The Armory

Armour Penalties: -1 physical checks per 20 lbs of weight.
Building Armour: $1000 per +1 AC.
Choose Harness or Piece
Choose Type and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Choose Gauge and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Choose Material and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Choose Quality and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Choose Craftsmanship and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Add any upgrades desired and add matching stats together (AC+AC, wt.+wt.)
Skip any steps but Pieces, Type, Gauge, and Material
AC doubles as armour strength.

New Characters start with 17 free AC points, or:
1. Armour Piece: Matched Harness
2. Type: Leather Armour
3. Weight: 14
4. AC: 17
5. Penalties: none
6. Augments: none
7. Maximum Value: $17000
8. Resale Value: $1700

Armour Stats
1. Armour Piece: -- name your armour
2. Type: name armour type -- leather, plate, splint maille, chain, etc -- and condition.
3. Weight: name weight as specified.
4. AC: calculate armour class by adding together AC value of armour type, armour material, and any AC bonuses if any. Subtract or add condition bonus for total AC.
5. Augments: name augments if any (from upgrades)
6. Penalties: name penalties, take -1 physical stats per 20lbs wt..
7. Maximum Value: name max value ($1000 x AC=max value), sell for 10% value to most stores.
8. Resale Value: name resale value ($100 x AC=resale value). High persuasive abilities can get you better deals.

Merchant Bob: GM calls Merchant Intelligence (cunning) or Will (stuborn) vs. Persuasion.


Piece AC Weight May Include:
Matched Harness 22 AC 22 lbs full matched suit of armour; helmet, cuirass, vambrace, gauntlets, greaves, sabaton, shield
Helmet 2 AC 2 lbs arming cap, coif, gorget, bevor, aventail, skullcap, visor
Cuirass 10 AC 10 lbs gambeson or arming doublet, gussets, hauberk, breast plate, back plate, fauld, tassets
Vambrace 3 AC 3 lbs pauldrons, rerebrace, couter, vambrace
Gauntlets 2 AC 2 lbs gauntlets with gloves, gloves, gauntlets
Greaves 3 AC 3 lbs quilted leggings, chausse, cuisse, peydron, greaves
Sabaton 2 AC 2 lbs quilted socks, boots, sabaton
Shields and Bucklers 4 AC 4 lbs shield, arm strap, shoulder and back strap with clips


Piece AC Weight Information
Plate +6 AC +6 lbs effective vs. piercing, blunt and slashing, can halt dmg.
Splintmaille +4 AC +4 lbs effective against blunt and slashing, reduce dmg.
Scale Maille +5 AC +5 lbs effective against slashing, reduce dmg.
Ringmaille +3 AC +3 lbs effective against slashing, reduce dmg.
Leather +2 AC +2 lbs lowers damage, low physical penalties
Quilted +1 AC +1 lbs pads armour and adds slight protection


Gauge AC Weight
Light -5 AC -5 lbs
Medium 0 0
Heavy +5 AC +5 lbs
Massive +10 AC +10 lbs
Colossal +20-100 AC +20-100 lbs


Material AC Weight
Quilted 0 0
Leather -2 AC -5 lbs
Wood -1 AC +2 lbs
Bone +1 AC +2 lbs
Dragonskin +3 AC 0
Iron +1 +15 lbs
Bronze +5 AC +10 lbs
Steel +8 AC +5 lbs
High-Tempered Steel +10 AC +5 lbs
Diamthril +12 0
High Tempered Diamthril +15 AC -5 lbs


Quality AC
Rusty/Decayed -3 AC
Worn -2 AC
Tarnished/Faded -1 AC
Common 0
Quality +1 AC
Fine +2 AC
Masterwork +3 AC


Maker's Seal AC and Weight Specialization
Outland Humans +3 AC, -3w reinforced (stolen) armour
Eschion +3 AC -3w leather armour
Vengoath +3 AC -3w snake skin armour
Minotaur +3 AC -3w impracticle massive melee shields
Goblins +3 AC -3w bone armour
Elves +3 AC -3w wood and resin armour
Dwarrow +4 AC -43w white diamthril armour
Maelvanor +4 AC -4w black diamthril armour
Trecouri +3 AC -3w, find only light but strong armoured bodysuits


Upgrade Augment
Barbed +5 riposte
Bladed +5 riposte
Spiked +3 riposte
Studded +2 riposte
Enchantment +1% resistance or +1 d6 power
Reinforced +1 AC
Tempered +1 AC


Product Cost
Armour $1000 per +1 AC
Repairs $250 to repair to prior conditon
Augments $1000 per +1 augment

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