Stamina 1
1-Master of Cryptology: learn to read and write cryptographs (power invoking Runes, Glyphs, and Symbols)
2-Magical Substances: various substances such as salt, conjure dust, blood, chocolate, moss from a hangman's skull, body parts and ashes of those who died violent deaths for necromancy, etc. which invite or evoke certain effects, spirits, and powers which protect, curse, seal, banish, repell, etc.
3-Invoke Spirit: to possess the item which the cryptographs are engraved on. Appease the spirits by offerings of various elements or substances placed on the symbols,whereby the rune or glyph commands are activated. If a roll fails the invoked spirit/s refuses to comply.

Stamina 2
4-Learn Feat: learn (write) a feat for each level gained which defines the ritual and effects of the symbols. Stamina cost for feats increase +1 per +3 levels, and per +5 levels at levels 11+.

Types of Feats
Warding Runes: ward an area with a called effect or effects.
Vocal Command: if a specific word of power is spoken it activates the runes and their power
Rune Talisman: make a rune talisman which protects as called.
Make Rune Scrolls and Items: place runes on parchment or items with Lore to evoke a desired effect.
Vocal Command: runes which when read are activated
Positional Command: runes or glyphs which when placed in a certain order or place are activated.
Elemental Runes: empowered runes scored into or near an element (a stone, tree, campfire, etc.) which when possessed by an invoked spirit gives life, intelligence, and animation to that element when activated by rune commands.

Lore Item Examples

    Listed at Levels of Power

    1-Trickster's Ring: Ring causes 1-2 targeted foes to trip, nullifying balance skills when ring is twisted one full turn. Enchantments: Trip, fork effect, ring strength 18. Value: 50 Gold.
    2-Drowsy Mint: Bag of mint enchanted to cause sleep when drunk as tea. sleep lasts 2 d6 hours. Makes 8 cups. Activated when steeped in water. Enchantments: Deep sleep. Value: 100 Gold.
    3-Healing Scroll: Scroll Heals +15 HP. Word of Power: beith dior mhaer (heal this friend). Value: 150 Gold.
    4-Blind Man's Bracelet: See in dark places as though daylight, and allows the blind to see. Word of Power: olan mi roet (now I see). Value: 200 Gold.
    5-Ring of Stamina: Stamina improved by +5 while ring is worn. Value: 250 Gold
    6-Sword of Haste: Movement improved by +6 while wielding sword. Value: 300 Gold.
    7-Lightning Arrows: Arrows imbued with the power of lightning with +10 damage. Value: 350 Gold.
    8-Blanket of Protection: Protection against harm while sleeping as the one wearing the blanket goes unnoticed. Blanket could also heal and revitalize with added enchantments. Value: 400 Gold.
    9-Magic Rope: Rope can reach any length at +5 feet each time its holder speaks the word sioniel (lengthen). Value: 450 Gold.
    10-Pouch of Wealth: 10 d6 gold coins appear in the pouch every day. Value: 500 Gold.
    11-Amulet of Regeneration: Person wearing the amulet regenerates 11 d6 HP when amulet is activated, -1-AR to use. Word of Power: Mhaer mi (heal me). Value: 550 Gold.
    12-Earring of Greatness: Person wearing earring gets +1, +1-HB in choice skill per ace while earring is worn. Value: 600 Gold.
    13-Ring of Recall: One wearing this ring can recall any object or weapon they own to themselves at any time. Value: 650 Gold.
    14-Charm of Luck: Succeed automatically once a day (no kills) as long as this charm is on the person using it. Word of Power: miar mi methlah (wish me luck). Value: 700 Gold.
    15-Ring of Might: Adds 15 d6 damage to a hit when activated by the words tirannor es immagra (temple of might) during an attack. Value: 750 Gold.
    16-Magic Quiver: Never runs out of arrows. Value: 800 Gold.
    17-Armor of Resistance: Resist magic by 50% while wearing armor. Value: 850 Gold.
    18-Shield of Protection Scroll: Shields person from attacks until shielded person attacks. Value: 900 Gold.
    19-Cloak of Concealment: Conceals person wearing it when activated. Word of Power: Shadows cover me. Value: 950 Gold.
    20-Elemental Sword: Level-20. Fire, Lightning, and Ice broadsword+35 with +20 d6 damage when a power is activated. Ice Slows movement on a hit by -1 per success. Lightning Stuns for -1 AR per ace. Aggravated Damage lasts +1-AR per ace. Words of Power: Fire, Ice, Lightning. Value: 1020 Gold.
    21-Thieves' Bane Pendant: Shields pendant holder and party from attacks by thieves in a radius of up to 25 feet. Thieves are also revealed by the activation of the shield. Value: 1050 Gold.
    22-Quick Fire Scroll: Quick fire is released when word of power is spoken. Incinerates everything with an enclosed area. Affects area of 25 feet radius per success when released outdoors. Value: 2000 Gold.
    23-Resurrection Scroll: Resurrects one target when word of power is spoken. Value: 2500 Gold.
    24-Talisman of Strength: Strength+24 while talisman is worn. Value: 3000 Gold.
    25-Ring of Fortitude: Protects from damage with +24-AC. Value: 3050 Gold.
    26-Guardian Trees: A ward of up to 1 living tree per success around a home which protect the grounds and home. Trees do 26 d6 damage each. Value: 3150 Gold.
    27-Sword of Valor: Sword increases Willpower, Health, and Stamina by +27 while wielded. Sword also gives wielder +6 HP sword combat. Value: 3350 Gold.
    28-Castle Glyph Ward: A castle is protected from all magic and elemental effects. Value: 6500 Gold.
    29-Staff of Protection: Level 29. Staff has the power to Heal, Protect from evil and necromancy, can reveal things or creatures hidden in shadows, and can produce star light which repels and damages creatures with sun bane, and which damages and repels wraiths and other undead creatures. Value: 6080 Gold.
    30-Black Staff: Staff can channel any curse in Dark Invocation spell book from level 1-30. Value: 6400 Gold.
    31-Blood Ring: Protects from blood drains and blood loss by regenerating blood as it is lost. Value: 1550 Gold.
    32-Ring of Health: Improves health of one wearing the ring by +100 HP. Value: 5000 gold

Special Skills

    Practitioners of Lore must have these abilities to use their power:
    Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects.
    Arcane Cryptology: knowledge of magic runes, glyphs, hieroglyphs, and their meanings.
    Create Cryptographs: write and create runes and glyphs.
    Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic.
    Arcane Mineralogy: knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not
    Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not.

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