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Roll Initiative (Init}: 1 d6, highest roll attacks first.

Roll Hit Dice: 1 d20 +HB (roll to determine what type of damage or power is inflicted and if an attack misses)

Hit Bonuses {HB}: +1 HB per 10 Levels for each skill or stat. Do not add HB if a 1 on Hit Dice is rolled.

Hit Scale

1: Always misses or fails, 0 damage. HB does not apply.
3-9: Misses or fails, no damage. Add HB.
10-15: Hits with Normal Damage. Add HB.
16-19: Hits as called, Crits if called. Add HB. Critical Damage does; X 2 damage combat. Level Used X 10 + Successes = Damage for magic.
20: Always Hits as called, Crits if called. Triple Critical damage on a natural crit. HB only apply if another player rolls a 20.

Death Blows: 16+ must be rolled for death blows to succeed against NPC. Triple Crit of natural 20 (no HB) must be rolled for death blow to succeed against a PC.

Skills or powers which allow a character to kill in one hit are counted as Death Blows and cost -5 Stamina each on top of normal stamina cost IF the death blow hits. Excluded from Death Blows are: Hasted Combat and Attacks launched with Haste, and All Holding Spells. Death blows cannot be made while using these powers. GMs can call for a No Death Blow Game, which means that PC kills cannot occur in a single attack, but only when HP runs out with damage. Only NPCs can be killed in a single attack if the No Death Blow option is taken. Death Blows (kill in one blow) to Played Characters (PC) can only occur if a Triple Crit is rolled. Death Blows to NPC can only occur if a Crit is rolled.

Roll Dice: Level = # d6. Roll for all actions if Hit Dice succeed. Do not roll Dice if hit roll fails. Highest number of Aces (6s) rolled succeeds. If Aces tie, highest number of successes succeeds. If successes tie, a stalemate occurs. MA=Magic Action. PA=Physical Action. SA=Special Ability. AD=Action Dice.

Action Dice {AD}: AD are used for common skills, all non combative skills, advantages, Special Abilities and Feats vs. another char's Action Dice, or LoDs which challenge an Action. Action Level + successes = adeptness total.

Special Ability {SA}: SA, which include Feats, are Rolled as Action Dice because they can be both physical, or supernatural in nature, and can be either combative or non-combative.

Check Dice {CD}: Check Points = # d6. Roll check dice which apply against challenges and situations as GM calls them. Players can also request check rolls. Highest Number of Aces, or Highest Roll succeeds as called.

  • Roll Stealth vs. Perception for sneaking.
  • Roll Willpower vs. Willpower against domination
  • Roll Willpower vs. Pain LoD against toture.
  • Roll Dex vs. Mvm when avoiding or catching something in motion.
  • Roll Intl vs. Intl against illusions.
  • Roll Str vs. Str in struggles of strength.
  • Roll Perception vs. Poison LoD if drinking poisoned drink.
  • Roll applied check vs. LoD or check.
  • GM, use best judgment when calling for a check roll when a challenge arises or when a character is in trouble.

    Successes and Damage: 4-5 = 1 success. Ace (6) = 5 successes each. Highest Number of Aces rolled succeeds. If no Aces are rolled; or when Aces Tie, Highest number of successes wins. Stalemate occurs on a tie of total successes and aces and turn goes to next character.

    Botch: if the number of ones (1s) rolled exceeds the numbers of successes and Aces (6s) rolled, the roll botches and fails. When a roll is botched, character takes 50% of their own attack or spell damage; or double damage if a roll botches while defending.

    Armor class {AC}: Subtract AC from damage if applicable.

    Fortitude: Subtract Fortitude from damage.

    Regeneration: Add Regeneration Level back to HP next turn.

    PA Damage {PAD}: weapon damage + strength + magic damage = PA damage + successes = total normal damage. (roll of 9-15 with hit dice and HB).
    PA Critical Damage {PAC}: Double PA damage + successes = critical damage. (roll of 16-20 with hit dice and HB).
    PA Triple Critical Damage {PATC}: Triple PA Damage + successes = triple critical damage. (roll of natural 20 with hit dice without HB).

    MA Damage {MAD}: total successes + level used = normal damage. (roll of 9-15 with hit dice and HB).
    MA Critical Damage {MAC}: spell level used 10 + successes = critical damage. (roll of 16-20 with hit dice and HB).
    MA Triple Critical Damage {MATC}: spell level used 15 + successes = triple critical damage. (roll of natural 20 with hit dice without HB).

    Action Rate {AR}: +1 AR per 10 movement for Physical Actions. +1 AR per 10 intelligence for Magical Actions. AR determines how many actions a character can take in one turn. If character does not have enough AR to counter AR used by another, they cannot defend against extra Actions if an action succeeds or hits. Hasted Combat or Casting adds +1 AR per Ace.

    Physical Stamina Cost {PASC}: Physical Actions result in stamina cost of -1 per each action or AR used. If six actions are used in one turn, cost is -6 stamina.

    Magic Stamina Cost {MASC}: Cost is for each spell cast unless character has magic skills which reduce stamina loss.

  • Levels 1-30 uses -1 stamina per every 3 levels of magic used.
  • Levels 31-60 uses -1 stamina per every additional 5 levels of magic used.
  • Levels 61-100 uses -1 stamina per every additional 10 levels of magic used.
  • Levels 101+ uses -1 stamina per every additional 20 levels of magic used.
  • Call Focus for ReRoll {RR}: Up to 3 rerolls per conflict and no more are allowed. The first re-roll costs -5 stamina, the second costs -10 stamina, and the third costs -15 stamina. Rerolls are known in play as "Focusing" an ability or skill.

    Resistance: Roll 1 d100 for Magic and other fields of resistance. For example; Resistance of 25% must roll a 1-25 to succeed, 45% must roll a 1-45 to succeed, etc.. No damage or effect occurs when resistance is successful. Use Magic Resistance (MR) against Direct powers only.

    Saving Throw {ST}: 1 d20 vs. Death Blows or Capture. Add save bonus to total. 11+ succeeds for 50% HP damage or Escape at Movement = Yards. Three rolls allowed per (RP) day. GM can also regulate when a check can be rolled to save when all saves have been used. If d20 are unavailable, roll 4 d6 vs. Death Blows or Capture. 1 Ace succeeds. Add save bonuses as +1 d6 per +1 save.

    Aggravated Damage: Anything which does aggravated damage continues to do normal damage for +1 turn, +1 per ace unless otherwise stated.

    Progressive Damage: Damage persists until whatever is causing the damage is stopped.

    Resurrections: When a character dies they can be restored through a resurrection, which must be played out. Resurrections can occur either when another played character arranges for one, or when an NPC intervenes to arrange one. There is no limit on the number of resurrections a character can have, although, each resurrection adds to a Resurrection Difficulty level which increases with each resurrection. See Stats and Checks page under dice menu and Vital Stats section for Resurrection Difficulty stats.

    Limited Magic Levels: Learn up to 12 Spells: 1 (1-3), 2 (4-6), 3 (7-9), 4 (10-12), 5 (13-15), 6 (16-18), 7 (19-21), 8 (22-24), 9 (25-27), 10 (28-30), 11 (31-35), 12 (36-40)
    Spell levels are grouped by Stamina cost. Limited Spells are gained at 50% XP cost per level for Innate Paths or Inborn Paths.

    If 1 d100 is Unavailable: Roll Hit Dice +1 HB per 10% resistance to determine if resistance succeeds or fails. Resistance fails on a miss. Use Magic Resistance (MR) against Direct powers only.

    4 d6 Hit Dice: These dice are used when 1 d20 are not available. (roll if an action succeeds) Roll 4 d6 + HB

    Hit Scale
    4: Always fails and Botches, attacker takes weapon damage, defender takes double damage on hits. HB does not apply.
    5: Always Fails. No Damage. HB does not apply.
    6-11: Fails, no damage without Bonus.
    12-17: Hits for normal damage, add bonus.
    18-23: Hits as called, crits if a critical was called, add bonus.
    24: Always hits as called, crits if called, add bonus.
    18-24 in Aces: Triple Crit when 3-4 Aces (6s) are rolled. Hit Bonus does not apply. If 4 aces are rolled, character gains +1 AR.

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