North and Northwestern Morendor

Anathrack Riosh (black dragon kingdom)
Domain: Kingdom of Clan Noctmaire
Location: North-central islands, shores, grasslands, mountains and forest
Description: This Kingdom is ruled by Lord Aurelius Emrys Ambrosius, a Noctmaire Morgrue spawned out of a great dying King of ancient Roman blood of Earth. He has lived not only many ages on earth, but many more in the Shadowlands, and as Arch chrono-and-necromancer, time is what he makes it. Though usually fair in justice, he is a passionately chaotic creature and it is ill advised to cross him. He permits visitors openly to his Kingdom as long as they respect the land, but one must have his consent to step foot on his castle's island.

Anuis Numir Grag (castle rock island)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: Northwest of north haven isle
Description: A large island, that is actually a small continent of barren rock where the ruins of a great ancient fortress and stone citadel remain. There are a few scrub trees and various hardy plants scattered across this isle, including Grag Xediros (wild rock rose), the vining plants 'hips' having medicinal qualities similair to opium without being physically addictive. In large doses it can be deadly, and frequent use causes insanity, separating the mind from reality. This land has not been occupied for many thousands of years due to the climate, which is stormy more often than not.

Anuis Ilis Haduan (north haven island)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: North off north haven shores central. Castle noctmaire is built on this island.
Description: A small island in a cove (Mir Ilwenli - glassy cove) off the coast of North haven with a large castle and small village built from the interior to the cliffs of its shores. The cliffs are just high enough to protect against the high waters of the sea. The coves waters are almost always glassy, protected by reefs to the north. Noctmaire's Ships avoid the reef through a channel to the east. A mill churned by the flow of the channel's waters provides electricity to the tavern and castle keep. This island is warded.

Bhrughir Noctmaire (castle Noctmaire)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: Aniis Ilis Haduan (north haven island).
Description: A large, sprawling castle and keep with high ramparts and watchtowers. There are always guards on the ramparts' walks and in the towers. The castle is warded. (See Web Page for detailed information.)

Inis Belaes Craigh (white rock island)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Locastion: Small island northeast of north haven isle.
Description: This island is mostly exposed outcroppings of a hard, white marble called Belaes Cramortarug (white pylon stone). The white sand beaches drop off quickly on all shores. There are very few trees except the hardy Fascaris (sheltering trees) at the edges of the beaches.

Inis Parthio (paradise island)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: northeast of Inis Belaes Craigh (white rock island).
Description: A large island with large Anras Cramortarug (black pylon stone) outcrops thrusting out of the ground. There is a quarry for this hard, black and azure-blue swirled marble at the center of the island. The beaches are a hard packed slate-blue sand which slope gently into the ocean on the south side of the island, while the beaches are steep on the north side, with the Morsholas Aerigh (twilight cliffs) on the east and west side.

Unahstir Inor (north haven shores)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: North-central shores of Morendor.
Description: These beaches of hard packed, ivory white sand follow the north shore for miles from the Anbir Baolfaer Ruith (drowning man's river inlet) to the west, to the Anbir Olmhor Ruith (great river inlet) to the east. The Great River Inlet is is where the Ruith Olmhor Methlas (great eastern river) meets the ocean. North Haven Shores' points are rocky, while the beaches between the points are level and slope gently into the ocean. The beaches in the Mir Ilwenli (glassy cove) are well protected, and like all of North Haven's beaches, breath-taking in their beauty and tranquility, and reached only by going around the Sgaith Setis Bienae (black cavern mountains) or through the Morda UnTara (great northern gate).

Unas Melaeth (northern grasslands)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: North-central, north of Sgaith Setis mountains and shadow dragon forest north.
Description: The soft grasses of the Northern Grasslands sweep the land in golden and green waves from east to west from the river inlets, and south to the forest. Wild draft sized horses and the breeding stock of this breed tamed by Noctmaire alike roam these land. The Rociansgaithir (untamed shadows) horses of the north are large, muscular, very swift, and range in color from jet black, to black with slate blue, grey, or silver dapple and roan. Their manes are always jet black or silver, and like their tails and hoof skirts, very long and wavy. There are never any white markings on these horses. Though hard to tame, these immortal horses are loyal to the end when gentled with trust. Gragmexow (rock lions) also called Craseres in the Esurian tongue, come down from the mountains at times to hunt wounded or weakened animals from these herds, for though immortal, these horses can sucumb to mortal wounds, the lions sharing the same gift of ageless life with the horses. The Sgaith Nathrack (shadow dragons) also come out of the forests named after them, and the mountains they dwell in to hunt these horses, keeping them from overpopulating the land.

Sgaith Setis Bienae (black cavern mountains)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: North-central between north haven shores and shadow dragon forest.
Description: These wild, untamed, and rugged mountains are among the most dangerous in Morendor for various reasons. The slopes are steep and falling rocks are not uncommon, and many waterfalls pour down the mountains' steepest faces. Dragons, demons, goblins, demonic and dangerous wild animals roam these hills and the caverns the range is named after. The Sgaith Setis (black caverns) span the entire mountain range, and form a labyinth of tunnels and grottos beneath and inside the mountains, with dangerous subterranian rivers and in the deep places, lava flows out of volcanic fissures to form rivers of brimstone, and in one place, the lava forms a lake of molten rock deep below Sotog Yevkywish Mokirel (lava belly mountain). At this center of this lake, a high fortress stands, carved out of massive, natural column of stone which meets the great cave's high roof. The fortress is warded, and part of its enchantment is regulating the temperature inside of the towering keep. Somewhere in this cavern a gate to Malnumir Nathuada Kaegir (hell's receiving ground) can be found, but so also can a great Vagkenas (red dragon) which guards the gate. In the Morsholas Bien (twilight mountain) to the west of Lava Belly Mountain, an ancient Vagduam (gold dragon) guards the Dotresranu Nosdume (barren lands gateway.)

Arias Sgaithnathrack (shadow dragon forest)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: north-central, north and south of Sgaith Setis Bienae (black cavern mountains).
Description: A very dark primal forest where even elves fear to wander. The trees grow enormously talls and their canopies of leaves block out all but the faintest sun. A dense, blackish-green moss hangs in long tendrils from many of the trees branches, the moss aptly named Morseuhat Caeonach (sleeping moss) for if made into a tea, or consumed, it causes a deep sleep, and with large doses causes coma. The Shadow Dragons which dwell in this forest can creep up on trespassers unseen without a sound, despite their sometimes enormous size. The trees are large enough these huge beasts can clear them, and in clearings, spread their wings or take flight by crashing through the dense leaves and branches above them. In places where the sky can be seen, it is a site where dragons take flight frequently. Wulg (wolves - some packs demonic, others Morendor Wauru), Craseres (rock lions), Morseres (black lions), Sgaithllewoc (black stags), Anarineleras (black forest ponies), and Morscaolmiel (dusky squirrels) name a few of the creatures which roam this wood. Trees: Black Thorn Tree.

Morda UnTara (great northern gate)
Domain: Clan Noctmaire
Location: The gate lies between the east-bridge and west bridge mountains in the west most part of Sgaith Setis mountain range.
Description: A great, half-mile deep wall, spans the gap between the east and west bridge mountains, the Bien Torlan Taramath (mountain tunnel gateway) passing through the center of this deep wall. It is the only access through the rugged mountains for many hundreds of leagues to the north haven shores. There is a keep built against the mountain at the west side of this gate's wide bridge, where guards on duty at the gate live. Camps are also struck on this bridge closer to the gate, tents made of hide or carpet often raised in the middle of the bridge.

Morbh Sciath Riosh (black marsh kingdom)
Domain: Kingdom of Morash
Location: Shores, grasslands, swamp, mountains, and half of Vesumor Narsa forest in northwest part of Morendor
Description: This kingdom is ruled by Mernaph Morash, an ancient Omegan Morgaedor (first born shadowflame demon). Lord Morash minds his own business unless someone abuses any indifference he shows them when traveling in his territory. This demon is not wise to cross, but is only hostile when given reason to be. His clan is formidable enough that it would take an army with powerful mages to sack his castle, IF they had someone who was learned enough to get past his castle's wards. His 'Chosen' Malcomb, a fallen angel, is the one people have to worry about crossing paths with, his nature unpredictable, mischievous, and passionately dangerous.

Numir Morash (castle morash)
Domain: Clan Morash
Location: North foothill of north tower mountain at edge of black swamp and dusky forest.
Description: This castle dominates its landscape, is well guarded and manned, and well warded. It is located on the edge of the Morbh Sciath (black marsh) with a causway and bridge clearing the marshes to the castle's well guarded, massive portcullis and gate. The Watchtower Mountains are to the south of the castle. (For more information see Web Page for the castle.)

Suil Gormath (watchtower mountains)
Domain: Clan Morash
Location: North-north-west central, west of black Sgaith Setis mountains.
Description: Three high mountains separated from Sgaith Setis by the Ruith Baolfaer (drowning man's river), which meets the Ruith Morhir (lonely river), the great river of the north-west, to the south. Two of the towers built on these mountains are ruins, while the tower on the north mountain is still fully intact and livable. Roads lead to the towers, ruined or not, the mountain's slopes otherwise exceptionally rugged, steep and rocky. Trees grow in clusters in the mountain ravines, but the mountains and their peaks are exposed bedrock and outcrops of black basalt. One can see for many leagues all around from these mountains peaks and towers, even the ruins.

Vesumor Narsa (western primal wilderness)
Domain: Clan Morash, Vesumor Wauru Masra (western primal wolfpack)
Location: Northwest Morendor, southwest of Suil Gormath (watch tower mountains), on west side of the Ruith Morhir (lonely river) and the Ruith Baolfaer (drowning man's river).
Decription: Clan Morash rules over this domain to the north, very lenient about the werewolves which rule the forest to the south on the borders, indeed not bothering with whether the Wauru camp in his side of the forest or not. Fact is, the Morendor Wauru and Lord Morash and his comrades are indifferent to each other, and are on good terms when they meet by accident in the forest. The forest itself is very wild, ancient, and some of Morendors largest trees grow here. Indeed the leader of the Vesumor Wauru has a comfortable home built out of the rot-hollowed trunk of a Ghaelfoil (gold leaf) tree, which is similair to a beech tree, only its leaves are gold all year round and it grows much larger in height and girth. This tree's bone white wood is also very tough and springy, and makes excellent wicker, baskets and bows. The Targireth Olmor (forever green giants), redwood-like evergreens in this forest, grow immensely tall with straight trunks which grow mammothly thick. Their wood is deep red in color. The lay of the land here is level for the most part.

Mesnumor Narsa (eastern primal wilderness)
Domain: Mesnumor Wauru Masra (eastern primal wolf pack)
Location: Northwest central Morendor on east side of the Ruith Morhir (lonely river).
Description: This forest is very wild, ancient, and some of Morendors largest trees grow here. Among the largest are the trees are the Ghaelfoil (gold leaf) tree, which is similair to a beech tree, only its leaves are gold all year round and it grows much larger in height and girth. This tree's bone white wood is also very tough and springy, and makes excellent wicker, baskets and bows. The Targireth Olmor (forever green giants), redwood-like evergreens in this forest, grow immensely tall with straight trunks which grow mammothly thick. Their wood is deep red in color. The wolf pack which roams and holds domain here dwells in camps which they move as the seasons march towards winter, and in the winter they live in a large, dry cave with a creek nearby, which selected pack mates guard all year. The lay of the land is gently rolling hills with flat glades here and there where the creeks widen.

Unaveth Melaeth (northwest grasslands)
Domain: Clan Morash, Morendor Wauru Masra
Location: West of Vesumor Narsa (western primal wilderlands)
Decription: A wide swathe of grass which covers the lands west of the forests from (clear water lagoon) to the north, to Naas Baruanah (big water bay) in the south. The high cliffs of Rusgav Sadvanis Scith (shear wind point) which bends northwest aides in protecting Big Water Bay and its main island from northern storms.

Arias Es Sgathirae (forest of shadows)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: North and west of the lake to the river and the north shores road.
Description: This forest is very ancient, and some of Morendors largest trees grow here. Among the largest are the gnarled Cassavuil (gnarled witch) trees, named after their appearance. They resemble titan, debarked oak trees, their mammoth trunks black to dark grey, its five-point leaves a dark, waxy sienna all year round, and they produce a delicious, sweet nut similair to cashews in flavor and hazelnuts in texture and size. This tree's wood is rock hard and a rich amber in color. Another is the the Ghaelfoil (gold leaf) tree, which is similair to a beech tree, only its leaves are gold all year round and it grows much larger in height and girth. This tree's bone white wood is also very tough and springy, and makes excellent wicker, baskets and bows. The Targireth Olmor (forever green giants), redwood-like evergreens in this forest, grow immensely tall with straight trunks which grow mammothly thick. Their wood is deep red in color. There are paths in these woods which take one around the lake and to the campgrounds, as well as to the North Shore Road and Lake Road. The lay of the land is very hilly with occasional flat ridges.

Anun Es Sgathirae (lake of shadows)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: South of the Ruith Morhir (lonely river) and Ruith Ielail (leaping river) fork.
Description: The lake covers 700 acres which fill an ancient volcanic crater. Its waters are very deep and pristine. Many beautiful crystals and minerals can be found on the lake's black sand shores. The lake shore is hugged by steep craigs and cliffs along the Northern and Eastern shores, formed by the high ridges of the dormant volcano's mouth. The volcanic ridge is surrounded by countless acres of primal forest land. There are some 100 campgrounds around the lake, and 15 cabins near the lake shore, but one must get permission to camp or stay in a cabin on these Kilcanoragh Clan lands, or risk trouble for trespasing. The forest and lake alike are teaming with wildlife of all varieties. An Inn by the lake is located on the southwest corner of the lake's shore.

Nuas Tiaran (sanctuary bay)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: North-northeast Morendor.
Description: Huge bay formed by the inlet of the Ruith Olmhor Methlas (great eastern river). The Aerighae es Aer Suil (cliffs of tall tower) plateau are on the east side, with the Unmethla Inorae (northeast shores) and its white sand beaches on the west side. Few occupy the shores of this bay, despite the fact that its beaches are breath-taking, its waters usually calm (unless a northeaster blows), and the land surrounding the bay is as wild as it is beautiful. Why then is it not a port or city center? When the northeastern storms DO blow in, and the northern hurricanes, the shores almost ALMOST flood. This is a fair weather bay, where ships do seek shelter from storms out of the east, south, west and northwest. What it is a sanctuary for above all, are sea mammles and birds of all kinds.

Ruith Olmhor Methlas (great eastern river)
Domain: Clan Kilcanoragh
Location: Flows north all the way from Anun Morgadar (demon horn lake) in the far south of Morendor, to Nuas Tiaran (sanctuary bay) in northeast Morendor
Description: This river would flow from Tempest Ocean North to the Tempest Ocean South ocean if the Demon Horn Lake deep in the south did not get in the way. This river ranges from tranquil to savage, depending on what landscape it snakes through. It has cliff shores, and beach shores, is wide and narrow, deep and shallow, all depending on where on the river one is. Its channels however are always deep, and even ships can navigate the river from northsea to southsea, although drought and flooding can make navigation by large vessles very difficult.

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