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    Stat Bonus Lore Defense

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    Path Level Focus Spell Level

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    Roll Stat vs. LoD of challenges or obstacles.

    Check Level
    Level of Difficulty

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    Resistance and Chance

    Enter 1-99 Percentage Roll
    Add Luck or Chance Bonus to Level

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    Hit Dice
    Use for stand alone hit rolls

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  • Skill: input the level of the skill, path, feat, trait or ability you are using. This is added to a d100 roll to determine Skill aptitude in Actor vs. scenarios. If the availing power of several opposing rolls or Actors are equal, skill decides which roll will succeed. Skill is also used for skill checks at GM's discretion vs a called LoD when an action is complex or difficult.
  • Power: input your d6 roll with any applicable d6 bonus you may have. This roll is the base of your overall power. Highest number of Aces (6s) between two opposing successful rolls prevails. If tied, highest number of successes triumphs.
  • Focus: enter your HB here. If none leave blank. Hit Bonus adds to your focus and targeting which decides the chance of succeeding in an action and determines what kind of success or damage results (botch, fail, normal success, critical success, triple critical success).
  • HB: Gain +1 HB per 10 levels of a skill or gain with special bonuses. If none leave blank. HB caps off at 6 and Focus at 7.
  • Weapon: input Damage of weapon being used. If no weapon is used leave blank. Martial damage counts as a weapon (round house kick +25 does 25 weapon damage).
  • Stat Bonus: enter physical strength if action is physical or willpower if action is mental as with most magic. Apply other stats as indicated. Adds to overall power.
  • Lore: enter level of spell used when rolling for magic, or enter level of enchantment on weapon or item. This also adds to overall power of roll. Leave blank if no magic or lore is being used.
    ☆ GM can call for a Spell Check if a spell is complex or cast under difficult circumstaces. Power must equal or exceed lore for Spell to succeed in a check. In magic battles use Magic Check dice.
    ☆ Note: Lore uses Sigils to enchant items, a spell is a sort of channeled lore.
  • Defense 1: Armor, enter level of rival's defense (Armor and or Fortitude) here.
  • Defense 2: Enter defense roll + Armour, leave blank if none. Defensive Actions are rolled before an opposing action if a buff, or after if a counter. Defensive actions cost AR, and require a roll. Defense Subtracts from action total.
  • AR: All Start with AR 1. Action Rate is how many actions can be taken in one turn and is calculated by +1 per 5 levels above 10 of Stat check used to power an action. AR cap off at 6 actions. Each action has a separate roll so open dice pages = to AR.
  • Death Blows: regular crits on NPCs and natural twenties on PCs are required for single attack death blows to succeed. A character dying of multiple hits does NOT count as a death blow.
  • For Chance and Resistance Rolls: roll Chance Dice for these rolls, or leave action dice roller blank, and if Skill roll is within your chance or resistance range of 100 - Range, it succeeds (100 - 20% is 80, roll 80+ to succeed ).
  • Check Dice: Enter Check level and the LoD of opposing challenge or obstacle. Roll check against itself for average difficulty. Double check level if nearly impossible.
  • Check Outcomes: if check roll is equal to or greater than set LoD, roll succeeds.
  • Rounds: when every one has taken their turn a round is completed.
  • Initiative (init): roll skill for order of who acts first to last for each round, NPCs included. Make a note of those actors listed in order.
  • A turn is complete when you have taken all the actions you can take in one combination as set by your AR.

    Hit Scale

    As calculated by focus
  • 1: BOTCHES, and always fails, 50% chance of taking level x 2 damage on attacks. HB are not added.
  • 2-9: MISSES, HB get added.
  • 10-15: Hits for NORMAL damage or power, HB are added.
  • 16-19: hits as called for CRITICAL damage or power, NPC death blows succeed on natural crits, HB are added.
  • 20: always HITS as called for CRITICAL damage or power, TRIPLE CRITICAL damage on natural twenties, PC or NPC death blows succeed with triple crit/natural 20s.

    Success and Damage

  • Normal Success: Power + Weapon, Stat & Lore - Defense = total damage or power.
  • Critical Damage: total damage or Power x 2 - defense.
  • Triple Critical Damage: total damage or Power x 3 - defense.

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