Experience Point (XP) Gains


Kills: Rival Class Level x 10 + HP = XP (Level=highest class level)
Spar or Combat Victory (without death): Rival Class Level x 10 + HP = XP (Level=highest class level) Spell Success: Spell Level x 10 = XP Mundane Skill Success: Skill Level x 10 = XP
Resurrections: Rival Stam Level x 10 + HP = XP
Single Event (with success): LoD x 100 = XP
Participation (without success): 100 XP


Campaign Stage: a group of missions and events; 100 XP Bonus per each event or mission on Successful Completion (all challenges defeated). Add XP for each event.
Elite Mission: Optional. 500 XP Bonus on Successful Completion. Must be high Difficulty. Add XP for each event.
Story Goal: 500 XP Bonus per stage on successful completion of a Story Goal.
Completion (without success): 100 XP per stage.
Campaign Frame: Stage - missions - elite missions - events (combat, resurrections, accomplishments, etc.) - stage completion - story goal objective - campaign completion,

XP Costs

Class, Magic, Combat, Feat, Inborn or Trait, and Special Ability Levels: Level x 1,000 XP.
Example: level 3 x 1000 = total 3000 cost for level 3 spell, class level, combat ability, magic skill, inborn level, special skill, feat, or special ability.
Class Skills: take one new skill free with each Class Level Up.
Common Skills: 500 XP per skill and additional level.
Check Points: 1000 XP per +1 point.
Resistance: 1000 XP per +1%.

XP Bonus Rewards

+5 Bonus Levels, or 5000 XP per rank dot on forum, can be spent on any character.
+1 Check Reward: may be granted when a check results in a success or goal completion.
Feat Reward: when a unique talent achieves success, talent may become a feat at GM's discretion.
+1 bonus Level can be granted by GM for story telling effort, strategy, and or excellence.
Recruitment bonus of +10 bonus levels to split between levels gained for each new player recruited who sticks around.

Free Age Bonuses

What Decides when these Bonuses are Allowed? the GM decides when these bonuses are allowed dependant on player skill and SL needs.
Arcane, Limited Paths, and Elemental: +1 level per 25 years of age, max level of 35 allowed.
Inborn and Trait Abilities: +3 additional levels.
Skills: +2 levels per 25 years to split between Combat, Special and Survival skills.

XP Sheet

    Character Name:


    Event:        XP Earned:

    XP Total:

    XP Spent:

    XP Remaining:

About XP Gains

    XP can only be gained and spent by keeping track of XP as advised above. It is up to each player to keep track of their character's/s' Experience Points and Level Ups, otherwise the GM designates gains and losses. Use 'XP Counts' board on forum and copy and paste XP Sheet above into a New Topic--'character name' Earns. Keep track of XP on this sheet, editing it as needed.

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