: +1 intelligence, +1 language; Character has a talent for learning languages.
Leader, Natural Born: +1 charisma and willpower.
Leader: (type-Organization [military, clan, cabal, fellowship, gang, proletariat] or Sect [occult, cult, faction, religious]) gain this advantage through having recruit or ritual adeptness when character has gained 1000 members. When this happens, take this advantage and create 5-10 NPC member defenders at a time at up to +1/+2/+3/+4/&+5 levels above your own class level; assign group class which best suits the group with its skill set/s. If all members get killed or turned to another side, group is destroyed.
Legal Enforcement Power: (type) a power character can use legally to enforce the laws of the region they live or work in
Legal Immunity: the law will not touch this character
Less Sleep: character requires +1 hour less sleep than most others
Light Hangover: never gets more than a light hangover no matter how much character drinks
Light Sleep: +1 perception while sleeping
Lightning Calculator: can calculate math problems mentally in moments, +1 intelligence
Limited Magic Path: +1 level (1 path type, with 12 spells, one from each level of a full path, or a premade limited path)
Literacy: +1 charisma and intelligence; Character is very well spoken and literate.
Longevity: character lives +10 years longer than most of his race (only really applies to mortals)
Luck Child: +25% chance of getting out of danger/trouble or of things unfolding in a fortuitous way.
Lucky: +1 save vs. danger or trouble, or +1 to any roll.


Magic Resistance: +10% MR vs. magic
Magical Aptitude: +1 on magic related rolls.
Magnetic Sense: +1 instincts, character can sense the presence of magic and those who wield it.
Manual Dexterity: +1 dexterity using hands; Character is very adept with their hands.
Martial Arts Styles: (type) +1
Mathematical Ability: +1
Medium: character is a medium who can (or believes they can) contact spirits and act as a mediator between the living and the dead (no magic involved here)
Mental Resistance: resist mental attacks +10%
Metabolism Control: character can slow or increase their metabolism to gain more or less energy from food, and require more or less food, thus can lose or gain weight quickly and sustain themselves well on less food when necessary.
Modified Bodypart: (type) a part of the body has an unusual artificially added trait
Multimillionaire: character has +2 million dollars value in liquid assets.
Mundane: character appears ordinary and does not stand out in a crowd, +1 stealth vs. observation
Musical Knack: character has an inherent knack for music, +1 musical skills
Mythos Awareness: character has an innate awareness of the attitudes, beliefs, and values of others, +1 perception vs. ambiguity of concepts


Natural Quietude: +1 stealth
Night Vision: see well in the dark without reflective lenses, +1 perception using sight at night.
No Hangover: character gets no hangover whatsoever no matter how much they drink, no penalties for hangover.
Non-Reciprocal Damage: character takes no incidental, collateral or accidental damage from others, such as ricochets or accidental glances


Obscure Knowledge: +1 intelligence vs. little known knowledge, gain +1 rare information.
Organization Member: +1 level member. Gain NPC defenders out of your organization, choose class, skill set/s, and weapons, used by defenders at Level +3 over character's class level. Number of defenders may match number of enemies, include other allies as defenders. Organization (name) and stronghold or compound (location).


Passive Defense: A passive character can detach them-self mentally and physically from conflict or any situation, with this unusual knack of going unnoticed, and are ignored even by enemies while using this defense.
Patron: character has +1 patron (type) which guides and protects them at Character Class Level +3. Choose patron class, skill sets and weapons if any.
Patron, Secret: character has a patron which they are unaware of that protects and guides them at Character Class Level +3. Choose patron class, skill sets and weapons if any.
Patron, Unwilling: character has a patron that either they or someone else forced to protect and guide them at Character Class Level +3. Choose patron class, skill sets and weapons if any. There is always a 3% chance (per day) this patron will turn against character a max number of 3 times.
Perfect Balance: +1 dexterity vs. trips and unbalancing
Perfect Timing : timing is often perfect. 25% chance that Character will show up whenver most needed or whenever it is most advantageous to them.
Perfect Timing, Absolute : timing is always perfect. Character can show up whenver most needed or whenever it is most advantageous to them (some sort of clairvoyance required).
Precise Memory: +1 to research and investigation
Peripheral Vision: character has excellent peripheral vision and can catch things out of the corner of their eyes most may not, +1 perception vs. ambush, backstabs and pickpocket.
Photographic Memory: +1 intelligence , +10 XP whenever research or investigation is played.
Pious: +1 to all charisma rolls, character is very ethical and moral
Pitiable: character is so pitiful that others tend take pity on them, +1 charisma vs. empathy.
Presence: +1 charisma and willpower vs. logic or willpower, character radiates a strong demeanor or mental impression without supernatural means.
Protected Soul: (explain how and by what pantheon) soul can only be destroyed by those protecting character unless the actual protection can be eliminated.


Quantum Immunity Implant: Immune to quantum affects and powers (non-magic users only) via an implant in the brain which disrupts quantum energies.
Quantum Leap: leap distances and time through a quantum wormhole via technological means.
Quantum Proficiency (SA): +1 to quantum abilities (must have quantum path or ability)
Quickness: +1 movement
Quick Reflexes: +1 dexterity
Quick Thinker: +1 intelligence
Quiet Heart: +1 willpower, +1 intelligence
Quiet Mind: +1 mental rolls
Quietude: +1 stealth


Rage: when enraged, character has +1 strength and stamina per success, and -1 HB per ace for defense.
Rank: (type) +1 level in chosen class, gain distinction of peers with +1 charisma
Rank: (Academic) +1 level in academic class, gain distinction of peers with +1 intelligence
Rapid Healing: character heals at twice the normal level for their race
Rapport, Special: (with what type?) +1 charisma towards type
Recruit Adeptness: this character is a member of a group (type & name) and has the authority to recruit members ( +1 charisma, +1 recruit skill) into their organization. Gain +100 XP per member brought in. Keep track of members. If they reach 100, gain a + 5000 XP Story Goal Bonus, per +100 members. Take Leader, Organization and become leader of the group if they reach 1000 and create 5-10 NPC member defenders at a time at up to +1/+2/+3/+4/&+5 levels above your own class level; assign group class with its skill set/s. If all members get killed, group is destroyed.
Reflection: +1 intelligence to roll during reflection.
Regency: character is a steward, who became the regent (acting king or queen) of a kingdom, their family heirs and servants of that kingdom's throne. If however a true heir comes forward to claim the throne with proof of being a legal heir, the regent must step down to reclaim their prior rank as steward. If the regent refuses to step down and has supporters to back them, the regent might keep the throne if they can kill or otherwise dispose of the heir. If not done on the sly, the regent might spark a territorial war over their kingdom (see stewardship).
Religious Fanatic: (religion type) character is very religious and devout to their religion (+1 willpower). Their ethics and morals are based on their religion, and they make it their conviction to convert others to their faith. They are very judgmental towards those who are not believers in their faith, and can even be hostile towards 'non-believers or heretics'. Gain +100 XP per convert. Gain 1000 XP Bonus per 25 converts.
Ritual Adeptness: this character is a member of a religious, faction, cult, or occult type group or church (type & name) and has the authority to perform a ritualized ceremony which brings others into their group. +1 ceremony skill, +1 charisma, +1 willpower. Gain +100 XP per member brought in. Keep track of members. If they reach 25, gain + 1000 XP Story Goal Bonus, per +25 members. Take Leader (Religious, Faction, Occult, or Cult) and become Sect Leader if members reach 500 and create 5-10 NPC sect defenders at a time at up to +1/+2/+3/+4/&+5 levels above your own class level; assign a group class which best suits the sect with its skill set/s. If all members get killed or converted to another belief, sect group is destroyed.
Reputation, Good: character has an outstanding reputation for (what?) and is respected for it, +1 charisma and willpower for natural presence.
Reputation, Notorious: character has a bad reputation for (what?) and is feared for it, +1 willpower for natural domination.
Resistance: +10% resistance to (type -- poison, disease, cold, heat, acid, drains, laser, charms, etc.)
Resistance to Arcane: +10% resistance to (arcane path type)
Resurrection: +1 resurrection free (characters with limited resurrections can take this)


Security Clearance: character has level +1 clearance with an organization (name) and has security clearance within the stronghold or compound (location) and may gain access to sensitive information. (must have organization member to take this)
See Invisible: character can see through invisibility fields and powers using a special device (define).
See Markings: character can see hidden marks using a special device (define)
Sense of Perception: character can sense moods, intentions, and attitudes of others, +1 perception and sixth sense vs. perception (to notice) and willpower (to block)
Sense Power: +1 perception to sense forcefields, active energies, and magic fields.
Sense Talent: character can sense when someone has a real talent for something and can exploit it. Gain 100 XP if someone with talent is discovered. Gain 500 XP if their talent benefits the character.
Sensitive: -1 willpower, +1 perception.
Sensitive Touch: +1 perception using touch
Serendipity: character has a knack for making pleasant, valuable, or useful discoveries by accident, +10% chance of fortuitous event whenever such an occasion can arise.
Silence: can maintain silence even under extreme mental or physical stress. Will not talk when tortured.
Silent: character rarely ever talks, -2 charisma, +2 stealth.
Single-Minded: character concentrates on one thing at a time and is not easily distracted, but is not alert towards other things, +1 on rolls involving their current task, -2 perception.
Single Goal: character has one goal (type) which they concentrate their entire life on attaining. +4 on all class rolls and any rolls involving their goal. Take a Single Class and One class skill set.
Stewardship: character has been appointed as a steward to a kingdom by a King, Queen or election (according to a kingdom's laws). If the acting king or queen is killed and there are no heirs, the steward takes over the throne as a regent (see regency).
Stomach of Steel: 25% resistance to poisons and spoiled foods.
Strong Will: +1 willpower
Style: (elaborate) character has style and flair in (what), +1 dexterity and charisma
Super Luck: character has incredible luck, +2 save vs. danger, death, or anything bad happening; and +2 to any roll (4000 xp).


Technique, Mental: character has a natural wit and style to their intellect which makes them more intelligent and charismatic than the average person. +2 intelligence, +1 charisma and presence.
Technique, Physical: character has a natural style to their movements which makes them more dexterous, graceful, and resilient than the average person. +1 dexterity, +1 charisma, and +1 stamina.
Technological Mind: +1 intelligence, +1 inventor skills; adept at inventing, repairing, and building high tech devices.
Temperature Tolerance: character can adjust to extreme temperatures with +10% tolerance
Temporary Wealth: character comes into money now and again but always spends it rapidly (+10 d100 in value)
Tenure: character has a permanent position in their main occupation
Therianthropic-Kin: character has a familiar, relative or friend (npc) that is half humanoid, half animal (animal type and stats), which can have arcane abilities (up to 40 spells). They can be mortal, have long lives, or be quasi-immortal. Non-mages have 85% MR. Choose class and its skills sets, weapons if any, and set Class Level at +1 above your character's class level.
Totem Spirit: character has a totem spirit (type) which strengthens their will by +1 WP in times of need, and which they will be reborn as on their final death.
Toughness: +1 Fortitude
Trained by a Master: +1 HB class skills
Transport: character can transfer self and objects over distances using a device which is powered by cold fusion energy.
Tree-Kin: character has a familiar that is a sentient tree elemental; +2 levels above character class level, treekin has +25 fortitude, does +25 damage, has the power to 'entangle in roots' for loss of -1, -1 per ace actions, and can have up to 10 terramancy powers.
True Faith: character believes in something so completely that it is absolutely real to them, +10 WP, -10 intelligence when faith is challenged.


Unaffected by Loud Noises: +1 save vs. deafening
Underestimated: because this character has a modest appearance they are greatly underestimated, +1 on any roll (advantage).
Unlimited Wealth: this character has access to unlimited wealth. Anything material they need will be provided (with exception of enchanted or improved weapons and armour). Subject to thieves, embezzlers and swindlers (7% chance of someone trying to rob or take advantage of character per day).


Vacuum Adaptation: character is unharmed by vacuums.
Vampiric Advantages: character has +1 vampiric advantage (type) without being a vampire.
Vampiric Powers Immunity: character is immune to +1 vampire specific power (type).
Vampiric Siring Immunity: character cannot be sired by vampires.
Versatile: character is very versatile and can adapt their demeanor to almost any situation (+1 mental checks).
Very Fit: +10 HP, +5 stamina fitness
Very Rapid Healing: character heals twice as fast as most of their kind, double healing rate.
Visualization: character can very accurately visualize how things will work out in their mind by logical speculation and mental imagery, +1 mental checks, +1 advantage roll to any roll.


Wealth: character is wealthy (+200,000 gold value wealth)
Wraith: character is now a wraith. This advantage can be taken when character can take no resurrection or resurrection difficulty has maxed out. Wraith type must start as common wraith, but as character levels up they can become the next level wraith as they grow more powerful.


Xenebiotic Resistance: resist poisons, toxins, chemicals and artificial disease by 20%.
Xenophobe Sense: character can sense and identify those who who fear foreigners or aliens and can make sure these sorts do not spoil diplomatic affairs, invite trouble from powerful figures, or embaress the wrong people, +1 charisma, perception, and willpower.
Xenophiliac: get on well with foreigners and aliens, +1 charisma and willpower.
Xerothermic Tolerance: tolerant to desert climates and extremes in heat, resist heat and fire 25%, resist dehydration and starvatiob 25%.
Xoanon Fixated: character is obsessed with the gods and carves excellent if not accurate depictions of them in wood which he/she sells to shrines and temples for a decent wage, +1 d6 gold per statue, +1 d6 luck blessing of the gods (add to rolls or use as an ace chance roll (6 succeeds)). Character is always looking out for descriptions of the gods, and longs to see each and every god with their own eyes (and may or may not hallucinate a god now and again). A potentially dangerous albeit intriging obsession.
Xylophone Aptitude: a natural with a xylophone, +1 music skills, +1 xylophone skill.
Xylographic Aptitude: +1 arts, +1 xylographer skill (wood engraving and printing)


Yacht Owner: you own a seaworthy boat and can navigate the seas, oceans and large waterways, value $500,000. +1 charisma impression.
Yachtsman Adeptness: +1 to navigation and or mariner skills.
Yajnanic Ritual: knowledge of this ritual sacrifice allows a character to gain the blessing of a god (+1 advantage type) when the proper tribute (define) is paid at the right time (define).
Youthful Charisma: character always acts younger than his/her actual age, +1 charisma.
Yowler: howl so loudly when hurt, scared, or threatened that the stealth of anyone near is compromised by 50% and chance of someone coming to your aid is high, 50% in town or city, 25% on the road or near inhabited areas, 10% in the wilderness. 0 Charisma while yowling.


Zany Appeal: +1 charisma amusing kind of appeal
Zanza Artisan: +1 musical skills, make beautifully harmonic zanza muscial instruments and sell them for 1 d6 gold each. A zanza is a resonating box with tuned strips of wood or metal attached to that are plucked with the thumbs, or struck with a pliant ball (rubber or leather skinned) attached to a stick.
Zeal: +2 will
Zealot: (define cause or leader) character is a fanatic follower of a person or cause and cannot be shaken from their loyalty or convictions towards the object of their devotion (unlimited willpower when their cause or leader is challenged).
Zebec Owner: (or xebec, a Djidan in Hamantra) a small Mediterranean-style ship with three masts rigged with both square and triangular sails; value 300,000 gold.
Zero-Gravity Tolerance: character does not get sick or dizzy in zero-gravity conditions.

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