Use rank table to assign ranks to Actor (character), Class, Primary Skill Sets, or Single Skill Set. These levels and ranks are called Actor, Class, Primary and Single.

Actor Level (AL)

How to Calculate your Actor Level (AL): Add all of your actor (character's) levels together (traits, class skills, inborn, paths, common skills, feats, all of them). This is your actor level.

Primary Level (APL)

For Actor's Primary Level add all primary levels together and divide total by number of fields included. This average decides your actor's primary level (APL). See rank table below for your rank. (Include all primary paths, traits level, inborn levels, and Class levels. Adding Special abilities and common skills is optional.) Add actor rank to character type: Novice Maelvanor, Legendary Abyss Demon, etc.

Class Level (ACL)

Adjust by adding all class related levels together and getting your rank from table below.

Single Levels (ASL)

Level of any Skill Set determines this level. Assign rank to name of skill set; Novice Knight, Expert Sorcerer, Legendary Thief, Arch Pyromancer etc.

Rank Dice

If rank is rolled as dice, roll as a 1 d100 +10% of (AL, APL, ACL, or ASL) in Chat Room (or other) dice roller. Highest SINGLE Roll succeeds. Roll only against level of same kind (AL vs AL, ACL vs ACL etc.) Example: Level 80 AL rolls 1d100 +8 for roll of 60+8=68, vs. Level 326 rolls 1d100 + 33 for roll of 30+33=63, therefore Level 80 roll succeeds with highest roll of 68. Though unlikely, a far lower level can succeed. Use these dice in player vs. player or any LoD challenge opposing actor's overall capabilities in their field. This roll basically represents a series of rolls to quickly determine a conclusion. Roll only when all players consent.

Low Rank Bonus; when Low rank (or any novice) vs. High rank of x3 their bonus level in pvp; low rank gets an optional d100 luck roll before each roll. Add number rolled to next rank roll in place of actual bonus. If 1-10 is rolled on luck roll however you get 0 bonus.


See what your Rank is here
1-10 Novice
11-20 Apprentice
21-30 Adept
31-40 Dedicated
41-50 Respected
51-60 Expert
61-70 Master
71-85 Elite
86-100 High
101-120 Grand
121-140 Exalted
141-165 Epic
166-190 Legendary
191-229 Idolic
230-329 Demigod
330-359 Deific
360-000 Arch Deific (rank maxed)

These are the ranks used for a character as a whole or for each individual Skill Set or Path, such as Elite Warrior, or Novice Sorcerer. They can even be used to refer to an individual skill such as Legendary Archer.

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