TMK RP Rules

(1) Anyone who posts spam, malicious, pornographic or criminal content to the forum will have their account deleted without warning.
(2) Inappropriate content may be deleted from posts at GM's discretion if complaints are received.
(3) Please follow our rules, keep posts appropriate to your Faction's age group, and respect all your fellow players.
(4) We have a special board for young players. Please do NOT post mature content to that board.

Wizard Quest Rules of Play

1-Multiple Characters: Play only as many characters as you can handle in SL. Drop characters, or 'retire' them awhile as needed.

2-Never Take RP Personally: Never take OOC IC, or IC OOC. This means; do not take what happens in the game personally, or what happens outside of the game into your character in any personal manner. To do so is very immature and will not be tolerated.

3-A Defense is Always Allowed: No Automatic kills or hits allowed: always allow for defense. Auto kills will not be accepted. You may defend even if a player posts a hit.

4-Integrity of Post: Character Escapes, Attacks, and Defenses, are all dependent on integrity of post. Use dice if a post cannot determine an outcome.

5-Make Actions Clear: Be descriptive when attacking or using power so that the action is clearly understood.

6-Character Interaction: Never use 'mun consent required' to save a character from harm, capture or death in a WQ game. Post your counter to an action, do not respond to IC actions OOC without trying an In Character solution first. Absolutely DO NOT complain about or refute IC actions OOC UNLESS an action is inappropriate or a CLEAR cheat.

7-No mature game content without consent: Tell players before you start playing if you are underage, or are purely an adventure player and are not interested in mature game content so they understand. If a player is being inappropriate and offensive , tell the player you have no interest in that kind of game interaction, and if they ignore you, contact the GM immediately. Send Chat or IM dialogue of dispute if you think it will help clarify the situation. Wizard Quest wants to protect young players from uncomfortable or potentially harmful situations. For this reason, we have the Morashtar Ardda board just FOR young players or those who prefer not to play mature content. Any player can post on this board as long as they follow the NO MATURE CONTENT rule.

8-Absolutely no Moding: RP cheating will not be tolerated. Modes will not be accepted and repeat moding will result in a player being banned from the game.

9-Please be Polite: Be polite to other muns. Characters can be rude as they like, but ooc rudeness is inexcusable.

10-Choose an Appropriate Level: Please do not request powerful characters if you are not an experienced role player, or not experienced with your character type. Start out at a level you are comfortable with and can handle.

11-Take Advice Gracefully: Please take helpful hints and advice from GM (Game Master) gracefully, it is meant to help, not to offend. Always remember that the GM is the game leader and it is their job to help, guide, and instruct players when needed.

12-The GMs Final Word is Final: A GM's role is to be in charge, keep game running smoothly, and to settle debates. The GM will listen to a player's views, but may not always agree. Take the GM's final word gracefully even if you disagree with their solution. To insure fair game decisions; Players can call for a Vote on a Forum in SL matters, and GM must abide by the outcome of the poll.

13-Honorable Play: High level characters cannot kill a character that is five or more levels under their own, unless lower level character is a known enemy, or provoked or threatened the higher level character. If any character is killed for no reason, other than being a convenient target, they get a free resurrection, meaning, a resurrection must be arranged for the dead character and does not add to their resurrection difficulty. This rule helps promote fair play.

14-Resurrections: All Wizard Quest characters (with exception of Empire of Nosgard characters) get resurrections without limit, there is however a resurrection difficulty which rises each time a character is resurrected. Resurrection must be performed by a WQ character (or a character approved by a GM) with resurrection abilities. Resurrections must be logged, and log must be received by GMs to count. Resurrections also need to make sense. How character came to be resurrected must be explained and logged. Resurrections cost less if a character has a 'Way of Death' and dies from some other means of death, meaning all deaths that are not included as a 'way of death' for a certain character type are called transient deaths, and difficulty only rises by 5% instead of by 10%. All resurrections must be logged and sent to GM as well to count. Send resurrection Log to all parties involved, including the mun of character who killed rezzed char. You can also post resurrection on forum where rezz occured.

15-Level Ups: Posts add to rank dots which can be used to buy levels and attributes. See XP on Dice menu. By using experience section on character sheet to keep track of actions, story goals, and missions, you can earn even more experience which can be used to purchase levels and new skills. Send updates of earning and spending to GM as they occur or post spending to XP board on forum.

RP Guidelines

Dice: Dice are optional, but please look at dice pages before deciding not to use them. No dice are allowed in our chats unless they are Wizard Quest dice. If interested in having WQ dice assigned to a premade character, contact one of the GMs: See Contact Us on Menu

Way of Death (WoD): All characters must have 1-3 ways of death even if they are powerful immortals. WoD subject to GM discretion.

OOC: No OOC in our IC chats is allowed unless very brief, such as brb, afk, wb, ty, etc. or RP related. Take OOC to IMs or an OOC chat. Thanks.

Please be descriptive: Story Line games rely on description to make them interesting. Posts do not have to be long but try to make content and dialogue count.

Post Length: Quality not quantity is what matters. Posts can be very long or short. Long posts tell players more about a character and setting. Short posts are fine, especially when characters are talking back and forth with questions and answers. Quality of post not quantity is what matters. Please use proper NORMAL punctuation. If a character is speaking, use quotation marks.

Chat Setting: Learn to Play within a chat room or forum's settings. Players do not have to start out knowing about a location, but should strive to learn about it as they play. We have location pages, use them as needed. If building a forum of your own as a kingdom, tavern, or region, use these location guides and our maps. You are welcome to use pieces of our maps to designate a location or make your own maps within location guidelines. (See Characters; Melchaiah and his Estate Page for an example.) The main Inns and Taverns have floor plans and we have maps for the continent and major cities. Please use them and learn how to get around Morashtar. Inform GM if you want to add a city or location to our setting. It will be added to our maps in the future.

Establishing New Locations: You are welcome to make up small villages in remote locations on the fly, but do not invent large towns, cities, kingdoms, etc. that do not exist in our setting without GM approval. If interested in establishing kingdoms, factions, and new settings within our RPG, contact the GM.

Character Types Allowed: A Original characters based on TMK content or characters taken from TMK Bestiary.

Note: If a player wants to play a character type that is native to Morashtar and its lands, they can go to the Bestiary section on our site and look over the character types we have available, then fill out a character sheet, using the information from chosen character type's page.

NPC Requests: Players can choose to play characters listed as NPCs on a member or the character list page. If an NPC is a high level character, we require an advanced player to play them. GM can request a trial period for playing high level NPCs. The advantage of playing an NPC is that their character sheets are already made and many things about the character are predefined. This takes away the challenge of making a character, and creates the challenge of playing an NPC in character. It is like accepting an acting role. If interested in Playing an NPC, contact the owner of the page the NPC is on.

Building Factions: We allow Guilds as what we call Factions. Factions can be a kingdom, clan or group based on our WQ game content. WQ Factions must use WQ dice if dice are used. Dice are optional for all players and Factions. All Factions must abide by WQ rules of play. Faction Rules can be established by Faction leaders as well. Each Faction has its own officials who call the shots within their SL and Faction. All TMK Factions are tied into the TMK game platform, but you have the option of building your own Kingdom or even a country within our universe, which is not restricted to Morashtar. Factions recruit their own players but also bring their players into the TMK game ring. Include kingdoms and countries and your basic Faction Plan in History Section of Character Sheet. If plan is approved you can go ahead with your Faction. See 'Contact Us' and 'Create a Character' on menu to create a faction.

The Middle Kingdom Officials Roster

GM-Game Master: Game Rules, Story Line, Members and Chat Master; Sparky and JD

SM-Story Master: Character Information, Rules, Chat, and Story Lines; JD and Sparky.

CM-Chat Master: Chat Information, Game Rules; Sparky and JD

Interested in Becoming a GM, SM, or CM? Contact JD or Sparky and make a request; subject: Request Official

Interested in Starting a TMK Faction? Contact JD or Sparky and make a request; subject: Request Faction

Please E-Mail us questions when we are RPing in a chat. Thank you.

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