Class Ranks (CR)

Renown Rank: rank; level: adjust by adding combat, magic and trait levels together. (battle-mage, martial arts, overall influence and authority).
Warrior Rank: rank; level: +1 per combat level gained. (combat and physical prowess)
Artificer Rank: rank; level: +1 per magic level gained. (magical and mental aptitude)
Character Rank: rank; level: +1 per trait level gained. (innate and unarmed aptitude)
Civic Rank: rank; level: +1 per common skill level gained. (persuasion, trade, society and wealth)

If rolled as dice, roll as a 1 d(CR Level) on Chat Room (or other) dice roller. Roll 1d100 for each +100 levels, + 1d(remaining levels). Highest SINGLE Roll succeeds. Example: Level 80 rolls 1d80. roll of 78, vs. Level 326 rolls 3d100 + 1d26. roll of 12,50,32,+21, and Level 80 roll succeeds with highest roll of 78. Though unlikely, a far lower level can succeed.


See what your Class Rank is here
1-10 Apprentice
11-20 Novice
21-30 Adept
31-40 Dedicated
41-50 Respected
51-60 Master
61-70 Chief
71-85 Elite
86-100 High
101-120 Grand
121-140 Exalted
141-160 Epic
161-180 Legendary
181-200 Idolic
201-225 Demigodic
226-250 Deific
Arch Deific (rank maxed) 251-300+

These are the ranks used for Class Ranks, such as Renown, or Warrior. They define a character's overall level in various aptitudes.

Skill and Path RANKS

See what your Skill or Path Rank is here
1-3 Apprentice
4-6 Novice
7-9 Adept
10-12 Dedicated
13-15 Respected
16-18 Master
19-21 Chief
22-24 Elite
25-27 High
28-30 Grand
31-35 Exalted
36-40 Epic
41-45 Legendary
46-55 Idolic
56-75 Demigodic
76-105 Deific
Arch Deific 106-145

These are the ranks used for each individual Skill Set or Path, such as Elite Warrior, or Novice Sorcerer. They can even be used to refer to an individual skill such as Legendary Archer.

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