About Filling out Your Sheet

Use this web site to build Story Line characters where NO DICE are required. RANK LEVELS (renown, warrior, artificer, character, & civic) will be gained as you play. Levels are gained or purchased with rank dots and experience earned by posting and completing story goals, missions and events. Request Start Levels according to your Role Playing Experience.

Compare (or dice roll) these levels against other character's class levels to estimate combative and defensive outcomes as needed, balanced with influence (civic rank).

Ranks also define physical and mental checks. Checks too are essential and are used for gauging strength, endurance, speed, stealth, agility, courage, alertness, intelligence, and natural charm, against each other when posts alone cannot determine an outcome. The Story Character levels are below general information in Levels section. These levels can be rolled with dice if needed.

If no combat or magic, take CIVIC Level as character level at +1 per common and trait skill or level gained. Civic level defines character rank and reknown as a civilian.

Use Rank Page in Character building to see what your Character's Rank is in any given skill or class.

General Information


Screen Name: for your TMK login name. Once form is finished and approved, GM will send you a PW which will allow access under your login name. PW can be changed once you access your profile settings.
Player Name: can be a nick name
Date of Character Creation: day finished
RPG: The Middle Kingdom
Status: leader or member (leaders recruit players to form a faction and create story lines and story goals; members join factions)
Faction: leaders choose a name for your faction, members put faction joined here. Place names of players under this faction.

About Factions: Those who join TMK or TBV as leaders and start a faction are assigned their own member group in the forum under the chosen name of their faction (Red Faction, Omega Faction, Omicron Faction, Arms Faction, Necro Faction, etc.). The GM's faction for instance is called the Alpha Faction, and they are the original faction. All members who join under their faction are placed under their member group. Leaders gain limited administrative privileges on the forum once they and their faction has reached Elite Status (green dots).


Name: (this is your character's full name, choose from language pages, place in character list on your forum profile)
Race: (choose from bestiary or customize from Traits and name)
Subrace: (choose from bestiary or customize from Traits and name)
Character Renown Rank: add magic (mage), inborn (traits) and combat (warrior) levels together to estimate character level and renown rank. Mage + Warrior = Battlemage. If neither a warrior or mage take Civic Rank.
Place of Origin: Native: (continent) Outlander: (earth or another world - see locations, the three kingdoms)
Location: where your character can usually be found, choose from maps
Resources: property and businesses owned, add to advantages
Alignment: good or evil; with lawful or neutral; or with chaotic or true. Lawful, neutral, and chaotic can also be taken as prime alignments.
Companions: Player controlled NPC companions with levels within +3 of your character's start level.

  • Name: of each companion
    Race: of each companion
    Rank: of each companion

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