How to Join the Game

Read our Rules

(1) Anyone who posts spam, malicious, pornographic or criminal content to the forum will have their account deleted without warning.
(2) Inappropriate content may be deleted from posts at GM's discretion if complaints are received.
(3) Please follow our rules, keep posts appropriate to your Faction's age group, and respect all your fellow players.
(4) We have special areas for mature content (Beneath the Surface) please limit adult content to that board which is inaccessible to teen players.

If you agree to these rules, continue

Join the Game

(1) goto 'CONTACT US'. Contact GM from the email your forum account will be under; subject 'I want to Join'. Or contact GM by aim SN; AcheronAwakens and tell JD you wish to join the game.
(2) Goto 'Create a Character' link. Fill out Character Sheet Form and submit. The Login name on character sheet will be the name you login with.
(3) Now the GM will contact you with your password.

By submitting sheet, it is sent to the Administrator. When your CS is approved, the GM will register you at the forum and send you your character sheet with a temporary Login name and password which you can change when you access your account. Fill in a character sheet for each character you play. Let GM know you are sending it so it wont accidentally get deleted while deleting MASS spam submissions which occur with forms.

(4) Add your character/s to your profile under the character list section of 'forum profile information' and you are ready to play.

If you need help with your character sheet or have any questions, 'CONTACT' the GM.

Members UNDER 18 will be assigned Factions with restrictions to what boards they can access according to their age. No Member under 15 may join. Please do not LIE about your age if under 18. Our age restrictions are to PROTECT ALL OF US. Thank you.

Start Playing

    Use Character Building menu as needed when filling out character sheet. GM will mail you your Character Sheet as soon as it has been approved.

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