The Middle Kingdom

Welcome to Morashtar,
where no boundaries bind your imagination,
where your mind can journey far,
into the dreamscape of the Upper Kingdom,
or the darkest abyss of Acheron.
Explore landscapes vast and untamed,
in the lands of in-between.
Acquaint yourself with wonders unnamed,
and intrigues never before seen,
in a world of violent oceans,
and forest marches of verdant green.
Brave the dangers and deceptions,
with true courage if you dare,
Encounter creatures beyond perception,
beings of dreams and nightmares.
Seek adventures and perils,
amidst the shadows and grandure.
Visit the citadels and castles.
As a King or a commoner.
See the world through the eyes of a fantastic race,
Be it a creature of darkness or of eternal grace.
Come, and let your imagination uncage your mind.
In Morashtar, where no champion gets left behind.

How to Play

Important Note about Planetary Wards

To restrict hostilities and invasions between continents, there is a field of energy around Morashtar which prohibits gate powers across oceans and seas. If one is compelled to cross an ocean, they must do so by ship or winged flight. Gating across land in Mephais on the other hand is not possible much as it is overlapped by the gate barrier. That was very likely not an accident inasmuch as the Westfold has been at war with Eastfold for many ages. An ancient Methao Wizard named Proktorees got around the gate barrier eons ago by erecting fixed gate markers of standing stones at various intervals across the lands from the far west to the great seas desert of the far east. Only by these markers can a mage use gate powers to cross the threshold into Mephais, or within Mephais by gating from marker to marker. One can only arrive at a gate marker in Mephais from another continent from another fixed gate set to lock onto one of the these markers.

There are ways around the planetary gate barrier by means of destination if a character (and their player) can discover the methods.

Current Story Arc

    A body once whole, Split between poles, Vies to merge as one soul. Implications far reaching They fear what he's preaching, His confidence is unshared, When the majority bewares. The end they think, Out in a blink The beginning says he, What is meant to be, His great destiny, But will he destroy it all, To undo his loathsome fall? And should he succeed, What then will life be? Dare anyone who knows try to stop him? Or shall they trust in him not to damn them?

Former Story Arc

    Like ripples on the water,
    those first undercurrents began.
    Without cause or provocation,
    good, true, and rational men,
    began to attack immortals at random.
    In Hawker's Fort there was an incident,
    then at the Lake of Shadows Inn.
    it happened also in Mephais,
    then Morendor on the shores of Demon Horn,
    hence there was an incident in Hawker's Fort again.
    The violence was on the rise,
    so too were the deceptive lies,
    hence the trust began to crumble,
    between the ancients and mortal men.
    How did it happen?
    What inflamed this unprovoked conflict?
    Where did the malcontent all begin?
    It was no accident.
    It was a dark lord's well conceived ploy,
    whose agenda was to enslave,
    to subjugate and destroy,
    all who stood in his way.
    A madman whose own scapegoats were in place;
    Minions who would take the fall,
    if his designs were uncovered.
    whom should his schemes miscarry,
    bear the weight of his disgrace,
    and shroud him from discovery.
    Yet despite his carefully wraught plans,
    the Prince of Hawker's Fort,
    and the first Knight of Castleguard,
    had their own suspicions.
    Men they had known all their lives,
    who had been steady as the cliffs,
    which held back the ocean,
    had suddenly lost all regard,
    and committed acts which could not be forgiven.
    The word possessed was uttered by Castelarn's first knight,
    who arrested his own man at arms.
    A loyal, devoted and honorable Knight of the Castelarn.
    The penalty for those crimes he committed,
    on an innocent immortal woman,
    was death by execution.
    He witnessed the beheading of his brother, his friend,
    as the sun spread its blanket over a red dawn.
    More and more the word possessed was being heard on the streets.
    There was no rhyme or reason to these senseless deeds.
    A man reported that his brother had acted as one possessed,
    when he stabbed a vampire in a dark alley,
    A woman said her husband was possessed by violence,
    when he killed a kind young demon.
    Trust had always been shaky,
    between the short and long lived.
    The fragile trust had been splintered,
    and quarrels were harder to forgive.
    Some men suspected what was going on.
    The king, the Prince, and their knights of Castelarn.
    Was it enough that they knew?
    Not without proof.
    Meanwhile the demons swayed the hearts and persuasions of their allies,
    and in secrecy wove a web of conspiracy, deception and clever lies, Could they gain the support needed before the mortals got ahead of it?
    Would the demon apartaid mass the numbers needed to prevail?
    Or would all their efforts to oppress and own mortal-kind fail?
    Be one of those who takes this journey,
    into this undiscovered country,
    Be a part of history as it unfolds;
    Be among those who shape the fate of a world.
    The Army of Man lost the war, but by the power of a scepter, millions were sent off world. The Army had been cut in half playing with forces it failed to grasp. The Lords of Morendor moved in quickly to seize their surrender. Hence the army gave itself to a Lord of the west. To the king of Esscha Endor their Lord gave them up under his order to do only good there. And so under this new king as the Legion of Dawn they lend aid to either a leader or pawn.

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