War and Battle Dice

Building War or Battle Dice

  • 1 d6 per Division of 100 arms
  • 10 d6 per Legion of 1000 arms.
  • Hit and AR Bonus is +1 per five levels. Split between Hit Bonus (HB) and Attack Rate (AR)
  • Combined Legions and Divisions = Armed Force (AF)
  • Multiply Roll by Level of Armed Force
  • Multiply Number of Divisions by Level of Armed Force for + damage
  • Add Total Roll and Damage
  • Highest Damage Wins Each Assault, War, Skirmish or Battle as called.
  • Armed Force HP for immortals: Level x 30 +100 x Number of Divisions
  • Armed Force HP for mortals: Level x 10 + 200 x Number of Divisions
  • Armed Force HP for mix of mortals and immortals: Level x 20 + 150 x Number of Divisions
  • Figuring Survival Rate: Divide HP of Armed Force by how many arms make up the Armed Force to calculate HP of a single fighter. (HP / arms = War HP of single fighter.) Divide HP remaining at the end of a battle by HP of a single fighter for how many survived. Some of these survivors will be wounded. Roll a 1 d100 to determine what percent of actual HP each survivor has.
  • If Armed Force HP runs out then entire Armed Force is destroyed. If a defeat is emminent, an Armed Force can retreat, and player of each Armed Force decides who survived out of those remaining. If rolling war dice just to decide who wins a battle, Roll once and play out results of a defeat and victory.

Examples of War Dice

  • 800 human arms = 8 Divisions, level 15 = 8 d6 x 15 + 120 = total damage or power, HP 2800, HB+2, AR+1
  • 2500 mixed arms = 2 Legions + 5 Divisions, level 18 = 25 d6 x 18 + 450 = total damage or power, HP 12,750, HB+2, AR+1
  • 800 immortal arms = 8 Divisions, level 15 = 8 d6 x 15 + 120 = total damage or power, HP 4400, HB+1, AR+2
  • 100 mortal arms = 1 Division, level 2 = 1 x 2 + 2 = total damage or power, HP 220
  • 100 immortal arms = 1 Division, level 2 = 1 x 2 + 2 = total damage or power, HP 160
  • 100 mixed arms = 1 Division, level 2 = 1 x 2 + 2 = total damage or power, HP 190


  • When are these dice best used?

  • A: -- When players want to resolve the outcome of a war, skirmish, or battle quickly, or when they want to break armies down to a simple form.
  • What is the game leader of a war or battle called?

  • A: -- A War Master (WM), or the Game Master (GM) writes and guides a battle.
  • How do I determine the level of an Armed Force?

  • A: -- Player controlling an Armed Force sets the level at base level of leader character -3, or if splitting divisions, sets levels at -1 each division, and at -2 for each legion.
  • What can these dice be used for?

  • A: -- Use dice for each skirmish in a war or battle. Or use to quickly decide who wins a war, battle or skirmish
  • How many legions am I allowed?

  • A: -- As many legions as your leader character has gained through active play, has been granted by another character through active play, or as many as the GM allows.
  • Are there level limitations?

  • A: -- Yes, legion levels cannot be below 2, or be above 36 unless a GM allows it.
  • Why are immortal Armed Force HP lower than mortal Armed Force HP at level two?

  • A: -- Immortals only have lower HP at low levels. Their HP surpasses mortal health as they age and gain experience.
  • Can each division be assigned its own level?

  • A: -- Yes, if the war master or GM wishes to assign them.
  • Are there bonuses for War Dice?

  • A: -- Yes, leadership bonuses often apply to War Dice, such as Battle Stratgey, which gives an AF +1 init. Any battle or war oriented bonus can apply to War Dice.

  • How do I write and guide a battle?

  • 1-First make one sheet for each Armed Force. Assign levels to each Armed Force, or Division.
    2-Make war dice on each sheet as stated above, see examples if necessary.
    3-Place HP of active Armed Force below dice on sheet.
    4-Roll AF dice, highest roll (AF dice x level) wins skirmish. Players can also call ACE successes, where highest number of aces wins. Subtract total damage (AF dice x level + damage) from HP of Armed Force which lost the skirmish
    5-Play until either one army retreats, or is crushed (at 0 HP). Retreating armies (without retreat bonuses) take half damage of one final roll from enemy forces. This makes timing for retreats crucial.
    6-Use Survival Rate instructions above to determine how many survived an assault, battle, or war. Play out results..