Morph Elements


Size Chart
Stamina 1 (1-3): bullet, ring, quarter, pencil, pebble sized
Stamina 2 (4-6): large bullet, small dagger, necklace, silverware, large pebble sized
Stamina 3 (7-9): small rock, plate, large bullet, belt, knife sized
Stamina 4 (10-12): cloak, short sword, long dagger, sized
Stamina 5 (13-15): large rock, battle shield, sword, shrub, window sized
Stamina 6 (16-18): boulder, door, suit of amour, bush sized
Stamina 7 (19-21): car, wagon, gate, boat, small tree, huge boulder sized (Base MA backlash dmg.)
Stamina 8 (22-24): large tree, small ship, house, tower, hill sized (Base MA backlash dmg.)
Stamina 9 (25-27): mountain, lake, ocean liner, small island sized (Base MA backlash damage.
Stamina 10 (28-30): Multiple Morph - morph up to +1 targets per success at one time.
Stamina 11 (31-35): Formulation of Commands - create wards, magic items, spells, catalysts and contingencies with morph commands. (Base MA backlash damage on failures)
Stamina 12 (36-40): Live Morphs - morph animals, humans, creatures with elements or other living things. (Base MA backlash damage on failures)

Morph Information

    Elementalist can alter one Element into another of specific kind - Stone to water, Mud to wood, Metal to air, etc. The larger the morph target is, the more stamina it uses. Very large morphs cause damage to caster but as Morphomancer masters this path, damage occurs only on failures.

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