Lycanthropic Gifts

Path of Nature

Learned Powers for all Breeds of Lycanthrope
All succeed if MA roll succeeds against level of LoD. Counters alone can deter these powers.

Stamina 1 (1-3)
Mind Speak - The lycanthrope can speak to another telepathically
1-Touching subject.
2-Seeing Subject.
3-In ten mile radius of subject.
Blurring Leap - The Lycanthrope can leap so quickly he can barely be seen, +1 mvm per success.
Insight of the Wolf - The lycanthrope can discern of weaknesses allowing him an advantage in combat or even diplomacy. This can be done multiple times, but only lasts until the end of a sequence. Rival player reveal 1 trait weakness or principle weakness of character.
Aura of Strength - The lycanthrope radiates an aura of strength and command, preventing any attempts to read the lycanthrope's emotions, or to detect any weaknesses and flaws. The lycanthrope is immune to any aura or mind reading Gifts and powers while Aura of Strength is active. -1 stamina per turn as long as it is active.
Gift of the Gentle Hearts - Lycanthrope's presence is so passive and non-threatening, that they are completely overlooked and ignored. Even the vilest, most powerful and cruelest enemy has no desire to bother wasting time harming a Lycanthrope blanketed with this gift. Must be triggered before lycanthrope has someone's attention, and any aggravated movement will disjoin the gift. (non-combat oriented, passive characters ONLY.)
Mental Crush - Makes mind feel as if it is literally being crushed with agonizing pain that blinds and makes it impossible to concentrate. Lasts as long as power is being concentrated on subject. requires concentration, no other actions can be taken while applying this gift, -3 all mental checks per turn.

Stamina 2 (4-6)
Scion - Claws and fangs deliver shocking jolts of electricity which get stronger as gift grows more powerful, -1 AR, -1 AR per ace, and damage.
far Leap - The lycanthrope can leap down from atop buildings, and cliffs, and jump across chasms or from roof to roof up to +1 foot per success, without any damage to themselves. if they jump or fall too far however, (over max leap) they can get severely injured, +1 damage per feet jumped.
Shattering Howl - The lycanthrope howls/roars to release a head splintering and bone jarring shockwave that stuns all within a 30 foot radius of him instantly. -1 AR, -1 AR per ace, and damage.
Binocular Vision - Vision can 'zoom' in on things in the distance like binoculars, up to +1 vision per success.
Lunar Bastion - The lycanthrope draws more energy into himself from the moon to bolster his physical fortitude to deter damage from attacks. The lycanthrope becomes very tough, and is able to regenerate from silver wounds for the rest of an encounter (this also works in daylight for the moon is ever-present somewhere in the world, but it most powerful during a full moon when it can be seen). Fortitude +6 until end of battle, +12 during a full moon.
Deformation - The lycanthrope can inflict another with a malformed limb, posture or facial disfigurement as called, by forcing their blood into subject and drawing on aspects of the moon. Those with very high charisma heal from the effects far more quickly, -1 deformation power per charisma success each successive turn, -1 turn each roll.
Resist Pain - Pain effects lycanthrope far less, +1 WP vs. pain per success.

Stamina 3 (7-9)
Summon Shadow Familiar - The lycanthrope can summon a familiar, which acts as their servant. The familiar can be sent to spy on others returning with secrets and privileged information. The familiar will be invisible to anyone not within the black curtain of the shadow realm. These three familiars are permanent until killed and cannot be physically harmed, nor can they make physical contact.
Embodiment of Terror - The lycanthrope can assume a frightening semblance, seeming to grow larger, more looming, shadowy and terrible. Witnesses will hesitate and stall in fear, +1 Willpower vs. Willpower, -1 AR, -1 AR per ace paralyzed with fear.
Paralyzing Gaze - The lycanthrope can direct a terrifying gaze at an opponent, causing them to freeze in paralytic fear.
Sixth Sense - Sense impending danger before it arrives, See and communicate with spirits, feel changes in atmosphere, ultrasonic waves, and energy levels, pick up vibes and the general atmosphere of thoughts, +1 sixth sense per MA level, vs. stealth or rival level.
Wind Speak - Control the wind through connecting with the spirit of wind, MA roll=max power.

Stamina 4 (10-12)
Acid Breath - Breath exudes noxious vapors which can burn through metal. Does aggravated damage, -1 AC per success.
Feral Sixth Sense - Not only are the normal senses super keen, the Lycanthrope can now gain knowledge of someone by his (or her) senses, discover a flaw in them, or receive some hidden information never before revealed which relates to person or their clan/pack/tribe. MA roll vs. counter, rival must answer any 1 question player asks about their character.
Deep Wounds - The lycanthrope can inflict a wound that slows regeneration and bleeds profusely, inflicts added aggravated damage.
Strength of the Alpha - The lycanthrope, by force of his will, feeds from another's anger and emotions to enhance his own domination over others around him, +1 WP per success vs. WP.
Painlessness - Lycanthrope can barely feel pain at all, +1 WP per success vs. pain.
Strength of Stone - Lycanthrope's strength is doubled.
Animal Tongues - Lycanthrope can speak to almost any kind of animal, and can understand them, even when in human form.
Call of the Wild - Distress or battle cry summons a host of wild animals to protect the Lycanthrope, +1 called animal per success.
Mark of Disgrace - The lycanthrope makes others feel contemptible and ashamed in the eyes of other wolf-kind. The effect of this Gift lasts for a number of days, but the ramifications can last a lifetime. Lasts +1 day, +1 day per ace, -1 all mental but Intelligence per success for duration.
Lightning Snap - Sudden snap of jaws while connecting to the spirits of the atmosphere produced a lightning strike on subject lycanthrope's eyes are focused on, -1 AR shock, -1 AR per ace, and damage.

Stamina 5 (13-15)
Alpha's Dominance - The lycanthrope becomes the ultimate alpha leader, commanding others to do as he wishes. The degree of obedience differs according to the Lycanthrope's willpower and Alpha's ability to inflict his dominance on others, and can range up to, and including, virtually suicidal acts, +1 WP, +1 WP per ace, vs. Willpower.
Shadow Stalk - The lycanthrope can blend into shadows and the environment to move virtually unseen. Bright light reveals them as does contact. Dexterity and Reflexes vs. Movement checks come into play if light is shined on them or someone comes their way.
Animal Friend - The Lycanthrope is able to communicate with any kind of animal and summon them into battle to fight, turning natural enemies into a willing host of fierce fighters, +1 called animal per success.
Might of Ages - This gift grants the beholder great physical advantage in battle, boosting every physical aspect they have (all physical checks but stealth) +1, +1 per ace until end of encounter.
Breath of the Wyrm - Deep inhaled breath released as connection is made to the spirit of the flame unleashes a flaming burst of fire, aggravated damage.
Claws of Ice - Slash with claws while connecting with the spirit of the arctic to quick freeze a victim, -1 mvm per success, 0 mvm on a crit, aggravated damage, +1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
Splintering Cry - A high pitched animal scream releases energy waves which splinter attacks of power or fields of energy as they are being raised. Will break glass and rattle bones to damage those within a +10, +1 foot per success radius. Negates energy and powers by -MA roll.
Glamour - This gift causes the lycanthrope it is used on to change in appearance and assume an alter-identity. They can also use it to age their appearance. Lasts up to 3 days (72 hours). Hybrid Only.

Stamina 6 (16-18)
Shadow Phase - The lycanthrope can phase into shadows to avoid damage, but cannot affect anything physically while phased.
Twain Projection - Lycanthrope projects them self into the Unseen Veil and then back out again to create a living reflection of them self which has the same capabilities as they possess. The projection lasts until the end of an encounter or up to one hour.
Blind Rage - Lycanthrope snarls and snaps, frothing at the mouth as their presence emits an impression of anger that stirs others to a blind rage. Those inflicted are so enraged that they do not defend from attacks, but get +1 HB, and +1 all physical, +1 per ace until lycanthrope releases those affected from blind rage.
Mental Tower - Lycanthrope is highly resistant to anything which affects his mind forcibly or on the sly. Indeed they sense when anyone is trying to meddle with their mind in any way.
Stronghold - Telekinetic armor which deflects weapons and energy, AC=Level used, +1 per success. Weakens -1 AC per hit, -2 on crits.
Athena's Hammer - Lycanthrope stomps a foot (or paw) and adds +2 levels to any gift next turn.
Night Song - Animal song which soothes rage and mesmerizes all within a twenty yard radius.
Contagion - Lycanthrope starts to laugh, his laughter so infectious that it causes others to break down in hysterical fits of sobbing laughter, even in the middle of a savage battle.
Breath of Immunity - A deep breath draws in any power directed at the lycanthrope, doing only 3 dmg (if there is any damage from opposing gift) with no other effect.
Claws of Agony - Claws inflict abominable agony which rips through muscles, splinters through bones, and makes it feels like the body and mind is burning from the inside. Victim cannot breathe, and the pain is so intense that all thought is crushed. Can cause sever psychological effects to those inflicted with this gift multiple times. Gifts and abilities which resist pain will lessen this, but the pain will still be horrible. Staggers -1 all physical checks per success if a willpower check fails against power of agony.
Stamina 7 (19-21)
Dire Form - The lycanthrope can shift himself into a massive form that has all the prowess of a tank, while they lose no agility. All physical checks, but stealth, including fortitude doubled.
Demon Kin - Lycanthrope can summon a kindred animal that is demonic, that will stay by them until it dies. The demon kin is quite powerful (L-19) and is an ice and lightning elemental. (gift is spent when used.)
Deathly Despair - Lycanthrope causes another to feel such despair, that they plunge into a suicidal collapse of emotions if their willpower fails against power.
Val Hala's Hammer - Lycanthrope stomps a foot (or paw) and increases any gift by +3 levels next turn.
Divine Prowess - Lycanthrope thrusts their hands dramatically into the air as they gather the might of the divine into them self, which renders them immune to all powers for three turns while increasing their own attack level by +2.
Adept Escape - Lycanthrope moves with such perfect reflexes, slippery finesse and quickness that they escape attack or capture for three turns. They are unable to attack while escaping.
Eminent Domain - Lycanthrope emits such a menacing aura that even the strongest of heart is compelled to retreat quickly from the visual radius of the ground the beast is standing on. This power increased to level 30 when they are in their own territory. Strength of Aura: Willpower+7, +10-in-territory vs. Willpower.
Weaver of Chaos - combine up to three gifts and learn one additional level 7 Gift. Chaotic aligned characters only.
Beast Master - the Lycanthrope learns the path of the Beast Master (see lord of the beasts in Spell Book) starting at level 20.

Stamina 8 (22-24)
Breath of time - The lycanthrope howls/roars to release a temporal wave of power that makes time skip a beat for up to 15 seconds, time stopping for everyone but the responsible lycanthrope for that brief period of time.
Black Claw - Claws flex to ooze a black, odorless poison, which inflicts anyone it rips into with a horrid poison that causes uncontrollable shaking, painful muscle spasms, and in time, blurred vision, delirium, loss of muscle control, and even death. MA roll+8, Aggravated damage. Crits can be deadly. Anti-resistance, 50% chance that poison resistance will fail against this poison.
Cobra Fangs - Mouth yawns and stretches to inject fangs with a cobra like deadly venom. Aggravated damage, attacks the nervous system, very painful.
Will of Stone - Renders Lycanthrope 100% immune to all attacks which affect the will or constitution. Weakens under constant assault by 20% each turn.
Infinite Rule - All lycanthrope within visual range of a lupus or felid using this gift will obey them as long as they are within sight.
Hellish Rage - Lycanthrope flies into a cold rage. All physical attacks increased by +3 HB and levels, fortitude increased dramatically reducing all physical damage by an additional 50%, strength doubled, 0-HB and no checks allowed on all defensive rolls. Lasts until end of encounter.
Dire Abomination - Monstrous, grotesque, utterly corrupted dire form which reeks with a damaging, toxic vapor, so vile, that any creature would be revolted and nauseated by it's smell. They are large as elephants and unrecognizable as their graceful animal form. They are usually mistaken for some unidentifiable monster, for so few Lycanthrope even have a desire to learn this very useful gift. Nothing will clear a party faster. They are very hard to wound with weapons, in fact physical attacks are almost useless against them (Fortitude+24, +1 per success). Most incredible of all, is that their allies are shielded from the damaging affect and stench of their reek. The moment they shift out of this form, the reek simply vanishes without a trace. Movement is 17 while in this form.

Stamina 9 (25-27)
Haunted Beckoning - Lycanthrope releases a haunting cry which summons the spirits of dead ancestors which come to their aid as wraiths which chill on touch, drain stamina, and invoke terror. Wraith Level: +1 level per success each. Drain Stamina -1, -1 per ace. Chill: damages and -1 mvm, -1 mvm per ace. Invoke Terror: staggers -1 AR, -1 AR per ace, -1 courage per success.
Truth Sight - Lycanthrope tell when anyone is lying, and can see past deceptions.
Protege of the Wild - Combine up to three gifts and learn two gifts in each level.
Defiled Heart - Carry out any deed or act without any emotional response, no regret felt for what Lycanthrope resolved must be done. Immutable Willpower=35.
Preternatural Reflexes - Reflexes become fluent and flawlessly mechanical and quick, blocking and combat maneuvers performed in perfect time and unison, even reaching supernatural swiftness, +1 dexterity and reflexes per success.
Faces of the Beast - Lycanthrope connects with other animal spirits and can take a called animal form. -1 turn to transform.
Shadow Sight - Lycanthrope can see things hidden within the shadow realm and in shadow cloaks.

Stamina 10 (28-30)
Elemental - Lycanthrope attains the gift to command an elemental path and gains all levels (limited path) of that gift, the knowledge filling them quickly over a month's time (choose from Spell Book). Wisdom +1 gained
Guardian Ancestor (Wolf or Big cat) - A spirit animal, that is of a physical embodiment, is called forth by an ancient ritual, summoning the spirit of the ancestral protector. This animal is neither living nor dead, and protects either a Haven, or a single individual fiercely, if not relentlessly, and nothing can harm it physically.
Curse of the Beast - Target that is inflicted with this ancient curse takes a permanent animal form as called and is unable to use their powers. Regeneration and long life still apply. Culprit of this curse must be killed to break the curse, or voluntarily break the curse.
Hammer of Cronos - Lycanthrope stomps their foot (or paw) and use any gift with an added four levels.

Stamina 11 (31-35)
Gift Mastery - Learn two more gifts per stamina level (1-10), and any five spells of choice from any other path at stamina level 11 (levels 31-35).
Divine Gift of Ardda - Agelessness, Lycanthrope stops aging, but is still only quasi-immortal and able to die from mortal wounds.
Gift of Knowledge - A great gift of knowledge is bestowed to the Lycanthrope by the spirits of nature. This is the Lycanthropes' most sacred of all gifts and must be chosen with care. GM: See 'Ascended Lycanthrope' in Bestiary. GM ONLY.

Breed Variations

    There may a few races of Lycanthrope which learn paths other than the path of nature. The Bestiary will let it be know what path a lycanthrope can learn and command.

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